Ditch the Tie Out Cable and Get a Dog Zip Line

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A dog attached to a dog zip line

About 70 percent of RVers bring their pets for outings and family vacations. However, sometimes the hassle of keeping an eye on them and providing for their satisfaction makes the sacrifice a little frustrating. Setting up camp with a curious or wandering puppy can be challenging, and eating an evening meal without a begging puppy at your feet is an unfulfilled dream. You may find peace of mind investing in a dog zip line.

Your dog won’t be flying through the treetops, but they will be able to move around safely, giving you the space you need to set up and break down your campsite. Let’s take a closer look!

How Do You Tether a Dog for Camping?

Humanity’s best friend is the perfect partner on a camping trip, but sometimes, they are tricky to keep an eye on while setting up camp or relaxing around the campsite. Many campers use tie-out cables to let their dogs enjoy the outdoors but keep them from wandering off. However,  these cables tend to get caught on items or wind around a tree, and campers spend more time untangling the wires.

Another option is to equip your campsite with a dog zip line. This aerial system can allow your pet to move distances up to 100 feet within your camp. The cable suspends over the dog and attaches to the collar so they won’t get tangled. Connecting it to two sturdy trees keeps your dog from winding around their bases, too.

A dog attached to a dog zip line
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What Is a Dog Zip Line? 

An aerial zip line consists of two cables: one that suspends between two heavy stationary objects like posts or trees, and a cable you attach to the first wire by a pulley or trolley system and to the dog’s collar or harness on the other end. The dog can move back and forth along the cable quickly and won’t wrap around barriers. Some systems even have springs to soften quick and sudden pulls at the end of the run.

What Is a Dog Tie Out Cable?

A long cable with a clip on either end makes it convenient for your dog to wander close by safely. One clip attaches to the dog’s collar, while the other connects to a stake in the ground or an immovable object like a tree. This allows your canine to get some exercise when you can’t take them for a walk while still being nearby when you are outside. No need to worry about your pet taking off.


Dog Zip Line vs Tie Out Cable

The benefits of using a dog zip line over a tie-out cable are many. Because the zip line is aerial, it minimizes contact with things on the ground that would impede a tie-out cable or trip your dog. You won’t have to constantly check if your pet has wrapped around a tree or table. It also helps keep dogs and children separate when needed. Zip lines work well for high-energy dogs, allowing them to move at fast speeds without hurting themselves or others. 

Best Dog Zip Lines

When looking for ways to keep your pet safe, a dog zip line can provide freedom for both of you. We’ve selected five options to help you find what works for your situation, depending on the length of the zip line, its use, and the size of your dog.

Best Overall: Heavy Duty Aerial Dog Tie Out Trolley System

Choose a 50, 75, or 100-foot dog zip line with this aerial trolley system. A vinyl-covered cable attaches at one end with a heavy-duty screw eye. The other end attaches to an immovable object like a tree or structure. It has a turnbuckle to keep the line tight. A second cable connects to this suspended line with a pulley. Hook the clasp’s short end to your dog’s collar, and they can run the length of the trolley freely. The cost for this setup is $34.

Heavy Duty Aerial Dog Tie Out Trolley System for Small to Large Dogs - 100ft Dog Run Cable Dog Zipline with 10ft Runner Cable Great for Yard Camping Outdoor (Red, 100 ft for one Dog up to 125 lbs)
  • ❤ HEAVY DUTY DOG RUNNER SYSTEM: Equipped with a 100 ft dog tie out cable and a 10ft runner cable, which are vinyl...
  • ❤ SHOCK-ABSORBING DOG RUN CABLE: Features a sturdy shock-absorbing spring,designed as a elastic buffer to protect...

Runner Up: 50ft/70ft/100ft Dog Trolley Runner Cable for Dogs

This 100-foot-long trolley runner comes with an extra cable to run around a tree, hooking into the runner cable and tightening with a turnbuckle. The line that joins your dog to the aerial cable is a heavy-duty bungee cord. It provides more shock absorption for fast-moving canines. You can add stoppers to each end to cut down the length the pulley will move on the aerial cable. The price is $43.

