How to Plan an RV Trip to Disneyland

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You’ll need to do a lot of preparation to make an RV trip to Disneyland as pleasant as possible. Often referred to as “the most magical place on Earth,” we’re here to help you maximize your time and money during your visit.

We’re going to break down the advantages of traveling to Disneyland, how to create a cost-effective budget, and introduce you to RV parks within a reasonable distance to the park.

Let’s jump in and start planning your next RV trip to Disneyland!

on the roller coaster at Disneyland California Adventure. Be sure to ride this ride when planning your RV Trip To Disneyland

Why Should You Plan an RV Trip to Disneyland?

Disneyland offers sites, attractions, and experiences beyond compare, making it a desirable vacation destination for many people worldwide.

Whether you’re talking about Disneyland or Disneyworld, the Disney company remains a widely recognized name in many countries.

Since Disneyland opened its doors on July 17, 1955, the trademark characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse have become beloved friends of millions of people.

If you’re seeking a vacation full of splendor and surprise, then Disneyland is your go-to place for all things magical. 

How Much Should You Budget for Your Trip to Disneyland?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this. Many people agree, including us, that the cost is one of the only downsides to visiting Disney amusement parks. 

You will need to account for a multitude of factors when determining a Disneyland budget. You need to consider who is traveling, their age, the time of year you plan to go, and how many days you’ll spend there.

Additionally, ask yourself if you plan to stay on Disney’s property or a privately-owned campground.

Although close and convenient, you can save a lot of money by not staying on Disney property.

Discounts and memberships can also positively affect your budget and visit.

You can strategically plan and prepare to get the most experience and enjoyment for your money. Let what’s right for you and your family guide you in the right direction.

RV Parks Near Disneyland

When you’re planning an RV trip to Disneyland, you’ll need to find adequate lodging. We’ve found three RV parks within a reasonable distance to Disneyland.

Nestled along the Anaheim Resort Transit Route, Anaheim Harbor RV Park’s close location to Disneyland makes this site stand out.

Once on-site, you’ll find a heated pool, laundry room, nearby restaurants, and accommodations for 40 ft RVs with full hookups, offering 30 and 50 AMP service.

Orangeland RV Park is the only campground not located in Anaheim. Approximately 10 minutes away from Disneyland, this park offers just over 200 paved, landscaped sites.

This campground allows leashed pets and has a dog walk and washing area along with 20, 30, and 50 AMP service hookups.

And finally, Canyon RV Park is the furthest from Disneyland. The amenities at this location include a fire pit, firewood, acres of untouched nature and wilderness, dump stations, and a playground for children. 

Pro Tip: L.A. traffic is no joke. Use an RV travel planning app like RV Life Trip Wizard that will plan an RV safe driving route.

Aerial shot of Disneyland in Anaheim, CA showing the entire park and the surrounding city. You'll want to stay close to the park when planning your RV Trip To Disneyland

Tips for Planning Your RV Trip to Disneyland

Planning an RV trip to Disneyland has the potential to make you feel overwhelmed at times. Hopefully, these ideas will aid in the process and save you time and money before and during your trip.

We recommend not procrastinating to have a positive, memorable experience. Consider the following tips in the early stages of planning and preparation.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals will likely save you time waiting in line and paying for the convenience of on-site dining. We recommend pre-planning your meals as a healthy, more cost-friendly option. 

For example, consider packing a cooler with ingredients to make a sandwich or having convenient snacks on hand during the long drive. Packing cheese sticks and pretzels can help keep everyone’s tummy full during the trip and while visiting the park.

Purchasing beverages beforehand can also save you time and money during your RV trip to Disneyland.

Inexpensive options would include a few cases of soda and water. Most people would rather spend a few dollars at the grocery store than buy a drink every time they eat.

A sandwich ready to pack inside a reusable bag sitting on a cutting board. You'll want to pack food when planning your RV Trip To Disneyland.

Book Your Site Early

Many people will often agree that planning to visit a world-renowned vacation destination should not be done hastily or carelessly. 

Once you have chosen a time of year to visit, the earlier you can book your site, the better.

Interest in the RV lifestyle has drastically increased recently, making competition for an available campsite more intense than 10 or 15 years ago.

Early booking allows you to take advantage of available discounts. Sometimes campgrounds will offer slightly lower rates to people who book several months in advance or plan to stay for an extended period.

Schedule Your Tickets & Fast Passes

Similar to the benefits of booking your campsite early, scheduling your tickets and fast passes before your visit can yield several advantages.

We recommend conducting your research and purchasing park tickets well in advance.

You have the customer-friendly option to make your purchase online or by contacting Disney customer service. 

A sign for a ride at Disneyland that says Fastpass entrance

Having a Successful Trip

Figure out clever ways to save time and money to make your RV trip to Disneyland a success. Staying in your RV while visiting Disneyland comes with many advantages, such as having the luxury of staying in your own space while exploring one of the most glorious destinations on Earth.

We hope that you find this article enlightening and valuable during your preparation for your trip. We encourage you to utilize available resources before and during your visit while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

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