A Breakdown of the Coachmen Clipper

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A Coachmen Clipper parked inside a garage

Looking for a recreational vehicle to get out and explore nature? If so, the Coachmen Clipper is a versatile and reliable travel trailer worth considering. Whether you enjoy solo adventures or making memories with your family, you can find a model for your travel style.

Today, we’re looking through the specs for each model in the Coachmen Clipper lineup. Which one is the best fit for you and your future adventures?

Let’s get started and see!

About Coachmen

The Corson brothers, Tom, Keith, and Claude, founded Coachmen Industries in 1964. Production occurred in a tiny 5,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. 

In their first 365 days as a company, they manufactured 12 travel trailers, one truck camper, and 80 truck caps. However, they’ve since produced and sold more than 750,000 recreational vehicles.

They manufacture a combination of travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and Class C motorhomes. Today, workers give each vehicle the same attention that the Corson brothers did almost 60 years ago.

In 2008, Forest River, Inc., a Berkshire Hathaway company, acquired the brand. They’ve stood the test of time and are a famous brand in the camping community. 

About the Coachmen Clipper

The Coachmen Clipper is incredibly versatile. You can get trailers from 16 feet 6 inches to over 32 feet long. With various sizes and floorplans, the Clipper is ready for almost any adventure. 

Its lightweight construction allows SUVs and smaller trucks to tow the most compact models. Don’t overlook this lineup to avoid buying a big beefy truck to haul your camper.

Features vary considerably based on the floorplan. However, many come with fully equipped kitchens. You can expect a stovetop, microwave, and refrigerator, regardless of your chosen model. The same is true for bathrooms too. You’ll find a toilet, shower, and sink in every one of these campers.

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Where Is the Coachmen Clipper Made?

Coachmen maintains a strong presence in Middlebury, Indiana, where they produce the Clipper series.

Its corporate headquarters and a majority of its manufacturing facilities are here. It maintains approximately 220 acres of land, 23 of which comprise manufacturing facilities.

Their location puts them in the middle of the RV capital of the world. You can throw a rock in this area and hit multiple major manufacturers in the industry. However, we don’t suggest throwing rocks at RVs.

Close up of the Coachmen Clipper logo

The Coachmen Clipper Lineup

You have an incredible number of options available, making it challenging to decide which will work best for you. Let’s examine the specs to see which ones you want to consider. 

Coachmen Clipper 14CR

MSRP: $26,694

Sleeps: Two

Length: 16 feet 6 inches

Weight: 3,750 pounds

Features: The 14CR is the tiniest in the Clipper lineup. However, that doesn’t mean you should overlook it. You approach the vehicle’s rear and instantly see the open living space. It has a wardrobe and pantry on your left, and you’re only a few steps from the bathroom. 

The bench seating makes for a comfy place to relax. The spacious dinette transforms into the main sleeping space. Depending on how often you eat inside, you may want to leave it in its bed form to avoid the hassle.

Coachmen Clipper 15CBH

MSRP: $26,675

Sleeps: Four

Length: 17 feet 10 inches

Weight: 3,830 pounds

Features: The 15CBH has a mid-entry door, with the dinette on your right, the kitchen space straight ahead, and a fireplace on your left. Once you step inside, you can peek around the corner and see the bunk bed and bathroom towards the rear. 

This is an excellent option for small families who want to spend most of their time outside. In addition, it’s a comfortable living space to escape the outdoors when the weather doesn’t cooperate. You’ll have to convert the dinette into the main sleeping area, but it’s easy.

Coachmen Clipper 16CFB

MSRP: $25,963

Sleeps: Three

Length: 18 feet 6 inches

Weight: 3,850 pounds

Features: Don’t want to convert the dinette every time you sleep? No worries! The Clipper 16CFB has enough space to offer a designated area, so you don’t have to. You enter the camper towards the back, which helps provide a spacious look and feel. 

The booth dinette lies on your right, and the wardrobe, pantry, and bathroom are on your left. You can cook up some delicious meals with a fridge, cooktop, and additional pantry space in the kitchen. The 16CFB is a fantastic option for couples wanting to bring a kid or two for an adventure.

The kitchen, dining area and bedroom area in a Coachmen Clipper 16CFB

Coachmen Clipper 17CBH

MSRP: $31,902

Sleeps: Five

Length: 20 feet 5 inches

Weight: 3,830 pounds

Features: The 17CBH offers a designated main sleeping space, bunk beds, and a convertible booth dinette. Everyone can have a place to sleep and have room to spread out. 

With a sizeable pass-through storage area, you’ll have plenty of room to bring gear and equipment. Inside, the camper has multiple overhead compartments and shelves to help you stay organized.

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Coachmen Clipper  17CFQ

MSRP: $32,452

Sleeps: Four

Length: 20 feet 5 inches

Weight: 3,850 pounds

Features: The 17CFQ provides the most significant sleeping space of the 3K Clipper Series. It has a massive queen-size bed on your right when you enter. The bed has nightstands on each side, an overhead shelf, and storage compartments. 

