Who Makes Lazy Daze RV?

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24' Twin King Lazy Daze RV parked outside

Many manufacturers build RVs on an assembly line without attention to detail or overall quality. However, one company has been handcrafting Class C RVs since 1956, constructing them one at a time and selling them directly from their factory.

Lazy Daze RV in Montclair, California, has a highly loyal following of long-time owners and new RVers. With its one-of-a-kind sales process, Lazy Daze is in the enviable position of never needing to advertise. The RV manufacturer has a two-year waiting list for new vehicles.

So what’s all the fuss about Lazy Daze, and why haven’t we heard about them until now? Let’s dive in! 

27' Mid Bath Lazy Daze RV parked outside
Source: Lazy Daze RV

What Is Lazy Daze RV?

Lazy Daze RV is a unique manufacturer that only makes Class C vehicles. They may be the only RV company that sells their rigs factory-direct to the customer. This sales method seems to have paid off, as they have a two-year waiting list of prospective buyers.

The company has a standard policy to create the most durable, long-lasting RVs. They enact this policy by using high-quality components and hiring a talented manufacturing staff.

The exterior panels of each Lazy Daze RV are smooth, non-flammable aircraft aluminum panels that are easy to replace if needed. The roof is also one-piece aluminum, which is tear-resistant and sturdy.

Even the exterior paint is polyurethane enamel, which will last a lifetime and is easy to maintain. Interior features include well-built furniture with designs that utilize floor space, ample storage, LED lighting fixtures, memory foam beds, and dependable appliances.

Each coach comes with a 100-watt solar panel, a charge controller, and a 50-gallon freshwater tank, making boondocking a piece of cake.

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Who Makes Lazy Daze RV? 

Lazy Daze, Inc. sells its coaches to the public from its factory in Montclair, California. Almost every Lazy Daze customer visits their showroom before ordering an RV.

Visitors fly in from around the country, and Lazy Daze encourages them to inspect all three models and talk with the factory personnel who build each rig. There is no need for commissioned salespeople when the employees who construct the RVs talk with prospective buyers.

Lazy Daze, Inc. only sells new RVs from the factory. Used RVs sell privately or through dealerships where owners may have traded them.

No appointment is necessary to tour the factory or visit the showroom floor, as models are permanently on display, showcasing the floorplans, features, and upgrades.

A 24' Front Dinette Lazy Daze RV parked outside
Source: Lazy Daze RV

Is Lazy Daze Motorhome Still in Business?

Lazy Daze is still making their top-quality motorcoaches, although their offices are closed to the public because of the pandemic.

Well-maintained older models often look almost the same as the new ones rolling off the line, as many owners take excellent care of these RVs. The company continues to create the best possible RVs with the highest quality components.

They offer highly competitive prices because they’ve cut out the middleman. All buyers purchase directly from the factory, and prices are standard out-the-door with no haggling.

What Floorplans Does Lazy Daze Offer? 

Lazy Daze RVs come in three lengths, with two floorplans for each size. The shortest vehicle is a 24-footer, with one style that includes twin beds at the vehicle’s rear.

They have dual use as a dinette, as well. A small kitchen lies in the rig’s center, with a bathroom toward the front. The second floorplan moves the bathroom to the rear and the dinette/bedroom to the front.

The most popular Lazy Daze floorplan is a 27’ motorhome with a bath mid-coach and twin sofa beds that you can connect to make a king-size bed in the rear. There is a dinette with an open kitchen layout in the front.

The other 27’ floorplan moves the bath to the back, with two sofa twin beds that you can connect at the front. A kitchen with a dinette lies in the midsection.

The 31’ Lazy Daze RV has a floorplan with a rear bedroom and a queen-size island bed. The bath is in front of the bedroom, with a kitchen further forward.

Finally, the living area in front has a sofa, plus two chairs and a table. The other 31’ floorplan substitutes two twin beds for the queen in the vehicle’s rear. The living room has a small dinette with a corresponding sofa.

The living area inside of a Lazy Daze RV
Source: Lazy Daze RV

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What Features Can You Get on a Custom Lazy Daze Motorhome?

You can add optional equipment to any coach. Equipment pieces include a wooden dash, a driver assist technology package, heated mirrors, a rear backup camera, a second solar panel, an outside shower, leather captain’s chairs, an in-motion satellite antenna, electric stairs, and an entertainment center. 

How Much Does a Lazy Daze Model Cost? 

The standard prices of all three models are written in stone. Both floorplans of the 24’ model start at $109,250. This does not include any upgrades or add-ons. To order this model, all you need is a $3,500 deposit.

The 27’ model is $114,750. This includes both floorplans and requires a deposit of $4,000 when placing an order.

Both floorplans of the 31’ model are $126,000 with an order deposit of $5,000. These prices do not include registration, taxes, or license fees.

Inside of a Lazy Daze RV
Source: Lazy Daze RV

Relax in Your Lazy Daze RV 

Intending to produce “the best Class C motorhome available,” Lazy Daze is well on its way to starting a revolution in the RV industry.

Their factory-direct sales model bypasses the dealership, giving customers better prices and the assurance of knowing they hand-crafted the coach with attention to detail.

Customers purchase their rig from the people who construct it, making a solid connection of trust between Lazy Daze RV and their customers.

Which Lazy Daze model and floorplan would you want for your adventures?

  1. Sadly, Lazy Daze has since shutdown. 66 years of fantastic motorhomes … If you have one, keep it.

    1. Yes, many of us are keenly aware—and it is sad! I once owned, as my first RV purchase, the 31’ for a few years, then went to a diesel, 37’. Presently, am in the process of selling it and hoping to actually go back to an LD sometime in the near future!
      Granted, the 37’ RV was/is a great coach, just looking for that similar ‘quality coach’ in a little smaller package!! Lazy Daze is that kind of quality!

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