5 Reasons to Avoid Fremont Street in Vegas

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View of Fremont street

When you think of Las Vegas, Nevada, what comes to mind? Do you see the iconic Vegas Vickie kicking her boot in the air? Or do you imagine the Bellagio Fountains, the shows from the Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, or Donnie Osmond?

All of these things capture the essence of Las Vegas, but if you’ve considered planning a trip to the famous Sin City, we suggest you avoid Fremont Street in Las Vegas. 

Enjoy the casinos, hotels, and shows along The Strip instead. Fremont Street may have history and allure, but we’ll share five reasons why you don’t want to go down to this attraction. Let’s dive in!

What Is Fremont Street in Vegas?

Situated north of The Strip, Fremont Street in Vegas is the city’s birthplace. Fremont Street was The Strip before it became the headliner for Las Vegas. It featured the first casinos and neon signs.

Today it’s a pedestrian-only six-block attraction that holds its own to The Strip’s bright lights and stars. You’ll find casinos, hotels, restaurants, light shows, and more along Fremont Street.

A welcome sign for downtown Vegas

Where Is Fremont Street Vegas?

Fremont Street lies in downtown Las Vegas at the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s about five miles down Interstate-15 from Treasure Island, which sits at the north end of The Strip. 

Wynn Las Vegas, Caesar’s Palace, and Flamingo Las Vegas are all near Treasure Island along the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard. From there, you drive south to experience the shows, casinos, and entertainment of the famous Las Vegas Strip.

If you drive away from The Strip, you’ll run into Fremont Street, which extends six blocks from Las Vegas Boulevard to Main Street. You can easily access it from exit 39 off of I-15.

What’s the Fremont Street Experience?

The Fremont Street Experience is the attraction mall. In the center of the Fremont Street Experience is a huge canopy. It hosts regular free concerts within these six blocks.

One of the main attractions is the SlotZilla, a 12-story zip line that starts at the world’s largest slot machine. Two other popular attractions at the Fremont Street Experience include the Neon Museum and Mob Museum.

A sign leading to Fremont street

What’s the History of Fremont Street Vegas?

Fremont Street was built in 1905; then, in 1925, it became Las Vegas’ first paved street.

This road became the city’s center, a hubbub of commerce, tourism, and illegal gambling. The Northern Club was the street’s first gambling hall and became the first legal casino on Fremont Street in 1931.

In response to the high appeal of gambling to the American public, casinos started erecting bright neon signs. You can find some of these iconic art pieces in the Neon Museum today. 

The street became a popular hangout for mobsters, musicians, and average Americans. Nicknamed “Glitter Gulch” because of the over-the-top lights and signs, Fremont Street was the first Las Vegas Strip.

5 Reasons to Avoid Fremont Street in Vegas

However, not all that glitters is gold. Fremont Street in Vegas has a reputation and allure that draws millions of visitors each year, but it might be a place you want to avoid. From large crowds to mediocre casinos, you’ll find better options elsewhere in Las Vegas.

1. It’s Crowded

It doesn’t take much more than a quick Google search to find photos of just how crowded Fremont Street can get.

Because of free entertainment, locals and tourists flock to these blocks just north of The Strip. You’ll find the four miles of The Strip much more comfortable than six blocks.

Keep in Mind: Another popular street you might want to skip out on is Duval Street in Key West!

2. You’re Always Being Watched

Fremont Street in Las Vegas has surveillance cameras everywhere. Although this is for your safety, you may not like the feeling of someone always watching you. 

In fact, someone can always watch you because there are live camera feeds everywhere you turn. There’s also a live webcam for anyone to watch what’s happening inside the Fremont Street Experience.

3. There Are Lots of Drunk People

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Fremont Street is located in Las Vegas, but you’re going to run into a lot of drunk people.

Like Bourbon Street in New Orleans or Duval Street in Key West, Fremont Street in Vegas is notorious for its parties, cheap eats, and entertainment. If you want to avoid obnoxious, loud, and raucous behavior, we’d steer clear.

People walking on Fremont street

4. There’s a “No Color” Policy

After a string of shootings near Fremont Street, security increased. There were metal detectors, curfews, and a new “no color” policy. 

Signs inside Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel explained that no one can wear anything on their clothing or have accessories that support motorcycle clubs or gang affiliations. 

Although this may be insignificant to tourists, it’s worth mentioning the violence and crime that brought about these changes.

