This Camping Membership Is Actually Worth the $33 Fee

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The campground sign at Memphis KOA Journey stands high above the grounds with RVs and a swimming pool

You’ll find plenty of camping clubs, including a KOA membership. Some are worth the money, but many are not. You may get frustrated paying for a camping membership only to discover it isn’t worth the cost. Today, we will look at what the KOA membership cost includes and if it is worth the $33 fee. 

What Is a KOA Membership? 

A KOA membership is a loyalty and benefits program of the Kampgrounds of America organization that anyone can join. It has over 500 campgrounds located throughout North America. You can use your membership at three types of KOA parks: Journey, Holiday, and Resort levels. 

The Benefits of a KOA Membership

Many benefits come along with having a KOA membership. One of the biggest benefits includes the 10% discount on the KOA nightly rate and a free night during their special membership weekend.

Members can accumulate loyalty points as a result of continued stays. You can redeem KOA loyalty points for reduced-priced future visits. 

The discounts keep coming as members can receive special discounts on select products with Goodyear Tires, KOA Health +, Allstate RV Roadhelp, RV Loan Center by Essex Credit, and Dish TV.

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Father and daughter battle on bumper boats at a KOA campground

The Disadvantages of a KOA Membership

No program is perfect, including the KOA membership. If your sole reason for getting a campground membership is to save money on campsite fees, the KOA membership cost may not be worth it for you.

Typically, KOA campground fees cost more than your average state park or standard RV park. So while the membership does give you 10% off your nightly stay, you can generally find a campground with a lower rate even after the discount. 

Those who prefer to get out in nature and find solitude may not enjoy a KOA membership. While KOAs are great parks, you usually get concrete slabs with a few trees instead of a state park feel. Generally, people headed to a KOA want in-park amenities such as a pool, full hook-up sites, playground, and family-friendly activities.

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How Much Is an Annual KOA Membership? 

The yearly KOA membership cost is $33. The fees associated with the membership are far lower than many other camping membership options

Members do have the opportunity to receive a free year of membership fees by obtaining VIP status. You can gain VIP status by accumulating 20,000 points in a single year. 

A campground sign telling people you must register with the office to camp.

Can You Stay at a KOA Without a Membership? 

Yes, you can stay at a KOA RV park without a membership. KOA campgrounds are open to the public and welcome all campers regardless of their membership status. You can visit three types of KOA parks to suit your needs. They offer Journey, Holiday, and Resort levels of parks. 

You’ll find KOA Journey parks conveniently located along popular travel routes and highways. They work great for overnights as you move on to your final destination. 

KOA Holiday parks work great for those looking for plenty of amenities for a fun family trip with clean facilities and local activities. 

Resorts provide an unforgettable vacation experience with premium sites, cabins and can be a full destination on their own.

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How Much Does it Cost to Stay at a KOA?

The cost to stay at a KOA campground will vary based on location, type of site, the night of the week, and even the time of year. 

While the cost can vary greatly, you can expect to pay between $25 for a tent site to around $80 nightly for an RV site. The price will also vary based on park type. 

Our review of the KOA New Orleans campground

Is a KOA Membership Worth It? 

Campground membership fees can often add up quickly, with many programs costing thousands of dollars. The KOA membership cost of $33 a year feels incredibly minimal compared to other programs. 

Staying just three nights at a KOA a year should recoup your membership costs based on the 10% discount on the nightly rate. Toss in the deals you receive with participating partners, and you will easily come out ahead. 

Have you utilized the KOA membership program as a part of your travels? Do you feel it is a membership worth having?

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