Clever Ways to Hide a Cat Litter Box in an RV

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A cat steps out of it's litter box.

Many RVers choose to bring pets with them while traveling in their RV. And yes, this includes cats. However, having a cat typically means you’ll need a litter box. So, where do you put a cat litter box in an RV? Let’s take a look at some clever ways to hide them.

Can Cats Travel in an RV?

Yes, cats can travel in an RV. They’ll likely require some time to adjust, especially if you RV full-time. Depending on your rig, you’ll want a carrier for them to ride in during travel. If applicable, you should place the carry bag in your tow vehicle, as riding in a trailer can be a very traumatic experience due to the bumps and dips.

You and your cat may love living on the road. You can enjoy the constantly changing scenery, and you can spend a lot of time with your furry friend. Some RVers share that they’ve never had issues with mice in their RV because they have a cat.

A cute kitten plays outside on a tree.

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How Do You Use a Litter Box in an RV?

Using a litter box in an RV is similar to using one in a typical house. Cats have a natural desire to dig and bury their waste. So if your cat already uses a litter box before RVing, they’ll likely have little issues adjusting. However, RVs often have much less room than houses, making using the litter box challenging.

One of the keys to using a litter box in an RV is hiding it. You won’t want to see it or smell it. So if you have a cat in your RV, you must stay on top of emptying and changing the litter box.

Clever Ways to Hide a Cat Litter Box in an RV

Hiding a cat litter box in an RV can take some creativity. However, it doesn’t have to be an eyesore if done right. Let’s look at some clever ways to conceal it.

1. A Portable Litter Box Cabinet

New Age Pet® ECOFLEX® Litter Loo® Litter Box Cover and End Table
  • [Enhanced function] The LitterLoo is made with non-toxic ECOFLEX; a proprietary composite blend of recycled polymers and...
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A portable litter box cabinet works great if you have the space. It gives your cat the privacy it needs to use the restroom and keeps the litter contained. The portability makes it perfect for RV life.

For a cabinet like this, you’ll need to find a place in your RV to store it. The box measures 23.8 x 18.5 x 22.1 inches and weighs 25 lbs. It can also serve as a great end table if you have the room. Many RVers enjoy multi-purpose items in their rigs.

2. Litter in a Cupboard

See how this couple used the space under their RV bathroom sink for the cat litter box.

You may find room in a cabinet under the kitchen or bathroom sink to put a cat litter box in your RV. You can cut a hole in the door for your cat to come and go as they please.

If you don’t like the idea of cutting into your RV, removing the cabinet door and installing a curtain may do the trick. Plus, the enclosed area can help keep the smells and litter contained.

3. Hidden Litter Box and Cat Tree Combo

FavePaw Litter Box Enclosure Furniture with Cat Tree Tower and Condo, Indoor Cat House with Sisal Scratching Post and Soft Plush Perch, Brown
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Cats love to climb, scratch, and play. Many cat owners purchase towers to give their cats a place to play and rest. Favepaw makes a combo litter box and tree tower that offers your cat a place to play and hide its litter box. 

This combo does a great job of disguising the litter box. If you keep it clean, you or your guests may never notice it. You don’t have to worry about the litter box being an eyesore if you go this route.

4. Door to an RV Storage Bay

Check out this DIY modification for a hidden litter box.

Depending on your RV, you may have a ton of space in your storage bays. The only thing separating the storage from the living space is a small makeshift wall or cover. In this case, you can install a cat door to give your pet access to the storage bay with the litter box.

This method requires a bit of planning. You don’t want to cut into a wall or area without knowing what’s behind it. You may think a wall or cabinet would work great, but it may have wires or plumbing behind it. This can often severely complicate a relatively easy job.

5. Fake Planter 

Secret Litter Box by Bundle & Bliss - Hidden Litter Box Enclosure, Patented Design with Odor Control, Includes Faux Plant, Carbon Filter and Real Stones
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Additionally, you can disguise the litter box as something completely different. A fake planter with a litter box in the base can work great. Plus, the overall structure enhances the aesthetics of your RV. 

Plants, real or fake, can create a comfortable living space. You can choose between vivid white or soft gray for this specific planter, whichever best fits your style.

6. Under a Bed 

If you have a taller bed, you could try hiding your cat’s litter box underneath. Make sure you give your cat plenty of space to get in and out to do its business. 

If you do go this route, clean the litter box regularly. Litter can stick to cats as they get in and out of their box. You also don’t want the smell to become an issue in the bedroom.

Woman holding her cat as she sits in the doorway in an RV.

7. Secret Storage Bench 

GTQuality Cat Washroom Cat Litter Storage Bench Cat Litter Box Enclosures Hidden Litter Box Cat Furniture House with End Table Nightstand Wooden Pet Crate House with Scratch Pad Help Litter collection
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If you renovate your RV or swap out furniture, try installing a secret storage bench to hide a cat litter box. What looks like a typical piece of furniture can become a private space for your cat to do their business.