Keep in Mind: While in Nevada, Add the Bonnie and Clyde Death Car to Your Itinerary!

5. The Casinos Are Better on the Strip

Finally, if you want to gamble in Las Vegas, you won’t find any better casinos along Fremont Street. Visit the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, Mandalay Bay, or any other big-name hotels and casinos along The Strip.

And if you’re not a gambler, you can find other services like spas, restaurants, and shows within these giant resorts.

Close up of a casino game

Is a Visit to Fremont Street in Las Vegas Worth It?

If you’re headed to Las Vegas any time soon, maybe you want to see a show or two, try your hand a the slot machines, or hit up some of the most popular clubs and bars. 

If you’ve planned to spend time at Fremont Street in Vegas, you might want to reconsider. You have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the Vegas experience along The Strip, and you won’t have to deal with some of the cons like 24-hour live cam feeds or large crowds.

So is a visit to Fremont Street worth it? If you time it out well and visit on a weekday or evening without free concerts, you might be okay. But if you really want to experience Las Vegas, keep your feet on The Strip.

Have you ever visited Fremont Street in Vegas?

  1. What a load of crap, the strip has only tourist trap things to See, the casinos are not that close together and to get around must pay and be bombarded with ways to just lose money, I go every Month and live 3hours away in SoCal, never hit nothing over 500. , At Fremont street,have hit 10,000,5000,get free roomw food, Entertainment, Free Parking, and The Art District is Right there, yes it has rowdy people but if your a Middle class person who loves great value and plenty of things to see without driving all over , this is the place.

    1. This is a bunch of BS! I’ve been going to Vegas since I was a teenager living in San Diego. I’m near Chicago now and I just got home from a wonderful stay at the Downtown Grand (formerly Lady Luck) and had a fantastic time! The Strip is way too packed, has 100×more drunks, & everything is a long walk away. Downtown will ALWAYS be my choice!!

  2. I stay on Fremont Street and stay at the Fremont Hotel every year we have 4 Generations of my family going there. Before Fremont It was staying at the Orbit Inn as a child a pool to swim and restaurant for Hot Fudge Sundays this was before the Circus Circus was built.

    1. When I go to Vegas i NEVER go to the Strip! Traffic is horrendous, too much too park your car, casinos are too big (too much walking), and most importantly their machines are sooooooo tight you are better off driving by and throwing your $$$ out the window! Fremont Street may not be for older peeps but I’m 66 and always win $$$$, love listening to the bands and going to multiple casinos in one day! Leave the strip for the wealthy – cause you have to be 😝

    2. This article is ridiculous. Everything on the strip is over priced. Fremont street is a nice change from the hustle of the Venetian, Paris, Ceasars etc. Most of the strip casinos are owned by one corporation so they can get away with charging their hitel customers a $20+ daily parking fee. I feel a lot safer downtown then i do on the strip as crime continues to be an issue.

  3. Sorry but I will be there since its the only place I can perform my karaoke at a particular piano bar and see the Neon Museum.

  4. That’s a lot of bulls##t, the strip is way more crowded than Freemont street, and on the strip to get to one casino to the other you gotta do some walking. And talk about parking on the strip good luck. I’d rather go to Freemont Street Experience any day of the week.

  5. One of my favorite places to go! Fremont street!! Live concerts great food!! Cheap drinks!! Only problem is the new bullshit with people dressing up or dressing down naked to make a buck! 😡 it does cheapen the atmosphere ! But still Fremont street is the best in town!!

  6. That’s BS, my wife and I love Fremont Street. Love the atmosphere down there with the music and everything else. The vibe is ridiculous plus the Mob Museum is down there, have a drink at the speakeasy when you go. We love it can’t wait to get back for New Years 2024!

  7. Drunk people are everywhere in vegas so what’s the big deal. I always go to fremont and have never felt unsafe. Its lights people and great sights lol if you’re a prude then msybe its not for you but everyone should go at least once.it won’t disappoint i guarantee.

  8. I live in Vegas and can get to Fremont Street in 1 15 min bus ride. I take my own drinks and Walk, Listen to live Outdoor Concerts, Dance, Eat Cheap and People Watch. I go every chance I get. Cheap and Fun for me. Sometimes I go to The #CatsMeow. KARAOKE!!!

