You Have to See These Ice Fishing Trailers

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Three ice fishing trailers sitting on a frozen lake

Have you ever longed to take an ice fishing trip? Maybe not since it sounds awful sitting in the freezing cold just waiting for a fish to bite. Or maybe you’ve wanted to take your son out, but you remember the weeks you went with your father and hated it because of the uncomfortable wooden shack you stayed in. There’s good news! You can fish and stay warm with a luxury ice fishing trailer with cooktops, bathrooms, sofa beds, and more.

Let’s take a closer look at the five trailers you have to see. You’ll be amazed at how far manufacturers have come. Let’s dive in!

What Is an Ice Fishing Trailer?

Ice fishing is a challenging adventure. It requires patience, and if you’re uncomfortable, that patience can quickly wear thin. Ice fishing trailers are RVs designed for the terrain of a frozen lake. Gone are the rickety wooden shacks of ancient ice fishing.

These trailers are modern, outfitted with everything you need for a comfortable ice fishing trip. Some include bathrooms and full kitchens. Most have at least a sofa and/or bunk. It’s amazing how far innovation has come!

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Features to Expect From an Ice Fishing RV

Ice fishing trailers have to be constructed with better quality than typical travel trailers because they must withstand extreme weather conditions.

The materials are of better quality, and the efforts to keep out the cold are taken seriously. Ice fishing trailers feature fishing holes, so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your trailer. They’re covered when not in use.

When parked, the bottom of an ice fishing trailer is flush with the ground. This keeps cold air from blowing underneath the trailer, and it lowers the ice fishing holes closer to the frozen lake. The better insulation also keeps the trailer comfortable. Windows are dual pane to keep out the cold, too.

Two ice fishing holes drilled below a hatch in the trailer

Ice Fishing Trailers You Have to Check Out

If you have a scene from “Grumpy Old Men” in your mind, that’s not what we’re talking about. These ice fishing trailers are equipped for long adventures.

You might not even want to come home. Let’s look at a handful of ice fishing trailers that range in size, weight, and price.

Two fishermen ice fishing with their trailer.

1. Forest River Grey Wolf 17MP

MSRP: Around $37,000

The 17MP model has a permanent rear bunk above the U-shaped dinette. There’s a jackknife sofa and overhead storage in the living space.

The front of the unit has a toilet and shower with a 4.5-gallon black tank and a 12-gallon gray tank. The total length of the 17MP is 25 ft 11 in, and the GVWR is 5,794 lbs.

Fish Focused Features: This ice fishing trailer features eight fishing holes. The full-size refrigerator means ample storage for long trips.

There are also two opposing flip-up rod storage benches. In addition, the subfloor is fully insulated.

A Forest River Grey Wolf ice fishing trailer.
Source: Forest River

2. Yetti Angler Edition A616 DRK

MSRP: Around $33,000

With a length of 16 ft, this unit is smaller than the Grey Wolf 17MP. Its GVWR is also only 4,300 lbs, making it towable by some SUVs.

There’s a driver’s side rear kitchen with a microwave and three-burner range. Two jackknife sofas with bunks above mean ample room for several people.

Fish Focused Features: This unit features six fishing holes. There’s a huge front storage closet for all of your fishing gear.

The lightweight all-aluminum frame is practically maintenance-free, which means you can focus on fishing and less on upkeep.

In addition, the seamless, impact-resistant molded wheel wells protect your tires on this ice fishing trailer.

A Yetti Angler ice fishing trailer.
Source: Yetti Angler

3. Glacier Ice House 12RC – 4 Holes

MSRP: Around $34,000

At only 12 ft in length, this unit is the smallest of the ice fishing trailers on this list. The GVWR is only 2,990 lbs.

The light wood interior makes it feel like a cabin. This unit features a two-burner cooktop, a pull-out sofa bed, and a flip-up bunk. It’s simple, but there are add-ons.

You can upgrade to include a dinette, a flat wall fireplace, a microwave, a refrigerator, a dry flush toilet, and so much more. 

Fish Focused Features: This ice fishing trailer features four fishing holes. There are flip-up storage compartments perfect for those fishing rods.

You’ll also find an exterior compartment under the sofa in the rear of the unit. Glacier also puts black diamond plate wheel wells and front nose on all their units.

4. Ice Castle Fish Houses 8’ RV Hybrid

MSRP: Around $40,000

This 8 ft wide unit is wider than the other models. Typically, ice fishing trailers are 6.5 ft wide.

It’s 22 ft in length and has a GVWR of 6,600 lbs. This ice fishing trailer includes a full bathroom with a toilet and shower.

The kitchen has a three-burner cooktop with an oven, a double sink, a microwave, and a medium refrigerator.

The light wood interior is similar to the Glacier Ice House above and gives it an overall cabin feel.

Fish Focused Features: This unit features six fishing holes. There’s ample storage throughout this unit, with overhead storage compartments and cabinets for all of your fishing gear.

Ice Castle manufactures all-season trailers that stand up in any weather.

An Ice Castle Fish Houses ice fishing trailer.
Source: Ice Castle

5. Yetti Grand Escape Edition GE824-PKF

MSRP: Around $78,000

Another 8 ft wide model, this Yetti Grand Escape is 24 ft long and has a GVWR of 8,000 lbs. It’s the heaviest of all the units on this list and features a full bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower.

Also, It’s the only unit on this list with an additional sink in the bathroom. The kitchen has a microwave, a sink, a three-burner range, and a 7.4 cu ft refrigerator.

This unit sleeps six to nine people with three jackknife sofas and a queen bed lift.

Fish Focused Features: This unit features eight fishing holes. If you want to add the fishing package, it includes a glass front bait tank, tackle trays, and a fishing pole rack.

Like the Yetti Angler Edition model, the Grand Escape has an all-aluminum frame.

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Who Says Ice Fishing Has to Be Uncomfortable?

If you’re looking for comfort when hitting the arctic temperatures, there are several options to make your ice fishing trip enjoyable. These trailers may not help you catch any fish, but they’ll at least do a good job of creating your home-away-from-home. Gone are the days of sitting in an icebox, freezing and miserable. Grab a group of friends and head out on your next adventure in style! 

Which ice fishing trailer will best fit your needs? Do you have your eye on a particular unit?

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