Our Honest Review of Disney’s Fort Wilderness

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An RV parked at Disney fort wilderness

We recently visited “The Most Magical Place On Earth” and stayed at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort. This popular campground is unlike any other and is on many people’s bucket lists.

But does it live up to the hype? Is a campground in Disney a good idea for your next vacation?

Today, we’re providing our honest review of Disney’s Fort Wilderness. So put on your Mickey ears, and let’s dive in!

What is Disney’s Fort Wilderness?

Disney’s Fort Wilderness is a 750-acre campground with almost 800 campsites and over 400 cabins. As with most things Disney, it’s not an ordinary camping experience. Mickey and his friends put their special touch on things and take it to the next level.

Whether you prefer camping in a tent or a massive RV, they’ve got a campsite for you. Their sites feature picnic tables, grills, and full hookups. In addition, there are restroom and shower facilities throughout the resort. It also offers many recreational activities to enjoy when you’re not at one of the theme parks.

A sign to Disney fort wilderness

How Much Does It Cost to Stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness?

If you’ve ever visited a Disney theme park, you likely know that most things come with a premium price tag. Unfortunately, Disney’s Fort Wilderness is no different. 

However, pricing varies based on the season and date. Camping over holidays or during the peak season will incur the steepest fees.

If you’re booking a tent or pop-up campsite, you can expect prices between $96 and $199 per night. Those needing a full hookup campsite can expect to pay between $127 and $242. They also offer “preferred” campsites, accommodating an RV and a small tent. These sites cost $135 to $270 per night.

Can You See Magic Kingdom Fireworks from Fort Wilderness?

While you can see some of the Magic Kingdom fireworks from Fort Wilderness, you can’t see them all. The best viewing location is Fort Wilderness Beach, where the campground plays music synchronized with the fireworks.

Unfortunately, what remains of Discovery Island sits between the beach and the park. This blocks a chunk of the low-flying fireworks but still provides an incredible view.

As a bonus, you won’t have to fight the crowds of people exiting the park.

What We Loved About Disney’s Fort Wilderness

We loved our time at Walt Disney World, specifically Fort Wilderness. Here are a handful of our favorite things about this campground that we think you’ll enjoy too.

Transportation to the Parks

One of the best things about staying at Disney’s Fort Wilderness is that it offers transportation to the parks. If you’ve never visited Walt Disney World, it’s enormous.

The entire property is approximately 43 square miles. Navigating was one of the last things we wanted to worry about, especially after walking several miles inside the parks.

Disney’s transportation system offers rides to the entrances of the various parks. This eliminates driving from one park to another and dealing with crazy drivers who aren’t paying attention.

While there were a few times when we had to wait, we found they were well worth it.

A bus at Disney fort wilderness

Resort Amenities

Just because this is a campground doesn’t mean Disney skimped on amenities. You can enjoy two pool areas, including a splash pad and a 67-foot-long corkscrew waterslide. They have spots for both kids and adults to enjoy during their stay.

You may need a bite to eat when you’re not splashing in the pool or visiting theme parks. Luckily, several dining options are within the resort and cater to different tastes and preferences. You can find everything from buffet-style to comfort food.


Another thing we loved about Disney’s Fort Wilderness is that it’s a pet-friendly campground. Not only did we have a great time, but so did Carmen. 

However, it’s important to note that there are some restrictions. For example, pets cannot stay in tents or pop-up campers. In addition, there’s a $5 per-night pet fee.

While we didn’t need to use them, Disney property has overnight boarding facilities. This can help ensure your pet has an equally magical time while you’re at Disney. 

Carmen loved playing in the Waggin’ Trails Dog Park and going for a stroll on the many trails throughout the campground.

A man walking his dog at Disney fort wildness

Entertainment and Recreation

If there’s anything that Disney knows how to do, it’s entertainment. The campground provides nightly sing-alongs with Chip ‘n’ Dale around the community campfire. 

Marshmallows are a nightly occurrence, and you never know who will drop in for a visit. In addition, they’re frequently showing one of many classic Disney movies on a large outdoor screen.

To continue with the camping experience, Disney offers a variety of opportunities for guests.

There’s horseback riding, canoeing, archery, and more. However, remember that many of these activities are not complementary and come with extra fees.  

Dining Options

We touched on it earlier but loved that Fort Wilderness offered various dining options. P & J’s Southern Takeout was great for grabbing a quick bite before heading to the parks.

However, if you want to have a seat, The Chuck Wagon, Trail’s End Restaurant, and Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue are all fantastic options.

In addition, Crockett’s Tavern is a great place to wet your whistle and enjoy an adult beverage. They have a variety of draft and bottled beers and an extensive selection of wines. Grab an order of nachos or wings to pair with your drink.

A couple drinking at Disney fort wilderness

What We Didn’t Love About Disney’s Fort Wilderness

While we loved a lot about Fort Wilderness, it’s far from perfect. As you’ll soon see, there are some negatives that you should consider before making a reservation.

The Price

This is one of the few places where you’ll pay almost $100 per night for a tent site. You’re paying a premium price for the “experience” and the convenience of staying on Disney property.

Remember, this is Central Florida, and camping in a tent will be nearly impossible for most of the year.

The price is hard to justify no matter which type of campsite you choose. Paying nearly $300 per night to park your RV is hard to stomach. Thankfully, our truck camper qualified for the pop-up sites, so we paid $100 a night but we still weren’t happy about it.

You’re bringing your bed and other comforts, for crying out loud! They’re simply providing you with water, power, and a place to park it.

Pro Tip: Traveling to Disney World in an RV is easier than you think! See How to Plan an RV Trip to Disney!

Disney fort wilderness

The Crowds

If you’ve ever visited a Disney theme park, you likely know to expect crowds. We knew this in advance, but dealing with it wasn’t fun.

Depending on the time of day, you can feel claustrophobic here even if you never go into any of the parks. It’s hard to escape and get away from people, especially during the peak seasons.

If you’re expecting privacy or peace and quiet, you’ll likely not find it here. We love seeing families camping and making memories together.

However, we don’t love the yelling and constant noise from others. This was one of the primary reasons we spent most of our time boondocking on BLM land.

Lacks Luxury

While Fort Wilderness was a great experience and clean, it was far from luxurious. Ultimately, it’s a campground with a theme around the outdoors and not luxuries. If you’ve stayed in other Disney resorts and come expecting the same experience, you’ll likely leave disappointed.

If you come expecting a rustic, outdoor atmosphere, you’ll have an incredible experience. 

However, if you think it will be like Disney’s Grand Floridian, it will be a nightmare. We came with the right expectations but would have liked to have seen more when considering the price.

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Should You Stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness?

Disney’s Fort Wilderness is a fantastic and quality resort. This is a budget-friendly way to stay close to all the action compared to other resort options. However, it does still come with a premium price. 

We had a great time during our stay and would stay here again if we were looking to stay on the property. Have you had the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World? 

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