Everything You Need to Know About Newell Coach Corporation

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Upgrade your RV to a luxury Newell Coach.

Do you dream of touring the country in style like your favorite musicians? You could roll down the road in a well-appointed coach with every amenity at your fingertips. There would be no worries about booking a hotel room along the way because you’ve got your own private resort on board!

It might surprise you to find that the everyday crooner can enjoy that level of luxury with their own custom-designed Newell Coach. 

A luxury coach bus, similar to Newell Coach.

About Newell Coach

L.K. Newell purchased the company from the Streamline Trailer Company in 1967. Interestingly, this was when he traveled to California to pick up his newly ordered motorhome from them.

He realized that he could improve Streamline and ended his trip by purchasing the motorhome division. Subsequently, he moved it to his hometown of Miami, Okla. 

From there, Newell went about building custom luxury motorcoaches from the ground up, making upgrades to its production almost immediately. One such example is the design of his own motorhome in 1972. It was the first diesel-powered coach-built long before the RV industry followed his lead. 

Over the next two decades, Newell Coaches grew to become the most respected motorhome manufacturer in the country. It leads the way in new innovations within the industry while hand-building each of their coaches. Custom designs, combined with proprietary chassis and body designs, have made Newell a leader in the luxury motorcoach world.

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Tour across the country like your favorite musicians in a Newell Coach.

Who Owns Newell Coach? 

From its beginnings in 1967, Newell Coach has changed hands as it grew. Newell sold his namesake to Chuck and Letty Goldenberg in 1973 when his health began to wane. The Goldenbergs set about reorganizing the factory and expanding the company’s commitment to customer service.

A visit to tour the factory of their new motorhome’s competitor resulted in the sale of Newell Coach to Karl and Alice Blade. They recognized the new rear engine coaches were the wave of the future and wanted to be a part of this new innovation.

Since 1979, they have been at the helm, keeping a close eye on the quality of their product and building their employee base. It has grown to over 200 highly skilled craftsmen, engineers, and designers. Today, with a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Newell has set the bar for luxury motorcoach production and service.

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Where Are Newell Coaches Built?

Miami, Okla., in the northeast corner of the Sooner State, has always been home to Newell Coaches. They use the specialized services of companies like Cummins for engines, Allison transmissions, Spyder Controls for electronics, and even Porsche to design their 50th Anniversary Edition P50 coach.

Owners are encouraged to bring their motorhomes to Miami for yearly service work. However, Newell has hundreds of registered service providers around the country. It has an emergency helpline manned by a trained Newell service technician 24/7 to assist on the road.

Newell Coaches are built in Miami, Oklahoma.

How Many Coaches Does Newell Make Per Year? 

Because of its commitment to customized, handcrafted coaches, Newell only produces between 26 and 28 motorhomes per year. Each is created to the exact specifications of its new owner, utilizing high-quality, durable products from partner companies like Garrett Leather and Villa International. And like a fine wine, these custom-tailored vehicles take a little more time to produce.

Ride in style with Newell Coach luxury RVs.
Tour Bus in Desert Surroundings.

What Chassis Is in a Newell Coach?

Newell custom builds each chassis with a steel-welded frame with bridged trusses. Around this sturdy frame sits an aluminum body, not unlike an aircraft.

With all this metal, nearly two-thirds of the weight of the entire coach is below the floor. This gives every Newell motorcoach a lower center of gravity with much more control and stability.

The aluminum skin attaches to its matched aluminum frame. It’s covered on the outside by body panels and on the inside by five-eights-inch plywood. The bus floors are created as a sandwich of steel overlaid by rigid foam and laminated wood to add a strong and quiet substrate.

The unique thing about the Newell chassis is that it’s for a motorcoach. Other manufacturers use a passenger bus chassis and revamp the interior to create a motorhome.

But Newell builds their chassis to expand basement storage and incorporate living space with their bridged truss framework. Their chassis designs even allow slide-outs with retracting floors, creating a flat surface instead of raised flooring.

Similar RVs to Newell Coach parked outside.

How Much Does a Newell Coach Cost?

Most of their business exists as custom motorcoach designers. Newell doesn’t produce many coaches that don’t already have a buyer. Each customized coach varies in price based on inclusions.

Suffice it to say, a new motorhome built by Newell will cost at least $2,000,000. They do offer used coaches taken as trade-ins, and those prices start consistently around $1,500,000. So get your pocketbook out if you are ready to purchase!

Is Newell Coach a Good Brand? 

Newell is considered THE top luxury brand of motorcoaches today. A buyer can purchase a used vehicle or design their own bus from floor to roof directly with the company. And, with their 24-hour, seven days a week service and support, Newell has positioned itself as a business that not only produces superior coaches but stands behind their product 100%.  

Build Your Own Newell Coach  

If traveling the country in comfort and luxury is your dream and money is not a problem, you couldn’t find a better motorcoach than Newell. Extravagance mixed with safety, style, and dependability awaits you in a coach built to your own specifications. Your next trip could set the standard for all future travel if done in a Newell. Its special design makes it feel like a luxurious home.

Do you see yourself in a Newell Coach?

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