  9. Quite the contrary! If you want to hit big, gamble on Fremont. If you want to lose money gamble on the strip. Fremont experience, Fremont east, the art district are excellent places to get the feel of the REAL las vegas. Everything you need in walking distance and for LESS $$$ than the strip

  10. 1000%. False!!! Drunks, yes Cameras, who cares, crowded, not that bad. The BEST thing is the minimums for table games are reasonable. $5-10 on the low side vs $100 min at Ceasers, Mirage, Bellaagio, etc

  11. Fremont street is a crazy 🤪 place but it’s the best place to go for value. The strip is for the beautiful people that want to be seen.

  12. We were there for 2 nights in June. Stayed at the Golden Nugget. Had a good time. Decent price for a room. Only $10 per day to Valet park my car. Tony Roma’s prime rib was great. I recommend it.

  13. The first 4 reasons are actually why you SHOULD visit Fremont st. Number 5 is just a downright lie.
    I won’t be reading anything from Getaway Couple again.

  14. Love love love Fremont Street. Don’t go to the strip anymore Shays go to fremont street. Nice entertainment and never crowded. Best place in Vegas

  15. I just returned from Vegas from a girl’s trip and we definitely spent time on Fremont St. We went Saturday night for the entertainment. It was an awesome experience as always. I wore camo pants so maybe they couldn’t see me. I definitely recommend, the acts by locals are awesome. I wish I could post videos and pics.

  16. We stopped going to the strip and now enjoy Freemont Street. That way we can walk and avoid the traffic jams, parking fees, and overpriced restaurants on the strip. We would rather have a beautiful room in the historic El Cortez, and enjoy a known 60’s rock band and inexpensive prime rib dinner downtown than waste money on the strip.

  17. Freemont Street Experience is my favorite spot. Less walking, great concerts on the street, slot machines pay more, and Golden Nugget is my favorite place to stay. Camera on the street are for security, never had a bad experience there.

  18. I go to Las Vegas a couple times a year and I always stay on Fremont Street. There’s so many things to do I’ve always had a good experience. There’s lots of entertainment several places for frozen drinks, gift shops. The virtual reality pods & the zipline is a lot of fun. There’s to much walking on the other end of the strip, the casino’s are spaced to far apart. Crossing the street is is very dangerous the cars fly down Las Vegas Blvd.

  19. It was nice until the legalized Marijuana. The stench is sickong. You can get a hifh without purchasing it yourself

  20. What a bunch of bull! Reason #1 reminds me of an old Yogi Berra saying, “No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded”

  21. My husband and I go down to Freemont Street for at least 2 or so hours while in Vegas. They have a good veggie dog place and a good taco restaurant. Container Park is not what it was before, but there are other artsy places in the area. We don’t stay on Freemont, but it’s OK to visit for a couple of hours.

  22. What a load of crap. Obviously written to keep tourist on the strip. Fremont is no more crowded than the strip and easier to move around, better prices on food and a fun trip.

  23. Talk about someone who doesn’t know Vegas. It’s as if you actually believe cameras and drunk people aren’t on The Strip as well. Better casinos? If you like expensive drinks, less payback, worse comps, and crowded paid parking lots, then yes, The Strip is just right for you. This site would do well to fire you for posing as someone who is knowledgeable about Vegas.

  24. This advice is obviously not great for everyone, in fact I believe most people would want to experience Fremont Street Experience at least once.

    In contrast to what the writer suggested to go on a night with NO free concerts, I retort with then what are you really trying to experience? Tourist traps like one commentor said?

    I first off was baffled by the opinion that the gambling, the casinos are better on the Strip. Why? I wondered, maybe winning money wasn’t the top reason for this person, perhaps they preferred glitz and glamor while gambling… to each their own, but if I was gambling to win money, I would ALWAYS go for smaller casinos over larger ones, especially over the Strip.

    On Fremont Street Experience, you can take in free concerts, like I said, or watch local peddlers maneuver puppets, take photos with ShowGirls ( they suggest 20 bucks for donation, but if you go to any tourist spot, why not, it’s a great keepsake for years to come if you get your photo printed out. ) showgirls and Characters and such are locals, I personally like giving my money to them over the greedy casino giants any day, as long as the peddlers are there within their rights and reserve a spot.

