A Breakdown of the Keystone Hideout

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A keystone hideout RV

If you’re looking for a travel trailer to take out a few times a year to the local campground or state park, the Keystone Hideout may be for you.

You can easily tow this lightweight trailer from place to place, and it has all of the basic amenities, such as a bathroom and kitchen.

From small single-axle models to larger double-axle models, bunk beds to Murphy beds, no slide-outs to multiple slide-outs, this travel trailer line from Keystone offers 57 floorplans with various options. Let’s take a look at what makes the Keystone Hideout line so popular!

Who Owns Keystone RV?

Cole Davis founded Keystone RV in 1996. He had a vision to help owners “camp better.” This hasn’t changed over the years, although other aspects of the business have. 

Today Keystone RV is the No. 1 manufacturer of towable RVs in North America. The 5,000-member team works in Goshen, Indiana, and Pendleton, Oregon.

Although Keystone manufactures the Hideout, Thor Industries owns Keystone RV. In 2001, Thor acquired Keystone RV and established its dominance in the industry with previous purchases of Airstream, Dutchmen, Four Winds, and Champion Bus. 

Thor would go on to own 16 North American RV brands, including the most recent addition to the family, Tiffin.

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What Types of RVs Does Keystone Make?

Keystone is one of the most recognizable brands in the RV industry. The company makes travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and destination trailers.

The travel trailer line offers three levels of campers: comfort, premium, and luxury. It has fifteen total lines within these three categories.

Keystone also produces 15 fifth wheels between the premium and luxury levels. Among the toy hauler options, the company makes both travel trailers and fifth wheels. If you want to haul your outdoor toys, you can find two luxury toy hauler lines and six premium toy hauler lines.

Destination trailers are designed for campers who aren’t going to travel. They may plan on setting up in a campsite locally where they own a seasonal or annual site.

These trailers have higher ceilings, wider bodies, and offer plenty of storage options. Keystone makes two comfort-level and two premium-level destination travel trailers.

As previously mentioned, the Keystone Hideout has 57 floorplans. If you like the Hideout line, there’s probably a floorplan that meets your needs.

Today, we’ll look at nine of the most popular floorplans. You’ll see many of them have bunk beds, which is why this line is popular among many families who enjoy weekend camping trips.

Keystone Hideout 175BH

Length: 21 feet 5 inches

Weight: 3,425 pounds

CCC: 972 pounds

Sleeps: Six

Features: This single-axle trailer offers sleeping space for the whole family. In the rear of the 175BH are bunk beds and a full bathroom for easy access for the kids. 

In the center of the unit is a booth dinette with overhead storage and a full kitchen equipped with a 7-cubic-foot 12-Volt refrigerator, a two-burner cooktop, a sink, and a microwave. 

The corner queen bed lies against the front wall, with a closet at the foot of the bed. A 10-foot awning provides plenty of shade to enjoy the outdoors.

Starting Price: $25,095

Keystone Hideout 176BH

Length: 21 feet 5 inches

Weight: 3,810 pounds

CCC: 690 pounds

Sleeps: Six

Features:  This trailer is the same size as the 175BH but about 400 pounds heavier. It offers families the exact same layout but with one slide-out to provide extra interior space.

The booth dinette sits in the slide-out, and there’s plenty of floor space for young kids to play.

If you like this layout, you have two options: with a slide or without a slide. Keep in mind, the 176BH has a smaller cargo-carrying capacity because of the added weight of the slide-out.

Starting Price: $27,390

Keystone Hideout 26BHS

Length: 30 feet 8 inches

Weight: 6,260 pounds

CCC: 1,540 pounds

Sleeps: 10

Features: The Keystone Hideout 26BHS provides even more space. This option features a double entry, with one of the doors leading straight into the rear bathroom. This is great for washing hands after fishing or jumping into the shower after a long hike.

Large 52-by-74-foot corner bunk beds sit in the rear next to the bathroom. Families with three or four smaller children could easily share this space.

The center of the unit has a booth dinette and jack knife sofa in a large slide-out along the driver’s side. Across the room is a full kitchen with a 10-cubic-foot refrigerator, three-burner cooktop, sink, microwave, and large pantry. There’s also an entertainment center with an electric fireplace.

The front bedroom has a queen bed, side wardrobe closets, and overhead storage. A huge 16-foot awning provides lots of shade on hot summer days.

Starting Price: $42,398

Keystone Hideout 26BHSWE

Length: 30 feet 3 inches

Weight: 5,996 pounds

CCC: 1,724 pounds

Sleeps: 10

Features: While the Keystone Hideout 26BHS is produced in the eastern part of the United States, the Keystone Hideout 26BHSWE is produced in the west.

This unit is the same as the 26BHS, except it doesn’t feature the double entry. And it doesn’t have a door directly to the bathroom from the outside. 

Some families may prefer this option to ensure kids can’t leave the trailer without a parent knowing. The overall weight of this unit is slightly lighter; thus, the cargo-carrying capacity is slightly more than the 26BHS unit.

Starting Price: $45,360

Keep in Mind: Before you hit the road in your travel trailer, make sure you have these Travel Trailer Accessories!

Keystone Hideout 28BHSWE

Length: 32 feet 10 inches

Weight: 6,832 pounds

CCC: 2,788 pounds

Sleeps: 10

Features: Another floorplan produced in the west is the Keystone Hideout 28BHSWE. This option features the double door entry with a second door leading straight into the rear bathroom. It also contains larger corner bunk beds and a long slide-out with both the dinette and jack knife sofa. 

However, this travel trailer contains a left-facing jack knife sofa and a larger U-shaped dinette. This may be a good option for larger families who need more seating space for kids.

