A Breakdown of the Keystone Bullet Crossfire

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A Keystone Bullet Crossfire Travel Trailer on the highway

With so many brands of travel trailers, it’s hard to know which one is right for your lifestyle. The Keystone Bullet Crossfire might make a good fit if you want a lightweight option.

These towable RVs range from 21 feet 4 inches to 31 feet 1 inch and offer nine floorplans, including five with bunk beds. 

Let’s dive into the Keystone Bullet Crossfire and see if there’s a model for you!

Who Owns Keystone RV?

Keystone RV makes the Bullet Crossfire trailer, but Thor Industries owns Keystone. Thor is an RV empire, owning 16 North American RV brands. 

The Thor family of companies includes Airstream, Tiffin, Jayco, Heartland, and a dozen more. In 2001, Thor Industries acquired Keystone RV.

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What Types of RVs Does Keystone Make?

Keystone makes several lines of travel trailers. The comfort travel trailer line, which includes the Bullet Crossfire, has the most affordable options. It also has six premium and four luxury travel trailer lines.

But Keystone RV also has fifth wheels, toy haulers, and destination trailers in the lineup. You’ll find dozens of options and floorplans within the Keystone brand. However, the company doesn’t make any motorized RVs.

A Breakdown of the Keystone Bullet Crossfire

If you have an SUV or light-duty truck, the Keystone Bullet Crossfire line may make a good fit for your towing capabilities. Always know your vehicle’s towing and payload capacity and ensure your RV’s GVWR and tongue weight remain safely within those limits. You can also learn more about GVWR and why it’s important before deciding. 


Length: 21 feet 4 inches

Weight: 3,806 pounds

CCC: 1,194 pounds

Sleeps: Six

Features: One of the shortest and lightest Keystone Bullet Crossfire trailers is the 1700BH. It features two bunks in the rear, along with a full bathroom. 

In the center, you get a full kitchen with a 10 cubic-foot 12 Volt refrigerator, microwave, two-burner cooktop, and single stainless steel sink. A booth dinette sits across from the kitchen, and the main bedroom lies in the front.

Starting Price: $30,000


Length: 21 feet 4 inches

Weight: 3,754 pounds

CCC: 646 pounds

Sleeps: Four

Features: The lightest Keystone Bullet Crossfire is the 1800RB. It also has a very small cargo-carrying capacity, which is important to note. You can only load less than 650 pounds in this travel trailer. 

This unit features a large wardrobe/linen closet in the rear full bathroom, a full kitchen across from a booth dinette, and a front sofa with side wardrobe closets. This unit has a Murphy bed that folds down over the couch.

Starting Price: $30,743


Length: 22 feet 4 inches

Weight: 4,230 pounds

CCC: 1,170 pounds

Sleeps: 4

Features: The first floorplan with a slide-out room is the Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1850RB. You’ll need the extra interior space because instead of a Murphy bed, it has a designated queen. 

This model has no dinette, but it does have a folding table that owners can use at mealtime. A 68-inch tri-fold sofa sits in the slide-out across from the full kitchen. A small rear corner bathroom provides everything you need for a comfortable camping weekend.

Starting Price: $33,563


Length: 21 feet 11 inches

Weight: 3,892 pounds

CCC: 1,108 pounds

Sleeps: Four

Features: The Keystone Bullet Crossfire 1900RD has a unique floorplan with a large U-shaped dinette against the rear wall. You can easily access the bathroom in the center from the entry door. 

Additionally, you get a full kitchen with a large pantry in the middle and a queen bed with wardrobe storage in the front of the trailer.

Starting Price: $30,765


Length: 25 feet 4 inches

Weight: 4,573 pounds

CCC: 1,727 pounds

Sleeps: Eight

Features: The second of five bunk bed floorplans is the Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2200BH. These bunks are larger than the 1700BH and lie next to the bathroom in the rear of the trailer. 

In the middle, you have a full kitchen, a pantry, and a booth dinette. It also has an outdoor kitchen with a small refrigerator and extra storage. Like the 1800RB, this unit features a sofa and a Murphy bed in the front.

Starting Price: $35,000


Length: 26 feet 9 inches

Weight: 5,155 pounds

CCC: 1,845 pounds

Sleeps: Eight

Features: A slightly larger and heavier travel trailer with bunk beds is the 2290BH. This layout is similar to the 2200BH, with large bunk beds and a bathroom in the rear. But this model has a slide-out that provides additional living space in the center. 

A large U-shaped dinette and refrigerator sit in the slide-out. Instead of a Murphy bed, the Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2290BH has a separate front bedroom with a queen bed and side wardrobe closets.

Starting Price: $39,293

Pro Tip: Knowing how to Properly Level a Travel Trailer is essential when owning an RV! Click the link to learn how to level your travel trailer.


Length: 28 feet 3 inches

Weight: 5,290 pounds

CCC: 1,210 pounds

Sleeps: Eight

Features: The floorplan of the 2430BH is almost identical to the 2290BH. However, it’s quite a bit longer. The slide-out only holds a U-shaped dinette, and the refrigerator is on the other side with the rest of the kitchen.

Besides that, the bunk beds, bathroom, and front bedroom are about the same. And both units have an outdoor kitchen.

Starting Price: $39,293


Length: 29 feet 11 inches

Weight: 5,715 pounds

CCC: 1,785 pounds

Sleeps: Six

Features: Another unique floorplan within the Keystone Bullet Crossfire lineup is the 2500RK. It’s the only model with a rear kitchen. It features a long countertop with plenty of meal prep space. It’s also the first unit on this list with both a sofa and a booth dinette. The full bathroom sits in the middle, and a queen bed with side wardrobe closets lies in the front.

Starting Price: $43,463


Length: 31 feet 1 inches

Weight: 5,722 pounds

CCC: 1,878 pounds

Sleeps: 10

Features: The Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2730BH is the only unit in the lineup over 30 feet long. It also has the highest cargo-carrying capacity. In the center, a super slide holds a tri-fold sofa and a booth dinette. 

It also has large double bunks in the rear beside the full bathroom. The kitchen sits against the camp-side wall, and the standard queen bed with side wardrobe closets lies in the front.

Starting Price: $41,483

Who Is the Keystone Bullet Crossfire Good For?

With five of the nine floorplans featuring bunk beds, the Keystone Bullet Crossfire is a good model for families. It’s also good for grandparents who may bring their grandkids on some weekend camping trips. 

This line isn’t built for full-time living, and you don’t really get enough space for families who want to travel for many months out of the year. But it’s good for weekend warriors.

As mentioned earlier, the Keystone Bullet Crossfire line works for people who don’t want to tow around a heavy travel trailer. Many owners don’t want to invest in a large truck just to take a few trips a year to the campground.

The length and weight of these units are ideal for owners with smaller tow vehicles.

Is Keystone RV a Good Company?

Keystone RV is a large company that has been manufacturing RVs for decades. When Cole Davis founded Keystone in 1996, he probably had no idea that his company would become the no. 1 manufacturer of towables in North America. With more than a million owners, Keystone has a strong community and a good track record.

So the next time you’re looking for a lightweight travel trailer with the basic necessities for a weekend camping trip, consider the Keystone Bullet Crossfire. Which floorplan best suits your needs and lifestyle?

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