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During the winter, we love to cozy up in a fleece blanket by a warm fire and drink hot chocolate. It’s the perfect holiday card scene. But what about your pets? Do you think about keeping them cozy, warm, and happy in colder temperatures? 

Let’s dive in and look at a few winter pet products that will bring a smile to your furry family members.

Do Dogs and Cats Get Cold in the Winter?

Even though your fur babies may look nice and cozy in their warm winter coats of fur, they can actually get cold in the winter. Here’s the general rule of thumb: If you’re cold, your pet is also. 

Some breeds do much better in the cold than others. For example, Huskies and Mastiffs are bred for cold weather with thick, long fur and big builds. 

Other pets will feel the cold intensely. Short-haired breeds and particularly hypoallergenic pets can get just as cold as you in the winter, if not more so. Pets with hair instead of fur, such as Yorkshire terriers, will feel especially cold, as their hair is thin and their skin is sensitive to the elements. Their small size means they’re more susceptible as well. 

Help protect them with these safety tips and winter products.

Winter Safety Tips for Pets

Let’s explore a few winter safety tips for pets. 

First, if you live in or travel to an area where there’s snow, remember that salt and other chemicals used to melt the snow on roads can get on your furry friend’s paws. Always wipe your pet’s paws after going for a walk, so those chemicals don’t irritate them. You also don’t want your pet licking and then ingesting the toxins. Consider booties if you’ll be dealing with this type of weather often.

Second, antifreeze is poison. Keep it securely put away, so your pet doesn’t accidentally get into it. Clean up spills from your vehicle immediately. Third, repeatedly coming in and going out can cause skin irritation. Pat down your pet with a towel after coming inside and keep a humidifier going all winter.

Finally, don’t cut your pet’s fur too short in the winter. A longer coat offers more warmth. If you have a short-haired dog, consider getting a coat or sweater for the colder winter months.

11 Must-Have Winter Products for Pets

Here are eleven must-have winter products for pets to keep them safe. They’ll also give you peace of mind knowing you’re doing your best to protect the furry members of your family. Most of them are relatively inexpensive and will last winter after winter.

Pro Tip: Learn how to RV with dogs so it’s comfortable both you and your pet.

#1. Pet Safe Snow & Ice Melter

Just For Pets Snow & Ice Melter Safe for Pets & Paws Contains No Toxic Chlorides or Painful to The Paw Rock Salt, Safe for Dogs & Cats. Fast Acting and Works On Contact 9 lb. Shaker Jug
  • ❄️NO SHARP ROCK SALT, SALT-FREE – Walking On Rock Salt Can Be Excruciating To Your Pets Feet. Sharp Rock Salt...

As mentioned above, the salt and chemicals used to melt snow can harm your pets. Try this pet-safe snow and ice melter that contains no toxic chlorides. It’s also more comfortable on your pet’s paws as it contains no sharp rock salt. It’s safe to use on picnic tables, sidewalks, driveways, and more.

#2. Waterproof Dog Boots

QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes for Large Dogs with Reflective Strips Rugged Anti-Slip Sole Black 4PCS (Size 6: 2.6''x3.0''(WL) for 52-65 lbs, Black)
  • Please mainly refer to the width, weight can only be used as an additional reference; Size 2: 1.8''x2.4''(W*L) for 18-27...
  • SECURE and ADJUSTABLE: Easy to put on / off. These dog shoes expands with a wide split seam opening and two adjustable...

Suggested above was to get booties to protect your pet’s paws if you live in or travel to areas where you deal with a lot of snow. These waterproof dog boots feature reflective strips and anti-slip soles. Available in several different colors and sizes, you’re bound to find the perfect pair for your furry friend. These boots are also good to keep around in the summer when taking your pet out for a walk on hot pavement.

#3. Dog Raincoat

HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho for Small to X-Large Dogs and Puppies (Yellow, X-Large)
  • Waterproof: Crafted from 100% polyester material with waterproof coating to keep your pet comfortable and dry even in...
  • Reflective: High visibility reflective material helps to keep your pet safe when out for walks on dreary days, at night,...

This dog raincoat is too cute, but it also provides much-needed protection from the weather. Available in multiple prints and colors as well as sizes from small to X-large, this waterproof coat is an excellent addition to your pet’s winter wardrobe. It features high visibility reflective material. It’s also lightweight, so it’s easy to pack and take along for hikes or day trips to the park.

#4. Wind & Waterproof Dog Vest

Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest Winter Coat Warm Dog Apparel for Cold Weather Dog Jacket for Small Medium Large Dogs with Furry Collar (XS - 3XL) Bright Red S
  • To better fit your dog,please do measure the size of your dog and compare to the size chart before placing order.
  • Material:Filler: Polyester fiber. Material: Polyester+TC (terylene/cotton), Water Resistant Outer layer/ Soft and Warm...

It’s always an adorable sight to see a dog in a plaid vest. This wind and waterproof vest is a great cold-weather jacket. It’s available in several colors and sizes, and the fleece lining offers warmth during those cold winter days and nights. Plus, since it features an easy hook and loop closure, you won’t struggle to get this vest on your pet.

