Stay Cool With the Best Camping Tent Air Conditioners

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If you love tent camping, you may have more time to go during the summer when the family doesn’t have school.

But those temperatures can make tent camping unbearable without a way to cool down. But did you know you can find camping tent air conditioners? 

Stay cool during the summer with a camping tent air conditioner and enjoy the adventures of wading in a secret swimming hole or hiking to watch the sunrise. Let’s learn more about staying cool on your summer camping trip.

Is It Safe to Tent Camp in the Summer?

Just like camping in winter brings up questions of safety, camping in summer also has risks. Severe heat and dry conditions can be brutal for tent campers. 

But if you travel prepared and know how to handle the weather appropriately,  in any season. You can tent camp safely in any season. 

And you certainly want to stay cool during the summer, so let’s look at some tips to help the experience be more enjoyable.

Tips for Staying Cool While Tent Camping

In the winter, you want to stay warm. So using space heaters and ventilation are very important safety tips.

Summer weather also warrants special safety precautions so that you don’t get too hot and suffer from dangerous health conditions like heat stroke.

Set Up Tent in Shade

First, try to find a shady spot to set up your tent. Avoid camping in deserts where shade is almost impossible to find.

Additionally, save places like Utah and Arizona for spring and fall camping. If you don’t have a lot of options, pitch your tent in the shade during the hottest part of the day.

Set Up Tent Facing Breeze

Another consideration when setting up your tent is the direction of the wind. You want to face the breeze so that it easily blows through the tent to bring in cooler air. 

Check weather apps to locate the direction of the wind and set it up accordingly.

Use a Reflective Sunshade

If you don’t have a sunshade as part of your tent camping equipment, get one for summer trips. It works best when it’s at least 12 inches above the tent so air can flow through it to keep it cool. 

A sunshade also prevents sunlight from waking you up too early in the morning, which gives you a full night’s sleep.

Remove the Rainfly

You must always pay attention to the weather when summer camping. It will help you locate the direction of the wind, how hot the temperatures will climb, and whether or not it’ll rain. 

If you don’t have rain in the forecast, you can remove the rainfly because it doesn’t function as a sunshade. Because rainflys hug your tent, they don’t allow airflow.

So, you’ll want the heat and moisture to escape the tent and not be confined inside. 

Buy a Tent With Mesh Walls

You may not afford any camping tent air conditioners, but you can get some cool breeze in your tent if it has windows. 

Mesh tents keep bugs from entering your sleeping space and allow wind to pass through during the day and night. 

You won’t find an entirely mesh tent as they need some waterproof features, such as a floor that extends up the walls a little. But you want as much mesh as possible.

Use a Portable Fan

Portable fans can run all night long. The gentle hum can lure you to sleep, but the constant airflow will also make the nights more comfortable. 

Find a lightweight, portable fan that can easily attach to the tent’s ceiling, floor, or walls. You might also want to look for one with foam blades since you’ll keep it nearby.

A boy using a portable fan outside of his camping tent

Take the Tent Down During the Day

Finally, a tent can act like a greenhouse, keeping in the heat. So when you return, it feels like a sauna. If you go out all day, take down your tent. 

Although this takes more work to disassemble and then reassemble it later, it will be worth it. Plus, you’ll extend the life of your tent as the sun’s harmful UV rays won’t cause premature damage.

Things to Consider When Buying a Camping Tent Air Conditioner

If you plan on doing significant tent camping during the summer, you might want to look at camping tent air conditioners. Think about the power source, portability, cooling capacity, and silent operation when you start your search. 

You don’t want to have to haul around some kind of generator or battery. Find a camping tent air conditioner that is fully functional on its own. You also want a lightweight one, so it’s easy to transport.

In addition, an air conditioner should significantly lower the temperature inside your tent. If you can’t feel a difference, it’s worthless, and you’ve wasted your money. 

You don’t need 10,000 BTUs, but you need more than 1,000 BTUs. So pay attention to the cooling capacity. 

Finally, you’re in nature to enjoy nature, not the loud rumbling of an air conditioner. Your camping tent air conditioner shouldn’t annoy other tent campers with its sound.

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Best Camping Tent Air Conditioners

If you need some suggestions for the best camping tent air conditioners, look no further. These are four of the best options depending on your space and budget. Let’s look!

Best for Small Spaces: Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Conditioner

You can easily move this portable air conditioner, which comes in three colors. But this doesn’t mean the evaCHILL isn’t powerful. 

Even with its whisper-quiet technology, it has a cooling power of 1,190 BTUs. It cools and humidifies the air with four fan speeds. This works best for solo travelers.

Evapolar evaCHILL Portable Air Conditioners - Portable AC Unit - Small Personal Evaporative Air Cooler & Fan for Bedroom, Office, Car, Camping, White
  • Cooling 3-in-1: Evapolar evaCHILL mini AC cools & humidifies the air using evaporative technology, the cartridge...
  • Natural Personal Cooling: Efficiently cools your personal space using evaporative technology. This swamp cooler is ideal...

Best for Large Spaces: BLACK+DECKER Air Conditioner

With over 41,000 ratings and 4.3/5 stars, these BLACK+DECKER camping tent air conditioners are some of the best available. Its 14,000 BTUs can cool a space up to 700 square feet. Its three-in-one capabilities include an air conditioner, dehumidifier, and fan. 

So for larger groups, this air conditioner provides plenty of cooling in the summer heat.

BLACK+DECKER Air Conditioner, 14,000 BTU Air Conditioner Portable for Room up to 700 Sq. Ft. with Remote Control, White
  • Portable AC: Use this personal air conditioner (16.5” x 14.06” x 27.09”) in rooms up to 700 sq. ft. Stay cool in...
  • 3-in-1: Our 8400 BTU DOE (14000 BTU ASHRAE 128) portable air conditioner includes a dehumidifier & fan. This portable...

Best Budget-Friendly: Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Air Cooler

Like the evaCHILL option, this Arctic Air portable air conditioner works great for solo travelers in a small space.

It costs less than $40 and provides a comfortable place to get a good night’s rest with its whisper-quiet fan and blue night light. You simply pour water into the top fill tank, plug it in, and enjoy up to 10 hours of cooling.

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Arctic Air Pure Chill Evaporative Air Cooler By Ontel - Powerful 3-Speed Personal Space Cooler, Quiet, Lightweight And Portable For Bedroom, Office, Living Room & More
  • Personal Air Cooler: Enjoy cool air anywhere with this air cooler that helps turn hot, dry air into cold, refreshing air
  • Quiet and Lightweight: The whisper quiet fan plus soothing night light make this air cooler perfect to use overnight for...

Best to Splurge: Zero Breeze Mark 2

These Zero Breeze Mark 2 camping tent air conditioners are the only ones truly made for tent camping. But it costs a pretty penny. If you can afford to splurge, this is the air conditioner you want. 

You need to power the 2,300 BTUs with your own 24 Volt battery supply or the A/C unit’s battery, which lasts 3 to 5 hours. Within 10 minutes, the air outlet temperature will decrease 30 degrees.

Additionally, it weighs 16.5 pounds but won’t need any power outlets as the other options require.

Stay Cool This Summer With A Camping Tent Air Conditioner

Summer isn’t the time to pack away your tent. Go ahead and make plans to hit the trails and explore nature. Just choose the appropriate locations with shade and a breeze. 

Staying cool in the summer is a serious task when temperatures can reach 90 degrees or hotter during the day. But with these tips to stay cool and with a tent air conditioner, you can enjoy the summer camping trips!

Do you have a camping tent air conditioner?

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