This multi-functional unit can house a litter box or serve as a coffee table, nightstand, or TV table. Your guests may never suspect that it also houses your cat’s litter box.

8. Use an Unused Nook

You may find an unused nook or area in your RV to house your litter box. However, you may or may not have space depending on your rig. If you do, you’re in luck.

An extra bathroom or spare closet can work well. Take the time to evaluate how you use all the different areas of your RV, and you may discover you rarely use certain nooks and crannies.

How Often Do You Need to Change Cat Litter?

How often you change cat litter will depend on how many cats you have and the type of litter you use. If you have clumping litter, you can change it every two to three weeks. 

However, if you use a non-clumping kind, you’ll need to change it twice a week. The more cats you have, the more frequent you’ll need to change it out.

A top down view of a cat smelling a cat litter box in a home.

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Keep the Litter Box Smell at Bay

You may want to hide the smell and the box. Especially in a small RV, the smell can quickly spread to other areas. Let’s look at some ways to reduce the odor of your cat’s litter box.

Litter Genie

Litter Genie Plus Pail (Silver) | Cat Litter Box Waste Disposal System for Odor Control | Includes 1 Square Refill Bag
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The Litter Genie uses the same technology employed by the parent-loving Diaper Genie. Scoop the waste, open the lid, and drop the clumps in. Then pull the handle and lock the odor inside the container.

It’s one of the easiest ways to dispose of your cat’s waste that also prevents the odors from entering your RV.

The Litter Genie can hold ten weeks of waste from a single cat. If you have more than one, it will naturally decrease the time between changes. However, it will still do a tremendous job of keeping your RV odor-free.

Non-Odor Absorbing Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box

Ohm Earth’s OhmBox - Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box, Extra Large (23.5” x 15.5” x 6.1”) Never Absorbs Odors/Stains/Rusts, Non-Stick Smooth Surface, Easy Cleaning + Non-Slip Rubber Feet. Qty 1 White
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Will NOT absorb any odors, or stain, or rust or build up residue like other plastic or rubber litter...
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No matter how often you change your cat’s litter, a plastic litter box can absorb the odors. However, one made from stainless steel will not.

Using stainless steel ensures that your cat’s litter box smells fresh. You can also easily clean it as litter and waste don’t stick to it. 

Natural Litter Deodorizer

Rocco & Roxie Litter Box Odor Eliminator, Best Natural Urine Deodorizer for Cat Litter Boxes Cats Smell Control, Odor Absorber, Safe for Kitty, 12 oz
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There’s no way around it; cat waste doesn’t smell pleasant. Using a natural litter deodorizer will help neutralize smells.

It helps absorb the moisture from your cat’s waste and ultimately reduces the odors. You’ll still need to empty your cat’s litter box regularly, but a deodorizer can help reduce the frequency.

Rechargeable Odor Stain Eliminator

Foxhymir Cat Litter Deodorizer, Rechargeable Odor Stain Eliminator 99.9% Unscented Dog Smell Removers Long-Lasting Litter Genie for Pet Litter Box Bathroom Wardrobe Shoe Cabinet
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You may find you need a bit of extra help in keeping the odor away in your RV. A rechargeable odor and stain eliminator can help reduce the smells.

Your nose may adjust to the smell of your cat, but your friends and family will quickly notice when they enter your RV. Using an air purifier will go the extra mile in reducing cat odors. 

A cat sits on the roof of an RV.

Camping with Cats Is Possible 

You don’t have to leave your cat behind just because you want to go camping in your RV. Getting creative and having the right tools can make camping a fun adventure for your entire family, including your feline friends.

You may just find your cats love the ever-changing landscapes as much as you do. Do you take a cat with you while you camp or travel in an RV?

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  1. When we had a travel trailer, we installed a cat door on the wall next to the bed that lead into the pass through, giving our cat privacy and us easy cleanup via the outside passthrough door. Once we upgraded to a 5th wheel we did not have that option. We know of others with Class A’s and 5th wheels who would put the litter pan in the shower stall. Not us. We searched for a solution online. All the cat furniture litter box coverings were overpriced junk. We had leftover cedar panels from a house built many years ago. We took measurements inside the 5th wheel and found a perfect spot to place a cat box to cover the litter pan in the end of the kitchen island. We made our own cat box from the cedar wood, adding 3 cute round portholes on each side, a curved cat doors and a removable top lid. We stained it to match the wood in the 5th wheel. It looks awesome! We switched from using cat litter to small farm animal pine pellets, which cost just under $7 for a 40 lb. bag (at Tractor Supply). It is far cheaper than cat litter, plus it absorbs the cat urine smell far better than cat litter and is far easier to clean up. Our cat has more than 30,000 miles of traveling to her name and has visited more national parks than most humans!

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