The Best Electric Trailer Jacks

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Small travel trailer parked in the green woods. Needs an electric trailer jack to make life easier.

Not much can hold you back if you hit the road with a travel trailer. The small size, versatility, and potential upgrades let you take on almost anything. But chances are, you’ve dealt with an annoying trailer jack once or twice. Getting your trailer tongue set at just the right height can be a process. And if you have a hard time cranking the jack-up, getting set up can feel hopeless. But with an electric trailer jack, the job becomes much easier!

What is an Electric Trailer Jack? 

An electric trailer jack takes the job of hitching and unhitching your trailer and makes it automatic.

With a manual trailer jack, you must crank the handle to raise and lower your trailer.

But with an electric jack, you only need to flip a switch, and the jack does the work for you.

Electric trailer jack installed on a travel trailer that is parked.

What Size Electric Trailer Jack Do I Need? 

The electric trailer jack size you need depends on your trailer’s weight. The jack may break if you get something that can’t support the weight.

The first thing you need to do to determine what size jack you need is to calculate the tongue weight. Your jack doesn’t lift the entire trailer for a traditional hitch, just the front portion. You can figure out the exact tongue weight by weighing your trailer, but if you want to go the simple route, there is another option.

Multiply your trailer’s maximum weight by 15% (or 0.15). The trailer tongue should be no more than 15% of the total trailer weight, so this calculation at least gives you a rough estimate.

If you have a weight distribution hitch, there are some additional considerations. A weight distribution hitch will raise the trailer tongue and the rear of your tow vehicle. You can look up the weight of your tow vehicle online and then assume about half the weight is on the rear axle (to play it safe).

Now you know the weight of the trailer tongue and, if needed, half the weight of your tow vehicle. This is the minimum amount your electric trailer jack will need to lift. Next, choose a jack size that can accommodate that. Keep reading for our top electric trailer jack recommendations!

If in doubt, you are MUCH better off getting a trailer jack that can support more weight. Worst case, you spent a little extra money. Best case, you don’t break your brand-new jack using it with a too heavy trailer!

Benefits of Using an Electric Tongue Jack

The biggest benefit of an electric tongue jack is the ease of use. Although the initial setup may require some hands-on work, you only have to press a button afterward. This makes setting up and taking down camp less of a workout. If you travel often, you’ll save lots of time and energy.

Another awesome benefit of an electric trailer jack is that some come with a remote control to aid in leveling. And for others, you can set a specific height, which automatically raises/lowers to that height every time.

Finally, an electric trailer jack comes with a manual crank as well. If you don’t have power or something fails with the electric components, you can still hitch and unhitch your trailer.

Best Electric Trailer Jacks for 2021

Husky SuperBrute 5000lb With Remote

Husky Towing 82022 Super Brute Trailer Tongue Jack Trailer Jacks
  • 5,000 lbs. lift capacity
  • Full 18" stroke, weather-protected, soft-trigger switches with backlit panel, 3-sided high-output LED light system

The Husky SuperBrute is designed with brute force in mind, as the name suggests! It can support up to 5,000 pounds. Just imagine having to use a manual crank jack to deal with that. The Brute takes only 60 seconds to travel 6 inches. Unless you are some mega bodybuilder (and even if you are), you cannot compete with speeds like that.

This jack takes advantage of rolling friction instead of sliding friction. This design helps reduce wear and tear on the motor, so it lasts much longer. It also comes with a remote-control feature for easy leveling. It is weather protected but even comes with a storage cover, so you can rest easy knowing it will work for years.  

If you have a large, heavy trailer or use a weight-distribution hitch, the Husky SuperBrute electric trailer jack is an excellent choice! And though you would expect to pay an arm and a leg for such a great piece of engineering, the Brute is relatively affordable.

Lippert 3500lb Power Tongue Jack

Lippert Power Tongue Jack for A-Frame Travel, Cargo, and Utility Trailers or 5th Wheel RVs - 3,500 lb. Lift Capacity, 18" Vertical Range, 30 AMPS of Power
  • EASY INSTALLATION — Complete with all necessary hardware and pins, installation for the Power Tongue Jack is fast and...
  • TIME-SAVING — Say goodbye to cranking your manual jack. With the push of a button, you can raise or lower your a-frame...

If your trailer isn’t as large, the Lippert 3500 is another excellent choice for an electric tongue jack. The Lippert is designed with simplicity in mind. It is easy to install and comes with all the hardware needed. Once installed, it will save you time and energy. To raise and lower your trailer, press a button.

The LED light screen is great for the early birds in the group. If you pack up camp before sunrise, you’ll have no trouble operating the Lippert jack. It was also designed to withstand the elements. The Lippert 3500 is an excellent choice if you don’t need as much lift capacity.

Husky Brute 3000lb Electric Jack

Husky 87248 Brute 2.25" Outer Tube Diameter Power Jack - 3000 lbs. Capacity
  • The Brute has a ball screw, which reduces friction
  • 3-sided LED light system illuminates entire area; side lights angled to spring bar hook-up area

A final pick for a solid electric trailer jack is the Husky Brute 3000lb jack. It is similar to the Husky Brute 5000lb but with a lower weight capacity. This Husky Brute is even faster and can travel 10 inches in just 43 seconds. It comes with many of the same features as the Husky Brute 5000, including weather-resistant materials, LED lighting, and rolling friction design.

If you have a smaller trailer, you’ll love the speed and power of the Husky Brute 3000lb.

How to Install Electric Tongue Jack on Trailer

Once you’ve purchased your new electric tongue jack, you must install it before your next road trip. Luckily, the process is straightforward.

First, remove the old jack at the mounting bolts. You’ll need some tools for this, but nothing you shouldn’t already have on hand if you’re an RVer.

Next, install the new jack. Line up the mounting bolts and use the included hardware to connect the jack to your trailer.

Finally, wire the electric connections. Some jacks only need plugged in, while others require more wiring work. Depending on the jack you purchase, it should include instructions for how to do this. Otherwise, you can always count on YouTube if you aren’t confident.

Are Electric Trailer Jacks Worth it?

Electric trailer jacks can be a worthwhile investment for RVers who frequently set up and take down their trailers.

These jacks are designed to make raising and lowering the trailer much easier and faster than manual jacks.

With an electric jack, you can quickly and easily level your trailer and disconnect it from your tow vehicle, saving time and effort.

Electric jacks are often more durable and can handle heavier loads than manual jacks.

However, they require access to a power source, which may be a consideration for boondocking or off-grid camping.

Electric trailer jacks can be a convenient and valuable addition to your RV setup.


Upgrading your existing trailer jack is a no-brainer. It saves time and energy. You don’t want to wreck your back or your shoulder trying to muscle up your trailer with a manual jack. This is even more true if you’re constantly on the move. Setting up and tearing down camp can be a process. But it will be simpler and more efficient with an electric trailer jack. 

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