  25. Downtown Vegas is safe. If you don’t like crowds then don’t go to the strip. Downtown has amazing restaurants and bars and it’ll be cheaper there. Main St Station has the 777 Microbrewery and the food is great. The California hotel has a very nice sports book. Fremont hotel is on Fremont so the Experience is right there for you. Very nice casino. Everything is close by, Mob museum, neon museum, zipline etc. Give it a shot people!

  26. This article is a complete and utter lie! The Strip is enormously expensive for everything down to a cup of coffee. Fremont has been completely revamped, you can walk around safely and never need transportation, the hotels and casinos are rich in history and mostly upgraded. And is miles cheaper than the rip-off places on the Strip. Not to mention the Neon Museum is probably the most richly rewarding gem in all of Vegas!!! This article sounds like it was funded by the Strip casinos to keep them paying their exorbitant prices!

  27. I stayed at tgr Golden Nugget in June of 2023. Had a blast. I recommend the Binnions casino. Reason? The Golden Nugget monitors your play at the bar. I play video poker at the bar. The hove you free drinks. Nice, but there’s an LED showing the bartender how much you’re playing. They want you to play NON STOP!! Other than that, a fun experience !

  28. I don’t know what aim the person who wrote this review had but it’s not accurate. Yes like all places, no matter where you go, you may have some obnoxious drunk person but they are not to be avoided as they are everywhere in Vegas. People come here to get loose and they do. Fremont street is unique, don’t miss it, Viva las Vegas!

  29. While there is a fair bit of truth here… Fremont is crowded, raucous, and under observation… there is a reason locals try to avoid The Strip whenever possible. It too can be packed, noisy, and if you’re not out on the street believe me you are under observation! The casinos have higher minimum bets across the board (translation, they try to take you money faster) and worse odds on many common games. Blackjacks went from paying 3 to 2 (still available most anywhere off strip) to 6 to 5. Roulette has now added a 3rd zero. Video poker payout lines are worse, among many others. For a good show or hip nightclub, yes, The Strip is a necessary evil. For anything else opt for downtown or most any other off strip venue!!!

  30. I agree! I feel uncomfortable and unsafe seeing those rowdy people and “entertainers” along Fremont. It smells like pure weed everywhere you go too. I stick with the Strip for sure

  31. Weird that they’re using Treasure Island as a landmark twice in the first couple paragraphs. After 54 years in Vegas, I have never used TI as a reference point. Is this a thinly veiled advertisement?

  32. This is a bunch of BS. All this article is doing is pushing the Strip. I’m a native Vegan and Fremont is the happening place even back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s we cruised up and down Fremont then they closed it off to build that stupid canopy. Truly Fremont was better back in the Mod Days but it still has a whole bunch to offer. Drunks are on the streets in Vegas everywhere but smut is on the Strip with more whores and ads for them than on the best Golden Road in Vegas and that’s the Fremont Street of Glitter Gulch.

  33. , I believe Fremont Street has everything to offer and then some I think it’s a great experience to come down and experience the people the energy the fun excitement liquor and women oh yeah the gambling and the food are great as well got to experience it is a great opportunity for adult fun!!

  34. The Fremont Street experience is part of ANY Las Vegas trip. Stay on the Strip if you want, enjoy everything Vegas has to offer, including Fremont St. Whoever wrote this article has missed the full Las Vegas experience!

  35. You say there’s a bunch of drinks..maybe you haven’t seen the strip..too long to walk from one casino to the next, bumping into drinks and obnoxious people. We stay at the Cortez, love it there.. we’ll continue to stay in Fremont Street.

  36. I visited Fremont street and found it to be very interesting. Enjoyed my time there, but it was a week day so not very crowded.

  37. I find this to be the worst Article I’ve read in a long time! Actually found myself getting angry at the absolute ignorance of What Las Vegas Is All About! True it’s Colorful! So is Venice Beach, among other places but for people like me who enjoy people watching you have really missed the mark. Furthermore when exactly was this Color thing supposed to be in place I was there recently and was unaware Of this nonsense! it’s an Experience with a lot of different opportunities for folks to enjoy. It happens to be home to some of the best food at more moderate prices than the Strip which it over priced and should be ashamed of itself for the prices it charges. Yes you must be safe but that’s anywhere these days. By the Way, everywhere in Vegas you are being filmed even on the freeway they invented camera surveillance and people come from all over the world to learn surveillance here! Honestly I think your post-article whatever it is must be written by a pompous ignoramus that knows nothing at all about VEGAS AND IT’S history please don’t listen to this person- always be safe- and enjoy yourself! They even have old fashioned coin machines at the D and Circa has the coolest opportunities to watch Sports and concerts are amazing , I could go on and on- to each their own but i ca’t leave your opinion to sit because it is not even close. ignorance is Bliss

  38. Don’t allow this fool comments stop you from visiting Fremont Street. The same shit on Fremont Street is the same shit on the strip.

