The Creepy Story Behind the Montauk Monster

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While some legendary creepy stories have captivated imaginations for decades, the Montauk Monster is relatively new. However, just because it’s new to the scene doesn’t mean it won’t keep you up at night.

This creature proves you never know what’s lurking in the shadows. Should this monstrous being cause you to experience a panic attack?

Today, we’re closely examining the story behind the Montauk Monster. You may want to stay away from the Atlantic Ocean until you finish reading.

Let’s get started!

What Is the Montauk Monster?

Stories and pictures of the Montauk Monster began circulating online in July 2008. The images depicted a lifeless creature lying on the shores off the eastern tip of Long Island, New York. As the internet does, imaginations began running wild, attempting to make sense of the creature.

Some claimed that the Montauk Monster was evidence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth. Others pointed to it being an escaped government experiment or a creature from a secret military facility. A large group took a more mundane view and stated it was a decomposed raccoon, dog, or sea turtle.

With the power of the internet, the Montauk Monster went viral. It attracted a lot of attention from online forums and social media accounts. It captured people’s imaginations worldwide. Some took the opportunity to leverage the craze by creating stories, artwork, and merchandise.

What Does the Montauk Monster Look Like?

The Montauk Monster appeared relatively small, with estimates placing it between two and three feet long. Its elongated body was hairless, which made it easy to see its ribs and a large hump on its back.

Compared to its body, its head was abnormally small, and it appeared to have a long snout with sharp teeth.

As far as limbs, the Montauk Monster had four, each with claws. Its front legs were shorter than its hind legs and had a somewhat hunched appearance. Some believe they could spot a tail, but the images were unclear.

Its color and other features were hard to distinguish due to the advanced decomposition of the carcass.

History of the Montauk Monster

The first discovery of the Montauk Monster happened in July 2008. Reports indicate a group of friends was strolling along Ditch Plains Beach and located it at the end of Long Island. The group documented their discovery, but it was washed out to sea by the tide.

As they found the creature rather odd, they posted the pictures on the internet for others to see. It didn’t take long for the internet to do its thing, and theories began spreading. As it gained popularity, the media grabbed onto the story. This fueled the fire, especially once the photographs were published worldwide in newspapers, magazines, and websites.

Experts stated that because of the low-quality images and advanced stages of decomposition, they couldn’t positively identify the creature. The Montauk Monster’s 15 minutes of fame didn’t last long. The public quickly moved on to the next viral trend. To this day, no one has yet to determine the creature’s identity.

Watch for These Famous Monsters 

You may not plan to go near Montauk, New York, any time soon. However, the Montauk Monster is just one of many mysterious creatures. Here are some others that could be roaming near you.

Melon Heads

If one monster isn’t bad enough, a group of them is exponentially worse. Sightings of Melon Heads have occurred in the northeastern and Midwestern United States. Some of the hotspots include Ohio, Michigan, and Connecticut.

These legendary cryptids are small humanoid creatures with large heads. Witnesses claim to have spotted these beings with deformed or elongated skulls. They claim the Melon Heads use their extreme intelligence for malicious and dangerous purposes.

Origins for Melon Heads vary based on the region. Those in Ohio and Michigan often point to them as being mental patients who escaped to the woods. They may or may not have been subjects of experiments at these facilities.

On the other hand, some in Connecticut believe Melon Heads result from inbred families living deep in the woods.

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Hopkinsville Goblins

The legend of the Hopkinsville Goblins comes from an alleged encounter with a UFO in 1955. It took place in the town of Kelly near Hopkinsville, Kentucky. A local family, the Suttons, hosted a group of friends at their house. The group claims to have encountered creatures from another planet that night. 

The group described what they saw as tiny beings about three to four feet tall. They had long limbs and round, oversized heads. Their silvery skin caused their large, glowing eyes to be very evident.

Unfortunately, they didn’t come in peace, as the Suttons described them as aggressive. This resulted in the family shooting at the aliens as they moved toward their house.

This story attracted significant attention as law enforcement got involved and completed an investigation. But like the Montauk Monster, Officers could not find evidence, tracks, or markings to corroborate the story.

Could the aliens that visited the Suttons cover up their tracks? Did the Suttons and their guests have too much to drink that night? We may never know, but UFO enthusiasts choose to hold out hope that this creepy story is true.

Loveland Frogman

The Loveland Frogman is a legendary creepy story from Loveland, Ohio. Witnesses claim the humanoid amphibian stands three to four feet tall. It has webbed hands and feet and has a leathery skin similar to a frog.

Accounts of the Loveland Frogman began circulating in the early 1950s. It started with a sighting by two local police officers. The legend states that officers spotted three creatures near the Little Miami River.

One of the trio held a device that was emitting sparks, so the officers discharged their firearms. The creatures were unharmed and jumped into the river, never to be seen again.

Nearly 70 years later, the existence of the Loveland Frogman, like the Montauk Monster, remains unproven. There’s no evidence to point to its existence. However, that hasn’t stopped its popularity within the cryptozoology community.

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Michigan Dogman

Just north of the Loveland Frogman’s home is another famous cryptid, the Michigan Dogman. This beast supposedly roams the forests and rural areas of the Great Lakes State. Most accounts place it in the state’s northern region.

The Michigan Dogman has been haunting these forests for several decades. Reports indicate that this wolf-like creature has a canine body, powerful legs, and stands like a human. Witnesses claim it’s aggressive and has even attacked some unlucky individuals.

It gained attention when radio DJ Steve Cook created his song “The Legend” to honor the Michigan Dogman. The song was a hit in the state and cemented the cryptid’s spot in local folklore. It has since become a part of Michigan’s cultural heritage and has been in books and documentaries. 

Don’t Get Creeped Out by the Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster and other cryptids we’ve shared with you today can be creepy. However, it helps to know that sightings and encounters with these creatures are rare.

The odds of you spotting one of these monsters are very slim. If you do, snap a picture and share it. You could be the one to help confirm their existence.

Have you ever seen the Montauk Monster or another creepy creature? 

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