The Keystone Arcadia: The End Of Brown RV Interiors?

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Source: Keystone RV

If you’ve ever shopped for a travel trailer or fifth wheel, you may feel restricted while touring a rig. The dark color tones standard in the RV industry for decades give the impression that you’re entering a cave.

This can make it difficult to imagine the enjoyment of a camping trip. What if RVs followed the lead of residential interior design?

They could incorporate light shades and materials to make them feel roomier and less confining. One RV manufacturer is doing just that.

Take a look at the Keystone Arcadia line of fifth wheels and travel trailers for inspiration!

Why Are RV Interiors Always Brown?

The most apparent reason for their choice is that brown does not show dirt as readily as other colors. When camping in an RV, you’ll drag in dirt and debris constantly.

Although the color palette is not exciting, most RV manufacturers design their interiors with variations of brown and beige. These shades have remained the same for decades!

Since no one wants to spend their camping trip cleaning, a darker interior can hide some of the dust. This allows all campers to enjoy the great outdoors, then sweep up afterward.

About the Keystone Arcadia

With four models, the Keystone Arcadia has created the next generation of fifth wheels and travel trailers. With more convenience, comfort, and style, the Arcadia line has revamped its chassis design.

It allows for more oversized windows, bunkhouse space, and more storage. Their interior color scheme will brighten up every RVer’s outlook on camping.

Interior Decor

With a new color palette called “Bailey,” cabinetry is in hues of eggshell, lightening the interior in virtually every space.

Cognac-colored seating gives a copper shimmer, complementing plaid accents and mixing with wide plank walnut-colored flooring.

With such a bright interior, the Arcadia feels highly spacious.


One of the most prominent additions to the Arcadia line is the ample storage. From barn doors on a walk-in closet to extra cargo space running the length of the rig, the new chassis design has expanded not only storage space but utility ductwork space.

There is even hidden storage behind a flat-screen television.

The Keystone Arcadia comes with ports for up to 400 watts of solar for off-grid camping. It also has up to 107-gallon freshwater tanks and room for two propane tanks. Boondocking never looked so good!

It has fold-down countertops for an eat-in kitchen or a large desktop. There’s a spacious pantry with extra cabinetry and room for appliances.

The most exciting addition exclusive is Keystone’s flush-floor deck slides. They allow the floors in some slides to match the height of the main floor.

Keystone makes it possible to get rid of your pool noodles, too. They raised the height of the slides so you could walk underneath them rather than hit your head.

The only downside to that design is the wardrobe slide cannot include a full-length closet. At least there will be no more stitches required for the campsite setup!

An RV TV lifted up to reveal storage behind it
Source: Keystone RV


The Keystone Arcadia line includes a .75 ton fifth wheel floorplans, along with .5 ton fifth wheels and a travel trailer. All range from 36’ to almost 40’ and have weights from 11,000 lbs to 12,400 lbs.

Freshwater tanks vary in size from 66 gallons to 107 gallons. Additionally, all coaches have color-coded wiring and heated enclosed water lines, and holding tanks.

Each rig comes with two air conditioners running on 50 amp power, residential appliances including a 12 cubic foot refrigerator, and a four-burner propane stove.

There’s also a farmhouse kitchen sink.  Baths have a 48” fiberglass shower with a 12-gallon water heater, under-mounted sinks, and solid surface countertops.

Theater seating in the living area of each rig has heat and charging stations built-in. A 48” fireplace is under a 50” flat-screen TV, and all RVs come with a Winegard HD antenna.

Lastly, the windows are all XL safety glass.

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The kitchen and living room area inside a Keystone Arcadia
Source: Keystone RV

Is Keystone Ending the Era of Brown RV Interiors? 

With their Bailey color palette, Keystone has opened the door to ditching the dark interiors that plagued the RV industry.

With light-colored cabinetry in every room, the feeling of space and lightness is intoxicating.

Let’s hope that other RV manufacturers pay attention and start offering brighter interiors, as well.

The bedroom area inside a Keystone Arcadia
Source: Keystone RV

What Other Fifth Wheels Does Keystone Manufacturer?

Keystone Arcadia fifth wheels are a luxury brand, and the manufacturer also produces other trailers in that category. The Cougar, Sprinter, and Carbon models are dependable fifth wheels with excellent records. 

The Cougar line is a shorter RV, with models measuring from 26’ to 32’ in length and 12’ in height. It has a brighter interior color scheme with white cabinetry, although the furniture is still dark. 

Sprinter fifth wheels measure 30’ to 40’ in length with a light and sunny interior like Arcadia RVs. With light fabrics and white cabinetry, these trailers are breezy and open, utilizing the “shiplap” craze on some walls!

Keystone Carbon models are the “big dogs” in the manufacturer’s lineup, measuring 39’ to 44’ long. You can find more of the Bailey interior color palette in these rigs, too, along with an industrial look.

Is a Keystone Arcadia Camper a Good Brand? 

Keystone is an excellent trailer manufacturer, and with the new Arcadia designs, they have strengthened their reputation.

The quality of their products has withstood the test of time. These new models will continue that tradition, adding value and longevity to the vehicles.

Pro Tip: Interested in learning more about Keystone RV? Learn more about the company and see who makes Keystone RV!

Inside the Keystone Arcadia line of fifth wheels showcasing the kitchen area
Source: Keystone RV

Is a Keystone Arcadia Worth It?

If camping in a sunny, stylish trailer appeals to you, a Keystone Arcadia will give you a light environment and a modern-day design.

Comfort and convenience are part of the package. You’ll benefit from Keystone’s stellar reputation as a producer of high-quality RVs. It appears that there is no downside to owning an Arcadia.

What is your ideal color palette for an RV?

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