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View of the avenue of giants

California is known for its towering redwoods and giant sequoias. These massive trees have stood the test of time and draw millions of visitors every year to gaze in wonder at their majesty. 

You can see General Sherman, the world’s largest tree by volume, that’s protected in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Or visit General Grant Tree, which became a National Shrine in 1956 by President Eisenhower as a memorial to honor fallen military persons.

It’s the only living shrine in the U.S. And then we have the Immortal Tree, a 1,000-year-old redwood that has escaped death numerous times.

Let’s look closer at the Immortal Tree, the reason behind its name, and where you can see it in California. Then you can start planning your next road trip through the Avenue of Giants. Let’s dive in!

What Is the Immortal Tree?

The Immortal Tree is almost 1,000 years old. This Coastal Redwood has a base diameter of 14.5 feet and stands about 258 feet tall.

Over the years, it has shrunk in size as it once stood almost 300 feet tall. Certain weather events over time have damaged portions of it. But its mighty wood can withstand it all, it seems.

Where Is the Immortal Tree?

You’ll find the Immortal Tree as you drive through the Avenue of the Giants in Redcrest, California. The address is 28101 Avenue of the Giants near the Ancient Redwoods RV Park.

Follow US 101/Redwood Highway to exit 667. Drive east and then turn north onto the Avenue of the Giants. It’s easy to find due to the large gift shop, parking area, and picnic tables surrounding the Immortal Tree.

View of the avenue of giants

Why Is It Called the Immortal Tree?

While General Sherman is the world’s largest tree by volume, the Immortal Tree’s claim to fame is the number of times it has escaped death. You can even see visual aids on the tree to remind onlookers of the dangers this tree has survived.

You’ll see a metal fish high up on the tree, indicating the level of the water during the flood of 1964. You’ll also see a logger’s axe as a reminder of when people tried to cut it down in 1908. 

Lightning has struck the tree on several occasions, removing the top branches. Forest fires have also tried to destroy the tree over the years. All these close escapes have earned this ancient plant the immortal title.

What Is the Avenue of the Giants?

When exploring California, take time to drive through and explore the Avenue of the Giants. This scenic drive is 31 miles of historic Highway 101 in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. 

It gets its name after the towering coastal redwoods that stretch from Philipsville in the south to Stafford in the north. You can access hiking trails, groves, swimming holes, and small towns with souvenir shops and picnic supplies.

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About Ancient Redwoods RV Park

You’ll want time to explore the Avenue of the Giants and this area of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Staying at Ancient Redwoods RV Park gives you easy access to the local attractions.

RV Park

The RV park has 49 paved and level sites that accommodate all sized rigs. It has 50-amp hookups, laundry facilities, showers, restrooms, and a convenience store. 

The park sits near Founders Grove, another attraction along the Avenue of the Giants, and is home to the Immortal Tree, which stands near the gift shop.

The Ancient Redwoods RV Park is only open seasonally from April 1 to October 19, but they start taking reservations for the upcoming season on February 1. The nightly rate costs $57.50, and the weekly rate costs $310. They honor Good Sam and offer a discounted rate for members.

Gift Shop

The gift shop at Ancient Redwoods RV Park is called Burl n’ Drift. It’s open to visitors who come to see the Immortal Tree and all the campers who stay onsite. 

The owners manufacture Redwood burl tables, clocks, spoon racks, Christmas ornaments, magnets, bookmarks, custom-engraved address signs, and more. They don’t cut down any trees. Instead, they use environmentally salvaged wood.

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You’ll have no shortage of things to do near the Ancient Redwoods RV Park. You can visit the Immortal Tree as often as you’d like, standing in awe at its majesty and immortality. Or hop on the Avenue of the Giants and drive to see the Chimney Tree, the Grandfather Tree, and Founder’s Grove.

You can also drive to the small towns along the route and visit places like Ferndale and the 1866 cottage listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Or visit the Victorian Village, a charming town with art galleries, boutiques, and a thriving Main Street. The entire town is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

A couple standing outside of the immortal tree in california

Book a Stay at the Ancient Redwoods RV Park and See the Immortal Tree

With so much to see and do near Redcrest, California, book a stay at the Ancient Redwoods RV Park. Spend a few days or a week exploring the majesty of the coastal redwoods and the historic charm of the small towns.

You may feel amazed by the Immortal Tree and how many times it has escaped death. Stand in awe at these massive trees surrounding the Avenue of the Giants.

If you’re interested in traveling a bit farther up the coast, check out our visits to Fern Canyon and the Trees of Mystery for more beautiful redwood scenery.

Have you ever visited the Immortal Tree and driven along the Avenue of the Giants? Are there other places you’d suggest for folks to visit on their next road trip through Redcrest, California?

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