Would You Try This Fully Automated RV Park?

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A fully automated RV park

It’s no secret that the RV industry has experienced a huge boom over the last several years. Because more people are camping, campgrounds are full, and making last-minute reservations is getting harder and harder. 

As a result, new campgrounds have sprung up all over the country. People have invested in the RV industry because they don’t see the desire to get outdoors weaning any time soon.

But did you know that fully automated RV Parks have entered the scene? It’s true! Just like you can go into a Walmart, grab your groceries, complete self-check-out, and never interact with another human being, RV parks are following suit. 

Let’s take a look at a new, fully automated RV Park that recently opened in Tifton, Ga., called Tifton Overnight RV Park.

What Is a Fully Automated RV Park?

Most campgrounds have a host or ranger who welcomes you to the park. You’re greeted with a smile, handed a map, and sometimes even escorted to your site. However, a fully automated RV park removes human interaction upon arrival. 

You book your site online, arrive, pull into your campsite, and leave on your check-out date. Should you run into a problem, there’s a phone number to call. But generally, you won’t encounter staff or hosts at check-in or during your stay.

The Pros of Staying at a Fully Automated RV Park

For travelers who have been RVing for a while and are familiar with checking in, getting set up, and checking out, reducing the hassle of dealing with paperwork or being escorted to your site is a huge advantage. This reduces the amount of time upon arrival. You can get in and get out quickly.

In addition, the entire booking process is simple. You go to the RV park’s website, choose your dates and specific site, pay with a credit card, and you’re done. There’s no office to call, wait list to join, or credit card hold.

The Cons of Staying at a Fully Automated RV Park

However, should you run into a problem during your stay at a fully automated RV park, you might be waiting for help. There’s no on-site host or ranger who can help you within minutes. 

If you’re new to RVing, a fully automated RV park probably isn’t the best idea until you have a few overnight stays at several different campgrounds under your belt. You’ll want the assurance of having someone nearby.

A fully automated RV park

The Fully Automated Tifton RV Park Just Opened 

Tifton RV Park just had its grand opening. This fully automated RV park resulted from a huge RV boom over the last few years. Stafford, a company that develops real estate and hospitality properties in the Southeast, recognized the need for an easy, automated RV park.

Kirk Tullas, Stafford’s Executive Director of Hospitality, shared in a recent press release, “The historical growth of the RV industry has led to an increase in demand for interstate-adjacent RV parks along major tourist routes – parks that are not only safe and secure, but also fully-automated and within walking distance of restaurants and shops…Tifton Overnight RV meets all of those demands, and we look forward to welcoming our share of the more than 65 million Americans that plan to go RVing this year.”

The RV park itself is a no-frills campground. The 34 pull-through sites range from 48 feet to 100 feet long, so they can accommodate any size rig. There’s a dog park for RVers who travel with their furry friends and WiFi for RVers who need to work or want to stream. 

But other than being in a prime location with local restaurants and services nearby, you won’t find a lot of amenities.

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View of Tifton Overnight RV

Where Is Tifton Overnight RV?

Located right off I-75 at exit 62 in south-central Georgia, Tifton RV Park is easily accessible. You don’t have to worry about navigating narrow city streets or passing under low-clearance bridges. 

It’s similar to pulling off the interstate to stay in a Cracker Barrel or Walmart parking lot but with better security and full hook-ups. The park is less than three hours from Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee.

Full hook-ups at Tifton Overnight RV

What Amenities Are Available at Tifton Overnight RV?

Within a half-mile radius, you’ll find several fuel stations, restaurants, fast food chains, hotels, and emergency services. The park doesn’t offer much in terms of amenities except for the fenced-in dog park. 

Once you’ve made a reservation, the internet password will be your site number and last name. But the paved, pull-through, full hook-ups sites are enough to entice many RVers passing through Georgia.

Do You Have to Make a Reservation at Tifton Overnight RV?

You must make a reservation to stay overnight at Tifton Overnight RV Park. Since there’s no one on-site, you can’t just pull up and ask about availability for the night. Booking a reservation online is easy. 

Go to the website and click “Book Your Stay.” On the next screen, you can enter your desired travel dates, site type, length, etc. Then you’ll be able to choose your specific site. Nightly rates range from $58 to $63, depending on the night and season. 

You’ll pay with a credit card and you’re all set! Your confirmation email will have the gate code.

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Would You Try This Fully Automated RV Park?

Are fully automated RV parks the future of RVing?

Maybe not, but Stafford has established Tifton Overnight RV Park off I-75 as an example that many other companies may follow. Now it’s up to the RVing population to decide the future of automated campgrounds. 

Would you prefer to stay somewhere like Tifton RV Park?

  1. My first reaction was, No way!. But it is not much different from staying at a Cracker Barrel in terms of security or on-site help (they close at 10). So, maybe.

  2. We have stayed at a park on the Bolivar Peninsula in Texas that was an automated park. No staff around, just great places to park! As FT’ers; we appreciate the ease of this arrangement and would gladly stay at any automated park!

  3. I would consider this for one night stays. I like pulling in and chatting up the staff, like the knowledge that when power goes out we don’t need to wait till someone shows up to reset a breaker or onsite water pump for their well. One also misses out on local knowledge of the area including additional places to visit.

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