If you’re a couple that wants to avoid fighting for space while resting up for your next adventure, this is the rig you want. The spacious rear bath will come in handy when you need to freshen up after a long day of exploring.

Coachmen Clipper 162RBU

MSRP: $33,265

Sleeps: Two

Length: 19 feet 9 inches

Weight: 3,250 pounds

Features: The Clipper 162RBU is the smallest in the 4K Series. However, don’t let its size fool you; this camper is ready for any adventure. With a massive 40-gallon freshwater tank, you can worry less about running out of water in dry camping or boondocking situations. 

Coachmen mastered this space using a fold-down Murphy bed for the main sleeping area. Set up only takes a few seconds, and you’ll be ready to retire for the night. The angled entertainment center with a fireplace makes it easy to enjoy, no matter how you use your camper. 

Coachmen Clipper 17MBS

MSRP: $33,995

Sleeps: Four

Length: 20 feet 5 inches

Weight: 3,550 pounds.

Features: If you like maximizing space using a slide, the 17MBS does just that. The jack knife sofa sits on the mid-slide, which frees up much living space. It makes this 20-foot RV feel so much more spacious. 

Again, the fold-down Murphy bed is a welcome feature to enhance the openness of the interior. This is a fantastic option for a couple or solo traveler.

Coachmen Clipper 182DBU

MSRP: $34,448

Sleeps: Four

Length: 22 feet 3 inches

Weight: 4,433 pounds

Features: How did Coachmen pack so much into the 182DBU? Who knows! However, they found a way to include multiple closets, bunk beds, and storage compartments. 

In addition, they continue to use the Murphy bed to avoid wasting unnecessary space when not sleeping. However, the fantastic features aren’t just inside this camper but outside. You can enjoy the massive pass-through storage, an outside kitchen, and a 12-foot awning.

The kitchen area inside a Coachmen Clipper 182DBU

Coachmen Clipper 18BH

MSRP: $28,775

Sleeps: Six

Length: 20 feet 5 inches

Weight: 4,125 pounds

Features: The 18BH offers rear bunk beds, a large wardrobe closet, and a spacious bed. However, the booth dinette is rather snug when you consider it has sleeping space for six. You may have to get creative or enjoy meals outdoors. 

This would be the perfect rig for a family heading to a local park. The ample pass-through storage at the front offers plenty of room to store gear, equipment, and other goodies. You don’t have to have a massive camper to make memories with your family.

Coachmen Clipper 18BHS

MSRP: $33,903

Sleeps: Six

Length: 21 feet 6 inches

Weight: 4,525 pounds

Features: The 18BHS is similar to the 18BH and features a slideout. The slideout contains a jack-knife sofa and, when retracted, creates a large open space. This helps the rig to feel very relaxed and homey. 

The U-shaped dinette is the perfect place to enjoy meals and play games while waiting out bad weather or unwinding at the end of the day.

Once it’s time to retire, you can transform the dinette into the Murphy bed and have plenty of space for six people to sleep. The rear bath features a 24-by-36-inch shower, angled toilet, and sink with a medicine cabinet.

Coachmen Clipper 18FQ

MSRP: $31,314

Sleeps: Three

Length: 20 feet 5 inches

Weight: 4,090 pounds

Features: The Coachmen Clipper 18FQ is perfect for a couple who loves traveling. A queen size bed greets you as you enter the camper. The bed looks massive and features dual wardrobe closets on each side. 

The booth dinette is perfect for two and can transform into a sleeping space to host a guest. The rear bathroom is massive for a rig barely over 20 feet long. You’ll have plenty of room to change clothes, use the restroom, and dry off after showering.

Coachmen Clipper 262BHS

MSRP: $43,952

Sleeps: 10

Length: 32 feet 

Weight: 7,720 pounds

Features: The Clipper 262BHS makes use of every inch. This is one of only a few travel trailers we’ve seen with steps.

When you enter the rear entry, a couple of steps lead to the double-over-double bunk beds. These provide plenty of space for two people in each bed to sleep. In addition, their unique design creates a gigantic storage compartment that’s accessible from the outside. 

The main bedroom sits at the front of the rig and has a separate entryway. This can make it easy to sneak out and enjoy a morning cup of coffee without waking up everyone. Consider this model if you’re a larger family looking for a trailer.

Coachmen Clipper 272RLS

MSRP: $35,684

Sleeps: Six

Length: 31 feet 10 inches

Weight: 7,946 pounds

Features: The Clipper 272RLS may sleep six, but it’s also great for couples to enjoy. This is a rear-living trailer with an incredible amount of living space. The large slide opens the area and houses the U-shaped dinette and refrigerator. 

This is one of the most extensive kitchen and living spaces in a camper under 32 feet long. With multiple overhead storage compartments and overhead shelves, you have room to store just about anything you’d need to bring with you.

Should You Consider the Coachmen Clipper?

The Coachmen Clipper lineup offers various campers for just about everyone. No matter your situation, you can likely find a Clipper floorplan for you.

We’re impressed with the variety of layouts and options for consumers. Which Coachmen Clipper sounds right for you? Be sure to let us know!

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