The kitchen has an 8-cubic-foot refrigerator, three-burner cooktop, sink, microwave, and pantry. The entertainment center with an electric fireplace sits at the end of the kitchen next to the bathroom instead of on the wall in front of the bedroom. 

The 28HSWE provides the same queen bed with side wardrobe closets as the previous models. This travel trailer has an outdoor refrigerator and a 16-foot awning.

Starting Price: $50,828

Keystone Hideout 29DFS

Length: 33 feet 11 inches

Weight: 7,016 pounds

CCC: 2,664 pounds

Sleeps: 10

Features: As they get longer, the units also get heavier. This is the first Keystone Hideout on our list that weighs over 7,000 pounds dry. But at almost 34 feet, it provides plenty of interior space. 

It’s yet another option with large rear bunk beds and a bathroom. The center layout is very similar to the 28BHSWE with the jack knife sofa and U-shaped dinette in a slide-out across from the kitchen. However, the entry door is moved farther down toward the rear of the unit, which creates a different layout for the kitchen.

An entertainment center with an electric fireplace is to the right of the entry door, and the bunk beds are to the left. The kitchen has a hidden pantry behind the entertainment center that swivels to provide access.

The refrigerator is larger at 10 cubic feet, and the countertop extends all the way to the bedroom wall, providing plenty of meal prep space.

The bedroom is the same in this unit as in the previous models. Outside, the 29DFS has an outdoor refrigerator and a 16-foot awning.

Starting Price: $46,133

Keystone Hideout 29DFSWE

Length: 34 feet 1 inch

Weight: 7,036 pounds

CCC: 2,544 pounds

Sleeps: 10

Features: While the 29DFS is produced in the east, the Keystone Hideout 29DFSWE is produced in the west. Like the 26BHS and 26BHSWE, these two units are almost identical. 

This model has the rear, large bunk beds and a bathroom, the hidden pantry behind the entertainment center, and the slide-out with the dinette and sofa.

Additionally, it has an extended countertop in the kitchen and a queen bed in the front. It also has an outdoor refrigerator and a 16-foot awning.

However, one key difference is that the refrigerator inside this unit is only 8 cubic feet instead of the 10-cubic-foot one in the 29DFS. Also, owners can choose to install a free-standing dinette in place of the U-shaped dinette in the 29DFS, which isn’t available in this model.

Starting Price: $51,788

Keystone Hideout 31BRD

Length: 35 feet 11 inches

Weight: 7,751 pounds

CCC: 1,849 pounds

Sleeps: 11

Features: The first 35-footer on our list is also the first Keystone Hideout with a bunkhouse instead of just bunk beds. The 31BRD features a rear bunkhouse with three bunk beds and a cube bunk for plenty of sleeping space for up to four children. 

The kids also have their own entertainment center and storage drawers. They can easily access the bathroom, which is just outside the bunkhouse sliding door. This is another Keystone Hideout with a second entry into the bathroom.

The center of the unit has a large slide with a booth dinette and jack knife sofa across from a smaller kitchen with a 10-cubic-foot refrigerator, three-burner cooktop, microwave, and sink. 

Due to the space taken up by the bunkhouse, this model doesn’t have much countertop space for meal prep. An entertainment center sits against the bedroom wall.

The front bedroom is the same as the other models, with a queen bedroom and two side wardrobe closets. Outside, you get an outdoor refrigerator, an outdoor sink, and an 18-foot awning.

Starting Price: $50,843

Keystone Hideout 38FQTS

Length: 39 feet 11 inches

Weight: 9,246 pounds

CCC: 2,114 pounds

Sleeps: Eight

Features: At almost 40 feet in length, the Keystone Hideout 38FGTS is the longest and heaviest travel trailer on our list. It can carry a large amount of cargo — over 2,000 pounds! But this also means you’ll probably want a 3/4-ton truck to tow this unit.

Instead of bunk beds, the 38FGTS has two full bedrooms. The rear has a queen bed with two wardrobes and a half bathroom. The front bedroom has a queen bed with one small wardrobe and a larger one in a slide-out along the driver’s side.

You get access to the main bathroom from the bedroom and the hallway.

In the center of the unit is a large slide-out with a U-shaped dinette and sofa. Owners have the option to replace the dinette with a free-standing option.

This is ideal for families with teenagers or for two couples traveling together. There’s an entertainment center with an electric fireplace against the front bedroom wall.

The kitchen has a residential refrigerator, three-burner cooktop, microwave, sink, and pantry. Like the free-standing dinette option, this kitchen is great for families with older children or two families traveling together because of the larger refrigerator and pantry storage.

Outside, the 38FQTS features a patio sliding door and a second door leading into the rear bedroom. There’s a huge 18-foot awning to provide plenty of shade to entertain or hang out during the weekend.

Starting Price: $59,258

What Other Keystone Travel Trailers Are Similar to the Hideout?

The Keystone Hideout is part of the comfort travel trailer line. The trailers in this line are the most affordable and have laminated and aluminum siding options. You also have single-axle and double-axle choices as well.

The Keystone Bullet Crossfire, Bullet, Passport SL Series, and Springdale lines are also in the comfort travel trailer category. The Springdale trailers are aluminum-sided like the Keystone Hideout trailers. 

Is the Keystone Hideout a Good RV?

The Keystone Hideout is a good option for weekend warriors looking to make memories at a local campground. It’s not luxurious and doesn’t have the residential features or handcrafted cabinetry you’ll find in high-end options. But these trailers also won’t come with the same price tag.

You can find everything you need for an enjoyable and comfortable camping trip in the Keystone Hideout. And for most campers, that’s all they want! 

Is a Keystone Hideout a good fit for your travel lifestyle?

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