Everything You Need to Know About Kingstar Campers

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Outdoor sports and rodeo enthusiasts now have a truck camper created with them in mind. Kingstar Campers, rolling off their success with the Trail Lodge horse trailer, has another winner on their hands with the Camino 88 camper.

This exciting addition mixes high-quality finishes, amenities, and materials with thoughtful and intriguing designs that inhabit all four floorplans.  

About Kingstar Campers 

Specialty sports adventurers require specially built campers that satisfy targeted needs not found in generic RVs. Fortunately, Kingstar Campers created horse trailers and truck campers specifically for those participating in rodeos, riding competitions, and horse ranching. 

They are masters at manufacturing hand-built innovative campers with simple but well-conceived designs that athletes and horse lovers can appreciate. That includes easily accessible footwear storage, stainless showers, and adaptable living spaces.

Kingstar campers give the perfect amount of space inside the kitchen and bedroom area, while being the perfect sized camper for your truck.

Who Owns Kingstar Campers? 

The Kingstar Company was founded in 2018. It’s still owned by Marcus and Cal Niemela, two brothers from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Marcus was living in Arizona when he became involved with equestrian sports. He realized almost immediately the pain points of competitors who travel with horses.

The Niemelas quickly designed a horse trailer that would solve the issues of hay storage and corraling. He then designed a truck camper that would meet the specific needs of their target market.

Cal and Marcus were no strangers to creative endeavors. They work with their other three brothers and the group’s leader on several inventions in various automotive businesses. It seems innovation and entrepreneurship run in the family.

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Where Are Kingstar Campers Made?

Made in Houghton, Michigan, Kingstar Campers proudly states that they are “hand-built in 906 Michigan.” That’s where they’ve maintained headquarters since its inception.

The Upper Peninsula is home to their manufacturing facility, and that’s where they make the Camino 88 truck campers. Each line is growing quickly, but Kingstar maintains a relatively small staff of skilled craftsmen to work on each camper.

A Kingstar camper attached to a green truck.

About Kingstar Truck Campers

Kingstar has one line of truck campers called the Camino. Within that line are several floorplans to suit the various needs of differing travelers.


There is something for everyone with four different floor plans from which to choose. The Lounger has all of the amenities of a fully stocked camper van, along with two comfy leather lounge chairs for relaxing. 

The Open Range leaves the middle camper area open so that campers can create their own living space within this blank slate. 

The Couch/Bunk Bed is exactly as described, providing a transitory space that switches from a couch into a sleeping area for two adults or four children in separate beds. 

And the Dinette has a built-in table with seating for dinner or workspace use.

A glimpse inside a Kingstar camper, showcasing the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen area.


All Camino truck campers come with either 6.5-foot or 8-foot truck beds with stainless steel roof systems, thermo-pane windows, and stainless steel shower stalls and pans. Each comes with a wall-mounted air conditioner and is insulated with 2-inch closed-cell spray foam to reduce noise. 

The exterior measurements are 7 feet 9 inches wide with a 9-foot 2-inch floor and an interior height of 6 feet 7 inches. Height clearance on the exterior is 10 feet 6 inches, and the camper weighs 2,355 lbs.


All floorplans in the Kingster campers line have queen-sized beds over the truck cab, two-burner propane stoves, kitchen sinks and microwaves, and three-way refrigerators. They also carry mounted TVs, skylights, wet bathrooms with cassette toilets, showers, furnaces, water heaters, and wall-mounted air conditioners. 

A 30-gallon water tank, two AGM batteries with a battery charger, and a full entertainment system round out the interior features. Exterior amenities include an outdoor shower, a closet for two propane tanks, and an optional gear closet.

A hitch pack on the back of a Kingstar camper with stairs leading inside to the camper.

What Makes Kingstar Unique?

The Kingstar Company manufactures small numbers so that each product can be hand-created. Rather than run their Kingstar campers through an assembly line, they work on each unit, giving buyers the option of customization.

The family-owned company stands by its goal of “designing innovation into everything”. That means the quality of these units remains high. 

They have specialized in a small section of the recreational vehicle market to become the leaders in truck camper production. It certainly shows.

A Kingstar camper attached to a truck.

How Much Do Kingstar Campers Cost? 

The four floor plans of the Camino start at $35,390 and go up to $37,690 for the Couch/Bunk Bed model. And with Kingstar building a reputation of quality and service, it is difficult to find any of their used truck campers available for purchase. Owners like what they have and see no reason to buy something else.

What Else Does Kingstar Manufacture? 

Truck campers are a specialty of Kingstar, but they have also dazzled the horse trailer market with some revolutionary designs. That includes a corral fence that opens from the trailer with the touch of a button.

Another innovation that has captured the attention of horse owners are the hay pod carriers that move from the roof, raising and lowering automatically. Adding automated water carriers inside and outside the trailer lets horses hydrate whenever desired.

But long before Kingstar campers and horse trailers grabbed their imagination, the entire Niemela family created industry-changing snowplow designs. Cal and his father got a patent for a multi-position V-snowplow in 1976. It became so popular that they sold the Boss Plow rights to the Toro Company.

The family then concentrated on designing more snow removal equipment and developed an expanding snowplow. By 2005, Douglas Dynamics/Western Snowplow purchased the Blizzard Corporation and its Blizzard Plow design.

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Consider Kingstar When Truck Camper Shopping 

With a background firmly planted in invention and creativity, Kingstar Campers have built a line of dependable and rugged truck campers that are visually pleasing and well-thought-out. Each is guaranteed to provide years of enjoyment, adventure, and stylish shelter to those who appreciate quality and craftsmanship. 

Would you consider buying a Kingstar camper?

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