Is a Kimbo Camper the Right Choice for You?

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A truck with a Kimbo trailer drives down a snowy red dirt road.

Have you heard of Kimbo camper? Travel trailers and pop-up campers don’t fit everyone’s style. However, if you want a functional RV but don’t need much space, you can consider a truck camper

These smaller homes sit right in your truck bed. But which should you get? If you haven’t heard of a Kimbo camper, you’re missing out on top-quality craftsmanship and a superior product. Let’s take a closer look and explore the Kimbo camper.

What Is a Kimbo Camper?

A Kimbo camper is a 6 ft truck camper designed for mid-size and full-size trucks. These campers will fit in short bed trucks with the tailgate down or off. The slogan for Kimbo campers is “nimble, simple, living.” The lightweight yet durable design of their products reflect this. 

You can have it all or just the basics. Choose the Base Camper model or add additional features to make traveling and adventuring more convenient.

History of the Kimbo Brand

Mark King started Trayvax, a company producing outdoor gear, in 2013. He lived in a 19 ft Airstream and enjoyed outdoor living and the simplicity of the lifestyle. In 2016, Mark took a 3,000-mile trip around the country visiting National Parks

One night on this trip, he started working on a new camper idea to fit his desire to have a comfortable traveling experience that wouldn’t break the bank. He wanted to enable other people to live “in the moment” like he was. 

As a result, Mark created a truck camper showcasing innovative functionality in a compact space. He lived in his invention for six months before bringing it to market. Currently, the production facility resides in Bellingham, Washington.

What Is a Kimbo Camper Made Of?

The Kimbo has a durable, aluminum, frameless construction. It can withstand the rugged terrain of off-road camping while also providing protection from harsh weather conditions. This lightweight camper means you don’t have to go out and purchase an expensive heavy-duty truck. 

It also features double pane windows with screens and multiple power options for boondocking capabilities. The reliable Kimbo camper will last for years of adventures.

In fact, Kimbo says, “This camper is designed to outlast traditional campers, to be easily repaired when damaged, and to be highly functional and modifiable when the need arises.”

Kimbo 6 Base Camper Features 

The Kimbo camper is small and lightweight enough to take a quick weekend hunting trip. But it’s also roomy and functional enough for a several-month excursion. When ordering a Kimbo 6 Base Camper, you can purchase as-is or customize it to fit your travel needs.

Standard features include R5 foam insulation, an entry with a gear closet, a 12V battery with 110V outlets and USB ports, a loft bed with a full-size mattress, an exterior propane bay, side-mounted, removable jack lifts, and more. 

If you want to customize your Kimbo camper, you can add a stainless steel sink, a 1.7 cu ft refrigerator, propane fireplace and chimney, a foldaway shower, a roof tracks system, and even more options.

image via Kimbo Facebook

How Much Do Kimbo Campers Weigh?

The Kimbo Base Camper weighs around 1,050 lbs fully-loaded. The lightest option with fewer add-ons weighs about 900 lbs. You want to make sure your payload capacity can handle that weight range. 

Don’t confuse payload and towing capacity. Payload refers to the amount of weight the truck can carry. Know this number before purchasing. Your vehicle doesn’t need to tow a trailer, so the towing capacity won’t matter.

What Trucks Can Carry a Kimbo?

Kimbo campers fit in mid-size and full-size trucks. If you have a short-bed truck, you can still install a Kimbo camper, but you have to take off your tailgate or keep it lowered. The Kimbo camper measures 131” from cab to rear, a little over 77” wide, and 78” tall. 

As mentioned above, knowing your truck’s payload capacity is of utmost importance. Ensure you can safely carry over 1,050 lbs to transport the fully loaded Kimbo camper unit safely.

image via Kimbo Facebook

How Much Do Kimbo Campers Cost?

The Kimbo base camper starts at around $22,000. Depending on add-ons, the price can go up to $40,000. The add-ons range in price too. For example, if you plan on camping in warmer climates, you can add a window air conditioner for $1,700. 

If you plan on doing some winter adventuring, the addition of ski racks will cost around $600. The most expensive add-on option is the refrigerator + solar module at $3,200. This includes the 1.7 cu ft refrigerator, two 1440W Ecoflow system batteries, and two 100W solar panels.

Do Kimbo Campers Have Bathrooms?

Kimbo campers do not come with bathrooms. However, you can add a stainless steel sink that comes equipped with a 2.5-gallon under-counter water tank for $1,600. 

You can also add a foldaway shower module for $1,700. This includes a waterproof floor pan, ceiling-mounted shower curtains, and a heated 3-gallon water vessel. It doesn’t have an option for a toilet.

Kimbo Campers Are Killer Cool 

Check out the Kimbo campers if you want something durable for weekend off-grid excursions. You can count on the product to last and trust in the engineering and manufacturing process. 

With so many campers built with low-grade materials and poor craftsmanship, we need more manufacturers like Kimbo to rise to the top. Mark King has dedicated his brand to providing top-quality, reliable campers to encourage outdoor living. Have you considered a Kimbo camper?

  1. Love the inside but could not get past the ungainly outside and how it doesn’t integrate with the truck. Went Alucab instead for a more compact and fitted solution.

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