5 Awesome Ways to Change the Color of Your Campfire

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Watching the flames from the campfire dance around the firepit can be an excellent way to end a day. If you’re tired of the same old campfire or want to impress family and friends, a fire color changer will do just that. 

These rather inexpensive packets are sure to bring smiles to the faces of young and old at heart around your campfire. Today, we’re looking at how you can bring color to your campfire. Let’s get started!

What Is a Fire Color Changer? 

A fire changer is a packet that can provide a unique campfire experience when burning wood. They’re typically small packets that you toss onto your campfire. As the packets burn, the flames transform into a brilliant display for all to enjoy. You’ll see practically every color in the rainbow jumping around your firepit. 

How Does Fire Color Change Work?

When metals burn, they can create flames that burn in various colors. Fire color changers capture this scientific process in small packets that campers can toss onto their fire. As the metal elements burn, they change the color of the flames until the metal elements no longer remain. Depending on the size of the packets, you can get 20 to 25 minutes of entertainment out of them.

A girl looking into a fire while camping after using fire color changer.

Does Baking Soda Change the Color of Fire? 

If you put baking soda in fire, hoping it will change the color, you’re going to be in for a bit of disappointment. Baking soda does not change the color of the flames. It extinguishes the fire. 

Fires require oxygen to burn, but baking soda releases carbon dioxide when heated. Carbon dioxide will smother the flames, and if you put too much baking soda on the fire, you’re left with a pile of hot ashes and burnt baking soda.

Does Epsom Salt Change the Color of Fire?

When Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) burns, it creates a white flame. Because Epsom salt is relatively inexpensive and readily available, you can easily create your own fire color change packets. However, while a white flame is different from an ordinary flame, it’s only a single color change. This is where the fire color change packets are more beneficial as they create a variety of colors in a fire.

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A group of people around a campfire that changing colors at night

5 Awesome Ways to Change the Color of Your Campfire

We’ve got a handful of great options if you want to add some excitement to your campfire this camping season. Buy them now, so you’ll have them for your next trip!

1. Mystical Fire

Mystical Fire Plus Campfire Fireplace Colorant Packets (12 Pack, Mystical Fire Plus)
  • Mystical Fire Plus is the newest addition to the Mystical Fire family with 24% increase in size.
  • Can be used in both indoor and outdoor fires. Use on Camp Fires, Backyard Fire Pits, Indoor Fireplaces, For All Wood...

This is a 12 pack of Mystical Fire colorant packets. When you toss these fire color changer packets onto your fire, you’ll instantly turn your fire into a dancing display of colorful flames. You’ll see blues, purples, red, green, and even yellow flames. For $10 to $12, you’ll have enough color packets for three or four campfires.

These are a great addition to campfires, backyard fire pits, or even indoor fireplaces. You can use Mystical Fire color packets on all wood-burning fires. These are incredibly easy to use, and everyone will enjoy them in your campfire.

2. Magical Flames

Magical Flames Fire Color Changing Packets for Campfires, Fire Pit, Outdoor Fireplaces - Camping Essentials for Kids & Adults - 25 Pack
  • Take your camping trip from 'meh' to 'marvelous' in seconds with our colorful solution for bored kids everywhere. Use...
  • Perfect for fireplaces, fire pits, bonfires, or just a casual campfire, our fire changing color packets are safe to use...

Whether you want a 10 pack, 50 pack, or something in between, there are plenty of options for these Magical Flames. These color pouches are perfect for any indoor or outdoor wood-burning fire. The Magical Flames pouches will provide over an hour of colorful entertainment around the fire. 

These fire color changer packets will deliver a dazzling display of blues, greens, and even purples. Why settle for a boring, old campfire when you can have a magical experience around the campfire while using Magical Flames pouches.

3. Plow & Hearth Flame Color Changing Pine Cones

Plow & Hearth Flame Color Changing Pine Cones Fireplace Accessory
  • CREATE COLORFUL FLAMES - Treated pine cones burn with your wood fire and create vivid flames of green and blue
  • LONG-LASTING DISPLAY - Each color cone burns for approx. 10-15 minutes; large bag gives you more cones for a...

What’s more natural than a sack of pine cones? However, these aren’t just regular pine cones. These color cones create a bright blue and green flame when burned.

You can purchase these in 2 lb, 5 lb, or 6 lb options, with prices ranging from $25 to $60. These bags contain hours of entertainment and are the perfect gifts for friends and family who are camping enthusiasts.

4. Seymour Color Flame Crystals

Seymour Mfg. 30-525 Color Flame Crystals, 16 ounce
  • Seymour #30-525 Color Flame Crystals

These fire color changers from Seymor are $10 to $15 for a 16 oz container. Instead of coming in packets, you simply toss the crystals onto your wood-burning fire. This allows you to create an incredible display of color that is as intense or subtle as you like. 

The copper sulfate crystals create a rainbow of colors as they burn for 5 to 10 minutes. Some users recommend gluing the crystals to pinecones to help make a longer-lasting colorful flame. Whether you want a quick colorful display or a long-lasting fire show, these color flame crystals are a great option to consider.

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5. DIY Copper Pipe Method

You may have all you need lying around the house to create your own fire color changer. You can drill holes into a short piece of copper pipe and then cut up sections of an old garden hose to slide inside it. Place the copper pipe with the garden hose section inside it into the fire. The chemical reaction is similar to what you witness when placing the color-changing packets into the fire.

You’ll need to use a section of hose for each fire that you want to add color to, but the copper pipe will be reusable for many years. The copper pipe will be VERY hot, and you’ll likely want to leave it in the fire until the next morning when it has had time to cool down.

Add Some Fun With a Fire Color Changer

Fire color changers can add a bit of excitement and fun to any outdoor wood-burning fire. Keep in mind that when adding these items to your fire, you’re adding chemicals to your fire.

We don’t recommend you cook over these fires. Do all your campfire cooking and eating before the fire show. Save them for a post-s’mores surprise for your friends and family.

Have you ever added a fire color changer to your campfire?

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