Keep in Mind: If you haven’t brought your dog camping with you yet, you need to check out these insider tips for a successful camping trip with your dogs!

XiaZ Dog Tie Out Cable, 100ft Dog Trolley Runner Cable for Dogs up to 250lbs, Dog Lead for Yard, Camping, Outdoor, with 8 Ft Nylon Bungee Runner, Cable Sling to Protect Trees
  • Do not Hurt Trees: Unlike other dog overhead cables hurting your trees, we have improved installing accessories, you can...
  • Nylon Bungee Runner Cable: The dog leash with bungee is durable and lightweight. made by high quality and durable nylon...

Best For Large Dogs: Trolley System for Large Dogs

Handling dogs up to 125 lbs, this dog zip line has 100 feet of vinyl-coated, thick cable for the aerial cord and a 10-foot cable for the dog attachment. Both ends of the aerial cable are attachable by large screw eyes, with a turnbuckle for tightening. The dog cable connects by pulley and has a large spring as a shock absorber. The cost for this system is $42.

Snagle Paw Dog Tie Out Runner for Yard,Trolley System for Large Dogs, Dog Zipline Aerial Tie Out Cable 100ft with 10ft Pulley Runner Line for Dogs Up to 250lbs for Yard or Camping
  • HEAVY DUTY DOG TIE OUT CABLE: The Aerial Run Trolley System comes with a 100 ft dog tie out cable and a 10ft dog runner...
  • ANTI-SHOCK DOG RUNNER LINE:The shock absorbing spring is located on the runner lead instead of the cable, help your dog...

Best Budget Option: Portable Dog Run Trolley System 

For $25, a portable dog zip line from a climbing rope is available in three lengths: 50-foot, 70-foot, or 100-foot sizes. The rope can wrap around trees, and you can secure it with carabiners. A 10-foot dog cable attaches to the zip line by a clip with a 360-degree rotating head. There are two tree protector sheets, keeping the rope from cutting into bark or damaging trees. This is not a long-term setup, as the rope will eventually wear with constant use. However, it is a decent temporary option for campouts or concerts.

XiaZ Dog Tie Out Cable for Camping, 50FT Dog Trolley System Runner Cable with 10FT Dog Run Leash, Reflective Dog Lead for Yard, Camping, Park, Outdoor Events for Small to Large Dogs up to 200Lbs
  • 【5-Min Easy Setup】 XiaZ dog trolley system is perfect for outdoor camping and yard. You can set it up or tear it...
  • 【More Safety & Freedom】 Compared to typical dog tie out cable, our dog camping cable minimize the chances of your...

Best Zip Line for the Car: PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline

A dog zip line for the backseat of your car can keep your dog safe in a moving vehicle. The aerial portion attaches to the overhead hand grips at each door, with a ratchet to pull it tight. You’ll connect your dog to this strap with an adjustable leash, keeping them in the backseat while you drive. The cost is $18.

Pro Tip: A dog zip line is just one of our favorite camping accessories for your dogs. To be fully prepared for a camping trip with your dogs, you need to check out our favorite dog camping gear options you’ll actually use!

PetSafe Happy Ride Dog Zipline - Back Seat Leash, Great for Travel Red, 1 size - 72 in
  • SIMPLICITY: The simple design of the dog zipline allows you to quickly install it in your car
  • SAFETY: The zipline keeps your dog secure while giving him mobility in the backseat

Keep Your Dog Safe With a Dog Zip Line

Ensure your canine gets their outdoor time on every camping trip with a dog zip line. It is safer and less problematic than a dog tie-out, allowing them to exercise safely. It will enable you to accomplish camping tasks without worrying about your pet’s wandering tendencies! You’ll benefit from knowing they are secure at the campsite when you turn your back.

Has your dog ever caused chaos at the campsite? Share your stories in the comments! 

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  1. We have been taking our dogs camping for many decades and have experienced an increase in the number of campgrounds, commercial and government, that prohibit securing anything to trees, which includes dog cables, either tie-down or runs. (as well as clothes lines)

    Thanks for the postings. We enjoy reading them and are always learning something.

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