Camping Pods: The Ultimate Glamping Experience

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The glamping experience differs for everyone. Some people like yurts, others like cabins, teepees, or treehouses. Regardless of choice, glampers want convenience. They don’t want to haul around a bunch of equipment to enjoy an outdoor experience. Camping pods, popular in the United Kingdom, have gained interest here in the United States. Let’s learn more about this glamping option!

What Is a Camping Pod?

A camping pod is a small, wooden hut permanently constructed on a site. It might look like a tent or wigwam. 

Instead of hauling a tent, spending time setting it up, and then having to tear it down later, you can just show up at a camping pod. You’ll have to bring a few things, including your bedding, but it’s easier to walk in and set up your sleeping space instead of pitching a tent first.

They also hold up against the weather better than a tent. You’ll stay warmer and drier. Sometimes even yurts and teepees don’t guarantee a dry stay.

They also have solid doors. If you have ever tent camped, you know how wind and rain can blow open tent flaps. Animals can also easily get into tents. By having solid doors, camping pods offer protection from the weather and wildlife.

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Close up of a transparent camping pod on camp ground.

What Amenities Can You Expect in a Camping Pod?

Amenities in camping pods vary but will often have some type of lighting and heating. If you don’t want to unplug entirely, search for ones with electricity. Usually, you’ll have access to electricity so you can charge your phone or plug in a fan.

They usually have space for two to four people, so it’s smaller than a cabin. This certainly varies from one location to the next, as some places will even offer two-bedroom pods. But if you need space for you, your spouse, your three kids, and your dog, you may want to rent a cabin.

If you want a more luxurious glamping experience, some will have a bathroom and running water. Make sure to check the amenities specific to your location.

Some pods have large windows to view the night sky or welcome the sunrise. For example, near Ridgecrest, California, you can rent an ecopod that has been designed to limit its impact on the landscape. These two-bedroom pods also feature a television, bathroom, air conditioning, and heating for an authentic glamping experience.

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Clear camping pod in forest.

Where Can You Rent a Camping Pod?

You can rent a camping pod on websites like Vrbo, Airbnb,, or You can also find places all over the world. showcases glamping options in the United Kingdom and France if you’re interested in international travel.

How Much Does It Cost to Stay in a Camping Pod?

Depending on the location and amenities, you could spend hundreds of dollars per night to stay in a camping pod. For example, the ecopods near Ridgecrest, California cost $292 per night. In Boone, North Carolina, you can rent an elevated, spherical camping pod for $188 per night. In Machipongo, Virginia, you can get a cozy hut for only $88 per night. Just like tent camping or RVing, the location and amenities will affect the nightly rate.

Row of wooden camping pods.

Can You Build Your Own Pod?

You certainly can build your own camping pod. Since they have a simple design and features, you can buy a plan and gather the materials. You can order a blueprint from Pin-Up Houses for around $200. Since they’re so popular in Europe, you could probably find plans from companies located there, also.

Or you can order one already made. Companies like BZB Cabins and Outdoors or Glamping Pods of America sell a variety of options. These range in price from over $6,000 to almost $10,000. The price of building a house fluctuates with the market, as does the price of building a pod.

Night time image of camping pods lit up.

Should You Stay in a Camping Pod?

Where you stay depends on your camping style. Glampers who like the conveniences of home may want to select camping pods. You’ll want to pay close attention to the amenities offered. You don’t want to arrive expecting to work on a project in solitude to find out that you don’t have electricity.

If you enjoy tent camping but would love to have a similar experience without the hassle of pitching a tent, you can rent rustic pod options. Some pods are just wooden boxes. You can bring your mattress and sleeping bag, lanterns, and campfire cookware and enjoy a weekend with a more traditional camping environment.

If you enjoy space and want to spread out on your vacation, a camping pod probably isn’t the best option. They’re called a “pod” for a reason. You’re better off renting a cabin or treehouse in the woods if you want an outdoor camping environment for your family getaway.

Choosing Camping Pods for Your Next Trip

Glamping has become so popular over the last few years, and these camping pods provide yet another option for this type of travel. You can find luxurious or rustic rentals.

Almost everyone who wants to enjoy a small space outdoors can find a good fit. So what about you? Is glamping your cup of tea? Will you try a camping pod next time you’re looking for an outdoor adventure?

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