We Got Lost (in the White Sand Dunes)

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Las Cruces, NM

After our first holiday alone on the road in Tucson, we began to head East. If you have ever driven the I-10 between Tucson and El Paso then you understand how boring it can. Luckily, Rae and I have come up with many ways that we pass the time on the road. As we pulled into Las Cruces we admired the Organ mountains, excited to go explore the sand dunes of White Sands National Monument.

Hacienda RV Resort

We had a quick and easy check-in at Hacienda RV Resort. Our assigned site was around 60 ft long and a pull-through. The thing we enjoyed about this site specifically compared to many is the barriers they created between sites. Since your door opens to your neighbor’s door, it could make you feel a little like your lacking space and privacy. The simple wooden wall they built really makes you feel like you have your own space which was nice. One of our favorite and most used amenities was the HUGE spa. It even had a little island in the middle. Perfect for holding our adult beverages close at hand and out of the way. It is key-card access to all the other amenities here. They also had massive laundry facility with one room containing all washers and another room all dryers. We didn’t use the showers but they had individual rooms for each shower with access from the laundry area 24×7. Carmen enjoyed the long dog run that was recessed below the street and ran the entire length of the park.

Dripping Springs Natural Area

After work one day we quickly drove out the Drippings Springs Natural Area. We brought Carmen along since it is a sort-of dog-friendly. Only making it about a mile down the dripping springs trail before dogs were not allowed any further, we were forced to take a fork in the trail to the left. The trail was rough cut with a lot of ankle breaker sized rocks. The ones that are the perfect height to step on and twist your ankles. We followed the trail as it wrapped around the La Cueva rock feature and got back a little close to darkness to be comfortable.

Sand Dunes of White Sands National Monument

The whole reason for staying in Las Cruces was to go see the White Sands National Monument. It is about an hour drive outside of Los Cruces in the middle of the White Sands Missile Range! We were told to get a snow disc but forgot while in Los Cruces. Lucky for us, they sell them at the visitors center for $15 and will buy them back for $5. Make sure that you get wax for the bottom of the board (also sold in the visitor center). We asked the visitor center where the best sand dunes for sledding were and they said all the way in the back. After parking, we wandered out into the sand dunes. The further we walked, the better the sand dunes got. We filmed some videos, took some pictures, and sled, sled, sled. In the end, we spent probably around 5 hours in the park. This is a MUST SEE if you are anywhere in the area.

Next week we head to Carlsbad, NM to explore the caverns and a quick day trip to see aliens in Roswell, NM.

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