What Is a Nobo Camper?

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A Nobo Camper outside

Are you looking for a quality, lightweight adventure camper? A Nobo camper might be your answer. The rugged towable travel trailer is all the rage from its owners. 

Keep reading to learn about Nobo campers and which models are on the market. We start by filling you in on who makes Nobo. So let’s get started. 

What Is a Nobo Camper? 

A Nobo camper stands for No Boundaries. The travel trailers are a lightweight line that you can tow with four-cylinder and six-cylinder vehicles. They’re an excellent option for those who enjoy outdoor recreation and adventure. Models have storage for kayaks, bikes, fishing equipment, and more to take with you on your camping trips. 

The No Boundaries campers consider ground clearance, tire size, and suspension systems so that you can get off the beaten path. And they feature optional solar packages to keep you off-grid longer.

A Nobo Camper and a Nobo RV outside

About No Boundaries Travel Trailers 

No Boundaries travel trailers have eight models with varying floorplans. And each comes with specific features and add-ons. Whether you want to go hiking, fishing, paddling, or simply relax in a campground for a week, the travel trailers can meet your needs. We’ll go more in-depth on each model later.

Who Makes Nobo Campers? 

Forest River RV makes Nobo campers. No Boundaries is one of its 32 travel trailer brands. In an effort to make a travel trailer accessible for varying budgets and travel styles, Forest River developed No Boundaries to cater more to the adventurous camper. 

About Forest River 

Forest River RV manufactures a wide range of recreational vehicles, including travel trailers, campers, fifth wheels, destination trailers, toy haulers, and all classes of motorhomes. It makes most of its products in Elkhart, Indiana. Peter Liegl founded the company, but the Berkshire Hathway company, run by Warren Buffet, currently owns it.

Where Are Nobo Trailers Made? 

Nobo campers are made in Forest River’s facility in Elkhart, Indiana. If visiting Elkhart, you can tour the Forest River factory to get a closer look at the making of the trailers. It’s also an excellent opportunity to check in on the quality control behind the scenes. Check their website or call ahead for a tour reservation. 

A Nobo Camper outside

About Nobo Campers

Now that you have some background on Nobo campers, we’ll look closer. No Boundaries split its models into four series. Let’s learn more.

No Boundaries 10 Series – Under 2,000 Pounds

The 10 series has one floorplan, the NB10.6. It has a dry weight of 1,763 lbs and a length of 13 feet 10 inches, making it extremely easy to tow with a small SUV or some sedans. This basic Nobo camper model has a sleeper sofa and an outdoor kitchen. It also serves as a toy hauler with a back ramp and three entry doors. 

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A Nobo Camper attached to a vehicle out in the woods

No Boundaries 16 Series – Under 3,500 Pounds 

The 16 series also has one floorplan, the NB16.6. It has bunk beds with storage underneath for bikes or other gear. It also has a queen-size bed in the front and a dinette that converts into a single bed. The 21-foot-8-inch travel trailer has a dry weight of 3,439 lbs. In addition, it has a full-size dry bathroom and a full kitchen. 

No Boundaries 19 Series – Under 5,000 Pounds 

The 19 series includes six floorplans, all under 5,000 lbs unloaded. They range from 21 feet 6 inches to 24 feet 11 inches. The series also has one toy hauler model and two bunkhouse options. Each has a full bathroom, kitchen, and adequate sleeping and storage space. They all come with an RVT Track, two vortex bars, a j-cradle kayak holder, and all-terrain tires. And optional features include a cold-weather package, a central vacuum system, and a solar package.

No Boundaries 20 Series 

The 20 series has one floorplan, the NB20.4. It has a dry weight of 4,733 lbs and measures 23 feet 9 inches long. This Nobo camper has a full bathroom that spans the entire width of the rear wall. It also has a large kitchen with a dinette and a counter bar with stools. And it has a murphy bed in the front that you can use as a sofa during the day. The NB20.4 has a homey feel but is still ready for adventure.

The inside living and bedroom area of a Nobo Camper

How Much Does a Nobo Camper Cost?

Nobo campers range from approximately $27,000 to $40,000. These quality campers are worth the money for the attention put on their adventure elements. Also, considering that you can get features such as j-cradles for kayaks and extra gear storage space, you can save time and money purchasing those products separately.

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Experience the Great Outdoors With a Nobo Camper 

Are you sold on the Nobo camper? They’re an excellent option for off-grid camping and adventuring. Hauling your kayak or other gear with you without having to upgrade to a large truck is easy on the budget. We love that the No Boundaries trailers are towable with small SUVs and some large sedans. 

If you purchase a Nobo camper, let us know. We would love to hear about your experience and see some photos from your adventures.

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