  39. Many will disagree with this article. For decades, we liked the strip. No more!! We go downtown and enjoy the people watching most. Vegas has con men/women/ everywhere.

  40. Fremont st socks more nakedness drunken crowds don’t stay thear if you want to sleep
    It’s not for kids and thay must be with a adult at night. The day time is not as bad
    If you wat different than the strip try the 3 casinos in summerlin

  41. This article must have been commissioned by Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts. It consists almost entirely of untrue or misleading statements about Fremont Street (and the Strip. Too crowded?! Huh?! Compare the FS open space with the narrow, elbow-to-elbow sidewalks of the Strip. (Especially during the months-long prep for F1, when sidewalks are frequently non-existant for long stretches.) Safety? FS is tightly monitored and patrolled, unlike the Strip. Gambling? Stats clearly show that the odds are better downtown – where you can also find table games with reasonable minimum bet limits. Drunks? They’re all over in Vegas. The Strip, too, is covered by security cameras. But the Strip is also covered with homeless people, hawkers, hustlers, and cheap characters in costume soliciting tourists for expensive photo ops. Those things are regulated or banished from Fremont Street.

  42. Yeah this is a load of crap. On Fremont Street it takes you all of one minute to get to the next casino instead of bridges and detours like the strip. And it’s more exciting and fun for free. The strip does not have outside entertainment . Also there are kiosks with souvenirs and people working for donations. There’s just a lot more to do on Fremont than the strip. The strip is basically for gamblers only. I’ve been in Vegas for 30 years and I prefer Fremont Street by far. The casino staff is also more friendly and down to earth.

  43. whomever you are writing this article you obviously read someone else’s article instead of visiting yourself I have been to Vegas eight times the first two were the strip the last six were Fremont Street area the next six will be Fremont Street area, I will not take this opportunity to knock the Strip, but I but I will close by stating this –the Fremont area definitely holds it’s own in comparison to the big boys of the strip, everything is just as nice just as awe inspiring and just as fun at only 1/3 the cost

  44. Fremont Street has good deals.
    Cheaper hotel rates, lower gambling rates, great food bargains both for dining and fast food.
    Atmosphere is different, more rowdy, less classy but enjoyable if you don’t expect the Strip style with higher quality and prices.
    On Fremont St, you’ll be appalled at the street artists and some ppl acting up. For example- a few years ago, I saw a fat old man dressed as a baby with diapers, pacifier and a baby bonnet…OMG!

  45. I think Fremont Street is a blast, especially when all the free concerts are going on. It’s fun! Just to see all the entertainment on the street. There are some very talented people there. My favorite is the spray paint guy. He is amazing! If you never been there you have to go to experience it on the weekend. You will be okay this article must be from one of the big hotels and casinos on Las Vegas boulevard

  46. This article is based primarily on opinion and not facts. Both areas of Las Vegas are great, it really just depends on the mood you’re in. I have been to Fremont many times – it is not scary. The drunks are fun-loving (for the most part) and the cameras aren’t nearly as bad as this article makes it seem. Have you been to Central Park in NY? That is some Big Brother surveillance right there. God forbid the casinos wand cameras cause they’re sitting ducks for robberies. Additionally, I like how this article does not mention the tourists they got ran over on the strip by a mad woman, or the stabbing from the homeless man earlier this year…what about how there are police officers and ambulances all down the 4 miles because of so much crime? Psh. Terrible & partly inaccurate article – it’s written like a poor college essay.

  47. B… S…! I like the Fremont st casinos better than the Strip. The Strip is where the tourists go to lose their $. I like the downtown area where the odds are better, everyone is friendlier and more like down to earth. By the way, YOU ARE ON CAMERA EVERYWHERE IN LAS VEGAS! Maybe even more so on the Strip. Don’t take some haters point of view check it out for yourself.

  48. I go 2 to three times a year, we have many flights per day going to downtown. I feel safe and have been going there for over twenty years. Workers are very friendly and I love it there.

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