A Breakdown of DRV Mobile Suites

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Source: DRV Luxury Suites

RVs are notorious for poor construction and constant repairs. When you get into RVing, you better be handy or learn quickly, or you’ll be calling a mobile technician often. Every brand has its problems. But if you’re looking for one of the highest-quality builds in the fifth-wheel market, you’ll want to consider DRV Mobile Suites.

The price tag reflects these fifth wheels’ luxurious amenities and finishes and superior construction. So, if you have the budget and want a residential camper that genuinely feels like a home on wheels, DRV Mobile Suites may be your answer. Let’s learn more!

About DRV Luxury Suites 

Founded in 2003, DRV is a luxury fifth-wheel manufacturer. These high-end units are constructed with the best quality materials to provide the most comfortable, enjoyable, and residential camping experience possible.

Pull-out pantry storage, kitchen workstations for ample countertop space, and a Ghost Audio system to provide tunes through hidden transducers. The Advanced Blind Spot Information System prevents accidents and ensures safe travel.

DRV implements features you don’t find in any other fifth wheel.

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What Types of RVs Does DRV Manufacture?

DRV Luxury Suites manufactures top-quality, high-end fifth wheels and toy haulers. The DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel line has nine floorplans, ranging from 38 feet 7 inches to 46 feet long.

They feature kitchen islands, king beds, double vanities, washer and dryer hookups, bunkrooms, and front living options.

The DRV Full House toy hauler line has three floorplans that are all 46 feet long. They have 10-, 12-, and 13-foot garages for owners to tote around their ATVs, golf carts, motorcycles, kayaks, or other outdoor gear.

What Makes DRV Towables Unique?

DRV Luxury Suites are ready for full-time use. The stacked triple tube frame is the largest in the fifth wheel industry, creating a superior foundation.

Slide-outs are carriage-bolted into the floor for excellent strength and are built with composite subflooring to prevent water damage. The ¾-inch walls provide maximum insulation and comfort during all four seasons.

The quality of the construction sets DRV apart from other towable manufacturers.

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A Breakdown of the DRV Mobile Suites Lineup

The DRV Mobile Suites feature residential kitchens, ensuite spa bathrooms, and plenty of entertainment space. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find a layout that suits your travel needs.

Let’s look briefly at all nine floorplans!

DRV Mobile Suites 36RSSB3

Length: 38 feet 7 inches
GVWR: 20,000 pounds
CCC: 3,336 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four

Features: This is the only unit under 40 feet in the DRV Mobile Suites lineup. It features the standard layout of most fifth wheels with a front bedroom and rear living space.

The bedroom has a king bed, a large closet, and a dresser. There are washer and dryer hookups down the hall across from the bathroom. The living space has the traditional layout of a dinette, theater seating, a sofa, a kitchen island, an entertainment center, and residential appliances.

The interior of a cupboard in a DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel that has the washer and dryer hookups.
Source: DRV Luxury Suites

DRV Mobile Suites 39DBRS3

Length: 41 feet 6 inches
GVWR: 21,000 pounds
CCC: 3,576 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four

Features: The 39DBRS3 model has a layout similar to the 36RSSB3 model but has a spacious ensuite in the front of the unit. It features a huge closet, double vanity, and bathtub.

Near the living area, there’s a half bath with washer and dryer hookups. The bedroom still has a king bed, and the rear living space is set up in the traditional format. 

The interior of a DRV Mobile Suites showing the white cupboards, linen couches, and stainless steel appliances.
Source: DRV Luxury Suites

DRV Mobile Suites 40KSSB4

Length: 42 feet 3 inches
GVWR: 21,500 pounds
CCC: 3,056 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four

Features: This model has a slightly larger rear living area. There’s a kitchen island, but instead of having a sink, it’s pure countertop space.

The DRV Mobile Suites 40KSSB4 is great for chefs who want plenty of room in the kitchen. The slide-out with the dinette and theater seating is a bit longer than the previous units, providing more storage space between those two pieces of furniture. The bedroom still has a king bed, a closet, and a dresser.

The interior of a DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel showing brown cupboards and white countertops in the kitchen.
Source: DRV Luxury Suites

DRV Mobile Suites 41RKDB

Length: 43 feet 1 inches
GVWR: 22,000 pounds
CCC: 3,716 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four

Features: You can feel the 43 feet of this DRV Mobile Suites unit. The rear kitchen has tons of countertop space for meal prep, and the center living area features three sofas with an entertainment center.

This 41RKDB is ideal for owners who like to entertain. This could also be an option for families if the kids are willing to sleep on the sofas. There’s plenty of room for a family to move about in comfort.

This unit also features a front ensuite with a closet, a double vanity, and a bathtub, and there’s a half bath down the hallway.

