Is An Equalizer Hitch Really Worth It?

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A camper van being towed with an equalizer hitch.

The right equipment can make or break towing an RV. We’ve witnessed some rather rough towing situations that RVers could have avoided with an Equal-i-zer hitch. However, they’re not the cheapest option for hitching up an RV, and many RVers opt for less expensive options. Today, we’re considering if an Equal-i-zer hitch is worth the premium price.

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About the Equalizer Hitch

The Equal-i-zer hitch uses game-changing technology to create a safe and comfortable towing experience. The 4-point sway control system helps minimize what many travel trailer owners hate most about towing their rigs or the dreaded sway. Trailer sway can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle while hauling and may lead to a severe accident.

Weight distribution is critical when towing a trailer, especially a larger travel trailer. The patented design from Equal-i-zer transfers weight from the trailer tongue to the axles. This improves steering and braking and provides a much more comfortable tow.

While some other weight distribution hitches can be clunky and difficult to hitch, the Equal-i-zer hitch makes it easy to use from the get-go. By not stressing about securing and unhitching your trailer, you can spend more time doing the things you love.

A equalizer hitch.

How Much Does the Hitch Cost?

To get a premium product, you’ll have to pay a premium price. If you’re considering an Equal-i-zer hitch, you can expect to pay $625 to $1000 for your hitch. When purchasing your hitch, you must consider your trailer’s overall and tongue weight.

You don’t want to discover the expensive new hitch you purchased is underrated for your trailer. If you bought from an online retailer, you’d likely need to cover the additional costs to ship the hitch back to them. Wasting money is not something you want to do when buying expensive RV gear.

Keep in Mind: Before purchasing an RV Hitch, do your research. We think this is the worst RV hitch!

A car using an equalizer hitch to tow their motorhome.

What Does An Equalizer Hitch Do?

An Equal-i-zer hitch serves various functions. By evenly distributing the trailer’s weight onto the tow vehicle and the trailer’s axles, the tow vehicle has optimal steering control and stopping power.

The Equal-i-zer hitch also reduces the sway that many drivers experience when towing. This is often a natural part of towing a travel trailer or any bumper-pull trailer. Being able to worry less about the sway can allow you to keep your attention in front of you while driving.

Equal-i-zer 4-point Sway Control Hitch, 90-00-1069, 10,000 Lbs Trailer Weight Rating, 1,000 Lbs Tongue Weight Rating, Weight Distribution Kit Includes Standard Hitch Shank and 2-5/16" Ball
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A car using an equalizer hitch to tow their motorhome.

Does An Equalizer Hitch Reduce Tongue Weight?

No, the Equal-i-zer or any other weight distribution system does not reduce the tongue weight of a trailer. It distributes that weight through all axles between the tow vehicle and the trailer. You must still stay within the towing capacity numbers of the tow vehicle. If not, you can easily create a very unsafe situation for you and others on the road.

A car using an equalizer hitch to tow their motorhome.

Does the Hitch Have Sway Control?

Due to how travel trailers hitch, trailer sway is a common occurrence. However, by using an Equal-i-zer hitch, you can drastically reduce the amount of sway you experience. The anti-sway system uses friction between the trailer tongue and the spring arms on the hitch to avoid side-to-side sway.

If you’re towing with an Equal-i-zer hitch and experiencing significant issues with trailer sway, you’re likely outside of your towing numbers, or you need to adjust the hitch. The hitch can be a process to install and set up correctly; many RVers opt to have the dealer set up and install the hitch correctly when purchasing their RV.

Pro Tip: With the price of gas increasing, you may need to save money elsewhere. Check out these tips to save money on food when RVing

Can You Back Up With An Equalizer Hitch?

One of the significant advantages of choosing the Equal-i-zer hitch is that you don’t have to disconnect the sway bars to back up your trailer, unlike many other weight distribution hitches. This is highly convenient when you arrive at a site and need to back into it. 

You don’t want to hold up traffic any longer than is necessary. So if you’d like to avoid upsetting other RVers and get into your spot as quickly as possible, an Equal-i-zer hitch is the best option.

Tow Smart With An Equalizer Hitch  

An Equal-i-zer hitch is a premium hitch that provides superior results. You can’t put a price tag on staying safe while RVing. You want your family’s memories of your camping trips to be of the adventures at the campground and while using your RV, not the stressful rides to and from the campground because you wanted to save a few bucks when buying your hitch. An Equal-i-zer hitch allows you and your fellow passengers to enjoy a comfortable and practically effortless towing experience.

Do you use a weight-distribution hitch with your travel trailer?

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