Nantiinaq: Alaska’s Terrifying Monster

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The Nantiinaq walking at night in Alaska.

Alaska has a reputation for its rugged landscapes and extreme weather. However, somewhere wandering amongst the vast mountainous tundra is an elusive creature known as the Nantiinaq.

If you think sub-zero temperatures and months of darkness are scary, wait until you hear about this chilling legend. You might question whether Alaska is worth visiting or not.

Today, we’re sharing the terrifying story of Nantiinaq. Could you be the next to report a sighting? Let’s see!

What Is the Nantiinaq?

The Nantiinaq, also known as the Alaska Bushman or Alaska Bigfoot, is a supernatural creature that many claim lives throughout Alaska. Some believe they have spotted the beast, while others say they heard its haunting screams.

Those who have witnessed the creature claim it has supernatural abilities and can disappear without a trace. Many believe the Nantiinaq is a warning against disrespecting the natural environment. It’s a sign for adventurers to turn back and that they’ve ventured too far into the wilderness.

Reported encounters are sporadic, which feeds the large group of skeptics. Opponents of the Nantiinaq’s existence believe it’s nothing more than folklore and misidentification of wildlife. Which side is right in this eerie debate? We may never know.

What Does the Nantiinaq Look Like?

The Nantiinaq closely resembles the legendary beast of Bigfoot. This Sasquatch is between 7 and 10 feet tall.

Its massive stature will send chills down any hiker’s spine. In addition to its height is its long, shaggy hair. Many claim it is dark brown or black, which helps it hide in the rugged Alaskan terrain.

As with most large creatures, the Nantiinaq’s strength is off the charts. It’s not only solid but agile as well. Based on reported encounters, it has an ape-like head, a flat nose, and a brow ridge. It’s safe to say that if you spotted this creature in the wild, it would stop you in your tracks. 

History of the Nantiinaq

The Nantiinaq is deep into the folklore and oral traditions of the indigenous people of Alaska.

Many believe it started with the Tlingit and Haida tribes that lived on the land for thousands of years. First, reports of the beast began appearing in the 1700s in the Portlock area of this massive state.

The area began to experience an increased number of disappearances, deaths, and catastrophes.

This resulted in officials encouraging people to move to Nanwalek to ensure safety. However, the legend of the Nantiinaq continued to get passed on from generation to generation.

While sightings have been few recently, a 2021 Discovery+ reality show filmed in Portlock. The crew from the show explores the area, searching for evidence of this cryptid creature. 

They spend 40 days in the wilderness attempting to survive in the abandoned fishing village. What did they find? Don’t worry; we’re not going to spoil it for you.

You’ll have to tune in and find out!

Other Famous Terrifying Monsters

If you don’t live in Alaska or plan to visit soon, there’s still cause for concern. It seems just about everywhere has its own terrifying monsters lurking in the shadows.

Let’s look at a handful of other famous cryptids apart from the Nantiinaq.


The Chupacabra is another legendary creature, but this one lives throughout Latin America. Its name translates as “Goat-sucker” and communicates its not-so-savory reputation. 

Those who have witnessed this creature claim it has glowing red eyes, sharp fangs, and quills that run along its back. It’s a predatory animal that resembles a hairless dog-like creature.

This beast came on the scene in the 1990s. Farmers throughout Puerto Rico were reporting mysterious attacks on their animals. Farmers with goats, sheep, and chickens discovered many animals dead. 

Oddly, they had had their blood drained, and the crime scene was relatively clean. The only evidence was two puncture marks.

Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil is a winged creature living in the Pine Barrens in southern New Jersey. This flying cryptid is a combination of an animal and a humanoid.

Many believe it has a horse-like head, bat-like wings, and hooves. Its body is coarse fur or feathers. While there aren’t many reports, some say they’ve heard its piercing scream, similar to Alaska’s Nantiinaq.

Southern New Jersey has thick woods, swamps, and lots of land. It’s the perfect environment for a cryptid to roam about and go undetected for decades. 

However, some claim that it loves getting high into the tree tops and flying over the trees. Locals have embraced the creature and now have festivals and events to celebrate it.


The Thunderbird is a part of Native American folklore, specifically in the Pacific Northwest and Great Plains regions.

It’s a sacred and powerful creature that they associate with thunderstorms. They typically believe it’s so powerful that it can control the weather.

These large bird-like creatures have become increasingly popular in cryptozoology groups. Their mythology and spiritual powers make them unique and mysterious creatures. 

However, there is no physical evidence to back up many of these claims. On the other hand, it would be nice to have a connection with the cryptid who controls the weather.

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The Dover Demon

The first reports of the Dover Demon occurred in 1977 near Dover, Massachusetts.

Witnesses claim it was approximately 3 to 4 feet tall, hairless, and had a pale, elongated body. Its eyes were glowing orange and stuck out from its watermelon-shaped head. Many who have witnessed the creature claim it looks like what you’d expect from an alien.

Sightings of the Dover Demon occurred over two consecutive nights. There were multiple witnesses, including a group of teenagers.

Authorities received numerous accounts, but they have yet to discover any evidence. Since then, there have been no reports of sightings or encounters with the creature.

The Beast of Bodmin Moor

The Beast of Bodmin Moor is a wild cat-like animal in the Bodmin Moor region near Cornwall, England.

Sightings date back to the early 1980s and continue to occur sporadically. Witnesses claim it had a muscular body with glowing yellow or green eyes and resembled the stature of a black panther or puma. 

Some believe that the individuals spotted an escaped exotic pet or abandoned zoo animal. However, no concrete evidence or photographs have confirmed the creature’s existence. 

As a result, its legendary status throughout England grows with each occasional sighting. You’ll find a good mix of those who claim it exists and those who blame it on exaggerated stories and unidentified species.

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Is the Nantiinaq Real?

Just because we’ve never seen it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Could it be real? Absolutely.

Alaska is a massive, remote wilderness. Who knows what could live there? Could it be generations after generations of folklore? Yes. 

However, we’ll leave it up to you to decide where you stand regarding the Nantiinaq. Are you a believer, or do you think it’s just folklore? Have you had any cryptid sightings?

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