#5. Fleece Dog & Cat Blanket

furrybaby Premium Fluffy Fleece Dog Blanket, Soft and Warm Pet Throw for Dogs & Cats (Small (2432"), Grey Blanket)
  • SMALL SIZE: 60x80cm(24x32inch), perfect for small size dogs, puppies and cats, such as Chihuahua and Papillon,...
  • MATERIAL: Made of environment friendly thick soft comfy fleece

Everyone loves those soft fleece blankets in the winter. Why not get one for your pet? These blankets are also available in different colors and sizes. They’re machine washable, and they never shed or fade. It’s so popular that this item is one of “Amazon’s Choice” items.

#6. Heated Water Bowl

K&H Pet Products Thermal-Bowl Cat & Dog Outdoor Heated Water Bowl
  • COLD WEATHER USE: Heated pet water bowl prevents water from freezing, even at -20°, keeping your pet hydrated no matter...
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT: This 96 ounce blue heated water bowl is made with BPA free plastic and uses only 25 watts

Sometimes your pet has to stay outside for a longer period of time. Grab a heated water bowl to ensure that your furry friend’s water doesn’t freeze up while you’re gone. Featuring 25W of warmth, this bowl is safely sealed to protect your pet from the electronic conponents. And because you can control the thermostat, you can set it to automatically turn on and off as needed.

#7. Paw and Nose Lotion

Burt's Bees for Pets for Dogs All-Natural Paw & Nose Lotion with Rosemary & Olive Oil | For All Dogs and Puppies, 4oz | Best Treatment for All Dogs and Puppies With Dry Nose and Paws
  • GENTLE AND EASY-TO-USE — This gentle lotion protects, repairs and restores your dog's dry or cracked nose and paw...
  • MADE WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS — Olive Oil and Rosemary are infused into this cream to soothe and nourish.

As mentioned above, your pet’s skin can be overly irritated in dry, winter conditions. Use this paw and nose lotion to repair and restore your pet’s cracked paw pads and nose. Use it after coming inside from a walk. It’s 100% safe and free of harmful chemicals and sulfates.

#8. Dog Sweater

KYEESE Dog Sweaters Turtleneck Beige Dog Sweater Knitwear Pullover Warm Pet Sweater with Golden Glitter Decors
  • Dog sweater for small dogs,back length 12inch,chest girth 15-17inch,neck 12-14inch
  • Beige dog sweater with glitter decor through the whole sweater,cool for your dog daily wear or holiday dressing.

Another cute sweater option to protect your dog from the chilly winter weather is this turtleneck. This pullover sweater features premium gold metallic yarn, ultra-soft material, and cable knitting for stylish comfort. It’s also machine washable.

#9. Heated Cat Bed

K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Kitty Bed Sage/Tan Small 16 Inches
  • SECURITY: This indoor heated cat bed features 6 inch tall soft foam walls for your cat's comfort, making them feel...
  • AUTOMATIC: Electric heated cat bed is thermostatically controlled to automatically warm to your cat's normal body...

Heated beds are safe! Grab one of these cat beds for your feline friend. It operates on low wattage, and it’s thermostatically controlled, so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting too toasty. You can machine wash the cover and cushion and use this product year-round–just remove the heated pad in the summer.

Pro Tip: Ever wondered how to RV with a cat? We can tell you how it’s done.

#10. Heated Dog Bed

K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed Sage/Tan Medium 26 X 20 X 5 Inches
  • HEATED DOG BED: This cuddler style heated dog bed cradles your pet in warmth and comfort; features soft foam walls for...
  • OPTIMAL TERMPERATURE: Electric heated dog bed is thermostatically controlled to automatically warm to your dog's normal...

Here’s a bedding option for your canine companion. It operates at a slightly higher wattage, 6W compared to the cat bed’s 4W, but it’s still a low wattage and thermostatically controlled. This one is also machine washable and you can use it year-round.

#11. LED Dog Collar

ILLUMISEEN LED Dog Collar USB Rechargeable – Bright & High Visibility Lighted Glow Collar for Pet Night Walking – Weatherproof, in 6 Colors & 6 Sizes (Blue Large)
  • SAVE YOUR DOG’S LIFE – this collar will save your dog’s life by keeping it visible, safe and seen. This bright...
  • HIGHEST VISIBILITY – unlike others, our LED dog collars provide the highest visibility and are built to last so your...

Last on the list is an LED dog collar. This is a great product to have all year if you take your dog out for nightly walks. With 1000 yard visibility, this collar could save your dog’s life. It’s weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it in snowy or rainy conditions. And it comes in various colors and sizes. Protect your dog and help passersby see your companion in the dark.

Final Thoughts on Winter Pet Products

These winter pet products will protect your pets during cold conditions. Some of them will also be helpful all year long. And with the exception of the heated beds, they’re all available for under $30. 

To keep your precious fur babies warm and happy this winter, don’t you think it’s worth it to grab a few of these products the next time you’re out shopping?

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