A rear kitchen DRV Mobile Suites floor plan showing the white cupboards and linen couches.
Source: DRV Luxury Suites

DRV Mobile Suites 41FKMB

Length: 43 feet 1 inch
GVWR: 22,000 pounds
CCC: 3,156 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four

Features: The DRV Mobile Suites 41FKMB is the best option if you prefer a front kitchen floor plan. The kitchen space is huge, with a walk-in pantry, plenty of countertop space, a bar eating area, and an island with a sink.

The center living area is smaller than the 41RKDB because of the increased kitchen size. There are two sofas, an entertainment center, and a closet with a washer and dryer. The rear bedroom has a king bed and dresser but no closet.

We don’t love that you must walk through the bedroom to get to the only bathroom in this unit, but if you don’t plan on having guests, it’s not that big of a deal.

DRV Mobile Suites Houston

Length: 46 feet
GVWR: 24,000 pounds
CCC: 3,721 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four

Features: One of the two 46-foot DRV Mobile Suites is the Houston. The layout is similar to the 39DBRS3 but larger. The front of the unit has a king bed and ensuite with a closet, double vanity, and bathtub.

There’s also a large dresser at the foot of the bed, but there’s an option to replace it with a slide-out vanity. Like the 39DBRS3, the Houston has a half bath near the living area for guests.

However, with its longer size, the Houston features a workstation with overhead storage between the theatre seating and the dinette. There’s also additional countertop space on the opposite side of the entertainment center. 

DRV Mobile Suites Manhattan

Length: 44 feet 11 inches
GVWR: 24,000 pounds
CCC: 3,951 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four

Features: The Manhattan is the first DRV Mobile Suites unit with a bunk room. It’s located in the rear and has its own full bathroom.

Because of this separate room, the kitchen and living area are much smaller than the other Mobile Suites. However, there are still two sofas, a dinette, a kitchen island, and a pantry.

The front of the unit is similar to other models, with a king bed, closet, dresser, washer and dryer, and bathroom.

The interior of a DRV fifth wheel showing the TV in the living room and a door to the right of it that goes into a bunk room with a full bathroom.
Source: DRV Luxury Suites

DRV Mobile Suites Nashville

Length: 46 feet
GVWR: 24,000 pounds
CCC: 4,206 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four

Features: The only front living floorplan is the Nashville. This unit is massive at 46 feet and provides plenty of space to entertain with two sofas and two recliners.

The center kitchen has an island without a sink, providing an easy place for meal prep. We like that the Nashville has a half bath beside the kitchen for guests because the main bathroom is through the master bedroom. But unlike the 41FKMB, guests don’t have to walk through your private space to use the restroom.

DRV Mobile Suites Orlando

Length: 46 feet
GVWR: 24,000 pounds
CCC: 3,076 pounds
Sleeps: Three to four

Features: The Orlando is the last of the 46-foot DRV Mobile Suites. It features another bunk room but a very different design than the Manhattan.

This bunk room is in the front of the unit, and the opposing slides provide a huge space for kids and their friends. There’s also a desk and chairs in the center for homeschooling. We wish the bathroom in the hallway were a full bath, but it only has a sink, toilet, and washer and dryer hookups.

The center of the Orlando has two sofas and a kitchen island but no dinette. This is the only DRV Mobile Suites with no designated eating area. The rear master bedroom has a king bed, dresser, and full bathroom. The kids will have to walk through the bedroom to take a shower.

Who Are the DRV Mobile Suites Good For?

Because of their GVWR of 21,000-24,000 pounds, the DRV Mobile Suites require a heavy-duty truck to tow them. We recommend a Ford F-450-type vehicle or larger. Sometimes, you’ll see owners driving semi-trucks that haul these fifth-wheel beasts. So consider this expense when planning your budget for a DRV Mobile Suites fifth wheel.

For full-time travelers who long for luxury and quality, the DRV models are excellent options. People who purchase a Mobile Suites unit are looking for a home.

Depending on the floor plan and upgrades, these units cost anywhere from $130,000 to over $280,000. So, you’re paying for a house when you fork out that kind of money. Owners are willing to pay top dollar for quality construction, superior customer service, and high-end amenities. 

Top Quality, Residential Finishes, And Luxury Define DRV Mobile Suites

With nine floorplans, the DRV Mobile Suites line offers a variety of options for full-timers who want a luxury apartment on wheels. There are layouts for families, entertainers, chefs, and couples who long to enjoy life on the road.

The price of these fifth wheels reflects their top quality and residential feel. You’ll get more with the DRV Mobile Suites lineup if you’re willing to pay more.

Would you consider one of these luxury fifth wheels? Which floorplan best suits your travel needs?

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