5 Reasons to Avoid Fremont Street in Vegas

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View of Fremont street

When you think of Las Vegas, Nevada, what comes to mind? Do you see the iconic Vegas Vickie kicking her boot in the air? Or do you imagine the Bellagio Fountains, the shows from the Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, or Donnie Osmond?

All of these things capture the essence of Las Vegas, but if you’ve considered planning a trip to the famous Sin City, we suggest you avoid Fremont Street in Las Vegas. 

Enjoy the casinos, hotels, and shows along The Strip instead. Fremont Street may have history and allure, but we’ll share five reasons why you don’t want to go down to this attraction. Let’s dive in!

What Is Fremont Street in Vegas?

Situated north of The Strip, Fremont Street in Vegas is the city’s birthplace. Fremont Street was The Strip before it became the headliner for Las Vegas. It featured the first casinos and neon signs.

Today it’s a pedestrian-only six-block attraction that holds its own to The Strip’s bright lights and stars. You’ll find casinos, hotels, restaurants, light shows, and more along Fremont Street.

A welcome sign for downtown Vegas

Where Is Fremont Street Vegas?

Fremont Street lies in downtown Las Vegas at the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard. It’s about five miles down Interstate-15 from Treasure Island, which sits at the north end of The Strip. 

Wynn Las Vegas, Caesar’s Palace, and Flamingo Las Vegas are all near Treasure Island along the north end of Las Vegas Boulevard. From there, you drive south to experience the shows, casinos, and entertainment of the famous Las Vegas Strip.

If you drive away from The Strip, you’ll run into Fremont Street, which extends six blocks from Las Vegas Boulevard to Main Street. You can easily access it from exit 39 off of I-15.

What’s the Fremont Street Experience?

The Fremont Street Experience is the attraction mall. In the center of the Fremont Street Experience is a huge canopy. It hosts regular free concerts within these six blocks.

One of the main attractions is the SlotZilla, a 12-story zip line that starts at the world’s largest slot machine. Two other popular attractions at the Fremont Street Experience include the Neon Museum and Mob Museum.

A sign leading to Fremont street

What’s the History of Fremont Street Vegas?

Fremont Street was built in 1905; then, in 1925, it became Las Vegas’ first paved street.

This road became the city’s center, a hubbub of commerce, tourism, and illegal gambling. The Northern Club was the street’s first gambling hall and became the first legal casino on Fremont Street in 1931.

In response to the high appeal of gambling to the American public, casinos started erecting bright neon signs. You can find some of these iconic art pieces in the Neon Museum today. 

The street became a popular hangout for mobsters, musicians, and average Americans. Nicknamed “Glitter Gulch” because of the over-the-top lights and signs, Fremont Street was the first Las Vegas Strip.

5 Reasons to Avoid Fremont Street in Vegas

However, not all that glitters is gold. Fremont Street in Vegas has a reputation and allure that draws millions of visitors each year, but it might be a place you want to avoid. From large crowds to mediocre casinos, you’ll find better options elsewhere in Las Vegas.

1. It’s Crowded

It doesn’t take much more than a quick Google search to find photos of just how crowded Fremont Street can get.

Because of free entertainment, locals and tourists flock to these blocks just north of The Strip. You’ll find the four miles of The Strip much more comfortable than six blocks.

Keep in Mind: Another popular street you might want to skip out on is Duval Street in Key West!

2. You’re Always Being Watched

Fremont Street in Las Vegas has surveillance cameras everywhere. Although this is for your safety, you may not like the feeling of someone always watching you. 

In fact, someone can always watch you because there are live camera feeds everywhere you turn. There’s also a live webcam for anyone to watch what’s happening inside the Fremont Street Experience.

3. There Are Lots of Drunk People

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Fremont Street is located in Las Vegas, but you’re going to run into a lot of drunk people.

Like Bourbon Street in New Orleans or Duval Street in Key West, Fremont Street in Vegas is notorious for its parties, cheap eats, and entertainment. If you want to avoid obnoxious, loud, and raucous behavior, we’d steer clear.

People walking on Fremont street

4. There’s a “No Color” Policy

After a string of shootings near Fremont Street, security increased. There were metal detectors, curfews, and a new “no color” policy. 

Signs inside Binion’s Gambling Hall and Hotel explained that no one can wear anything on their clothing or have accessories that support motorcycle clubs or gang affiliations. 

Although this may be insignificant to tourists, it’s worth mentioning the violence and crime that brought about these changes.

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5. The Casinos Are Better on the Strip

Finally, if you want to gamble in Las Vegas, you won’t find any better casinos along Fremont Street. Visit the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, Mandalay Bay, or any other big-name hotels and casinos along The Strip.

And if you’re not a gambler, you can find other services like spas, restaurants, and shows within these giant resorts.

Close up of a casino game

Is a Visit to Fremont Street in Las Vegas Worth It?

If you’re headed to Las Vegas any time soon, maybe you want to see a show or two, try your hand a the slot machines, or hit up some of the most popular clubs and bars. 

If you’ve planned to spend time at Fremont Street in Vegas, you might want to reconsider. You have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the Vegas experience along The Strip, and you won’t have to deal with some of the cons like 24-hour live cam feeds or large crowds.

So is a visit to Fremont Street worth it? If you time it out well and visit on a weekday or evening without free concerts, you might be okay. But if you really want to experience Las Vegas, keep your feet on The Strip.

Have you ever visited Fremont Street in Vegas?

  1. What a load of crap, the strip has only tourist trap things to See, the casinos are not that close together and to get around must pay and be bombarded with ways to just lose money, I go every Month and live 3hours away in SoCal, never hit nothing over 500. , At Fremont street,have hit 10,000,5000,get free roomw food, Entertainment, Free Parking, and The Art District is Right there, yes it has rowdy people but if your a Middle class person who loves great value and plenty of things to see without driving all over , this is the place.

  2. I stay on Fremont Street and stay at the Fremont Hotel every year we have 4 Generations of my family going there. Before Fremont It was staying at the Orbit Inn as a child a pool to swim and restaurant for Hot Fudge Sundays this was before the Circus Circus was built.

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