These Manufacturers Let You Create a Custom RV

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A custom EarthRoamer RV parked outside

Are you tired of the same old, cookie-cutter RVs manufacturers produce?

If so, you might want to consider a custom RV for your next rig. Going this route helps ensure your camper will work for your unique needs, and no one will have one like it in the campground.

Today, we’re introducing you to a handful of companies that produce some of the highest-quality custom RVs on the market. Let’s dive in and see which custom RV companies you should consider.

What Is a Custom RV?

Unlike most recreational vehicles, a custom RV gives the owner substantially more flexibility regarding the final product. 

While the possibilities are practically endless, some of the most common choices include color schemes, layout, and materials used during construction. The choices made during this process can affect the overall quality and usability of the rig when finished.

The standard RV manufacturing process doesn’t allow much time for optional upgrades. These rigs, usually produced in an assembly line process, rely heavily on efficiency to crank out as many RVs in as little time as possible. 

This may allow for additional air conditioners or full body paint on the exterior, but it’s far from a custom RV.

How Much Does a Custom RV Cost?

As with many products, you will pay a premium for a custom RV compared to a standard one.

Depending on the type of custom RV, prices can range anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 or more. It’s not hard to find custom motorhomes with million-dollar price tags.

The final price greatly depends on the features and customizations the owner chooses. You’ll typically have a base price for the rig and a list of available upgrade options. 

Additionally, some manufacturers will offer packages of upgrades, which can help buyers get the most bang for their buck.

Where Can You Buy a Custom RV?

Unfortunately, most of the major RV manufacturers don’t offer custom RVs. As a result, you’ll reach out to the handful of reputable manufacturers that do. 

Many customer RV manufacturers eliminate the middleman and sell directly to consumers. So instead of stopping by a dealership, you’ll likely need to reach out directly to custom RV manufacturers.

Custom RV Manufacturers Worth Considering

When dropping a pretty penny on a custom RV, you want to know your money is well spent.

Luckily, some reputable manufacturers produce high-quality custom RVs. Let’s learn more about them.

Space Craft Manufacturing

Space Craft Manufacturing has been in business for over 20 years. The company offers custom residential and commercial trailers that range from 35 to 57 feet long. 

Its lineup of custom RVs consists of semi-trailers, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. But its bread and butter are fifth wheels. They can withstand full-time living, and many of their original products are still in use almost 30 years later.

These are completely custom rigs, which means you can dare to dream when working with them. They have sample plans you can use as a starting point, or start entirely from scratch and work with their experts to design the perfect model for your needs. 

However, you can enjoy massive holding tanks, cedar-lined closets, and custom hardwood cabinetry. 

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Newell Coaches

Since 1967 Newell Coach has produced some of the finest Class A motorhomes on the road. The brand has a reputation for offering superior custom RVs and superior customer service. 

It consistently lists at the top of the class for luxury motorhomes. Many view Newell Coaches as the best in the industry.

When you choose Newell Coaches, you can take one of the established floorplans and customize it. However, you can also work directly with the design experts to create a custom RV that works exactly how you need it to. 

New Newell Coaches typically come with a $2 million or more price tag, and used ones retain their value and still sell for six and seven figures even after a decade or more of use.

Inside a custom Newell Coach RV

North American RV

North American RV produces its custom rigs in the RV capital of the world, Elkhart, Ind. They have more than 25 years of experience building custom commercial, personal, and specialty trailers. 

Because this is a factory-direct business, you work directly with the manufacturer to create your custom RV.

The lineup of custom RVs consists of fifth wheels, travel trailers, wheelchair-accessible RVs, and park models. These range in length from 25 to 56 feet. 

No matter the type or size of RV you select, these experts will work with you to ensure the finished product exceeds your expectations. They have a large inventory and some of the lowest prices of any custom RV manufacturer.


When it comes to luxury fifth wheels, it’s hard to beat Luxe. Its custom RVs have a reputation for being the best constructed and best for full-time living. 

How many RVs have you seen with attic storage? Luxe wants to ensure you have plenty of room to bring all the toys and gear you need to live comfortably on the road.

Unlike many other RV manufacturers, Luxe focuses on quality instead of speed. Instead of cranking out RVs as quickly as possible, Luxe spends the time to give each RV the attention it deserves. You can quickly spot the differences in quality when you step into one of these rigs.

They offer three models: Elite, Gold, and Toy Hauler. However, no matter which model you choose, you will get a high-quality custom RV. 

Luxe uses 3-inch thick walls and tongue and groove plywood for its flooring. The results are an interior with a very comfortable and residential feel.

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When it comes to custom truck campers, it doesn’t get any better than EarthRoamer. They’ve been making some of the roughest and toughest truck campers on the market since 1998. These custom rigs can help you take your overlanding adventures to a new level.

EarthRoamer builds these custom truck campers for off-grid living. Many come with everything you need to spend days or weeks off-grid.

They push the limits regarding water and fuel capacities, lithium battery banks, and the vehicle’s capabilities. And they can withstand the harshest roads and trails on earth.

If you want to escape crowded RV parks and campgrounds, a custom EarthRoamer might be just what you need. You’ll have no problem getting comfortable inside one of these luxury truck campers, no matter where you park it.

A custom EarthRoamer RV parked outside

Is a Custom RV Worth It?

There are many benefits to choosing a custom RV. They’re typically designed and built to a higher quality than a standard RV, which can help them retain their value. 

However, you have to have deep pockets to afford one. These rigs are something the average RVer likely can’t afford.

Many of these custom rigs come with price tags far beyond the cost of sticks and bricks homes. If you can afford one, these rigs can be worth it.

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