The Best Camping Hammocks for the Great Outdoors

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A green camping hammock

There are lots of ways to camp. Most campers choose to sleep in either a tent or an RV. But others will go car camping, bicycle touring camping, survival camping, overlanding, or glamping. Another popular trend for outdoor enthusiasts is the use of camping hammocks.

This ultra-lightweight experience helps adventurers connect with nature even more and has health benefits that lead to a restful night’s sleep.

If you’re tired of sleeping in a sleeping bag on an uncomfortable sleeping pad in a tent, it’s time you consider buying a camping hammock. 

Let’s dive in!

What’s the Difference Between a Camping Hammock and a Regular Hammock?

Hammock camping is growing around the world. For outdoor enthusiasts looking to travel light and venture into jungles, forests, and other off-grid and off-road locations, hammock camping is a great alternative to tent camping. 

Hammock camping involves sleeping in a camping hammock instead of a tent. The advantages to this style of camping include easier set up and less weight to carry. Because of these factors, hammock camping is becoming a favorite for backpackers and day hikers.

However, it requires a different type of hammock than the one you’d hang in your backyard. The material and ropes are much stronger and more durable.

They’re manufactured to withstand different types of weather and temperatures. Some of these hammocks will come with a rain fly, which is an essential part of your gear if you want to try hammock camping.

What to Look for When Buying a Camping Hammock

When buying a camping hammock, you’ll want to make sure you’re spending your money wisely. It’s best to invest in quality even if it costs a bit more.

Just like buying a durable tent is important for tent camping, buying a durable hammock is vital to enjoying the experience of hammock camping.

A man sleeping in a camping hammock


Camping hammocks come in a variety of sizes. Some campers choose a double hammock even if they’re sleeping alone because of its extra room and comfort.

However, if you’re looking for a single hammock, add at least two feet to your height. You don’t want to buy a hammock that’s too short because sleeping will be quite uncomfortable.

Weight Rating

Another important consideration is the weight rating. Not all can handle the same amount of weight. Choose a hammock with a weight rating higher than your actual weight. 

Remember to add your partner’s weight when shopping for a double hammock. In general, most nylon camping hammocks have a rating of about 400 pounds.

Packed Weight

If you’re not backpacking with your camping hammock, the weight of the hammock itself isn’t very important. But if you plan on hiking while carrying your hammock, this is significant enough to consider carefully. 

Not only do you want to consider the weight, but also the ease or portability. Does it fold up into a case for easy traveling, or do you have to deal with a lot of accessories?

Additional Features

Some are just hammocks. They’re built well and will provide comfortable sleeping.

But if you want more features like a mosquito net, carabiners, spreader bars, or rain fly, you’ll want to pay attention to the extra accessories that come with the camping hammock.

Just remember these are accessories that you have to pack up and take with you everywhere you travel. 

The Best Camping Hammocks You Can Find Online 

We’ve picked five options available today to help you decide which is best for your traveling purposes.

Keep in mind the length, weight rating, packed weight, and additional features to make your choice.

Our Pick: SunYear Camping Hammock with Rain Fly Tarp

Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Length: 106 inches

Weight Limit: 500 pounds 

This camping hammock is made of nylon and comes with a bug net and waterproof tarp. The packed weight is just over 2 pounds, so you’ll easily be able to throw this in a backpack.

It also comes with two 10-foot adjustable hammock straps, two 12KN carabiners, net ropes, nylon ropes, one ridgeline, and all the other accessories needed for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Sunyear Hammock Camping with Rain Fly Tarp and Net, Portable Camping Hammock Double Tree Hammock Outdoor Indoor Backpacking Travel & Survival, 2 Tree Straps,100% Waterproof, Black
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Sunyear is excited to bring you everything you need for a safe, dry and enjoyable camping trip! HAMMOCK...
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: This portable hammock with net is made with heavy duty, highly durable 210T parachute...

Highest Rated: OneWind Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

Rating: 4.8/5 stars 

Length: 11 feet

Weight Limit: 500 pounds

This double camping hammock weighs less than 3 pounds when packed. It consists of a 2.1-ounce nylon hexagon ripstop that’s more durable than the 210T parachute nylon material of many other options.

With your purchase, you get the hammock, bottom entry removable bug net, overhead organizer, adjustable UHMWPE ridgeline, lantern hanger, and tree straps.

onewind 11ft Camping Hammock with Bugnet, Portable Double Hammock with Mosquito Net, Backpacking Hammock with Net Adjustable Ridgeline Tree Straps for Camping Hiking Backpacking, OD Green
  • DURABLE AND RELIABLE. This two-person hammock can easily support weight up to 500lbs and is made with 2.1 oz nylon...
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT. This camping double hammock comes with everything you need. It includes a hammock, removable...

Budget-Friendly: Portable Camping Hammock with Net

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Length: 114 inches

Weight Limit: 500 pounds

If you’re on a budget, this option will save you money while providing comfort and durability. The hammock comes with two tree straps, two carabiners, two elastic ropes, and two sand pegs that easily fit into a portable bag. 

It’s 210T parachute nylon, and the seam has reinforced triple interlocking stitching. Available in five different colors, you can choose from blue, gray, yellow, green, and black options.

Qevooon Camping Hammock with Net,Travel Portable Lightweight Hammocks with Tree Straps and Solid D-Shape Carabiners,Parachute Nylon Hammock for Outsides Backpacking Beach Backyard Patio Hiking
  • 【BREATHABLE & PREMIUM NET】: Do you hate being bitten by mosquito while camping? High density nets can effectively...
  • 【2-IN-1 180° REVERSIBLE DESIGN】: Travel hammock can be used without mosquito nets, just flip the mosquito net and...

Easy Setup: 3-in-1 Camping Hammock

Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Length: 107 inches

Weight Limit: 440 pounds

Also available in five colors, this camping hammock comes with a mosquito net and rain fly.

Although it has a lower weight rating than the other camping hammocks on this list, it’s a nylon material for a tear-resistant, breathable, and comfortable option. WintMing offers a one-year warranty.

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Patent Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net and Rainfly Cover, orange/grey
  • 【Camping Hammock】1)Hammock with mosquito net for you can stay independent in the harsh environment. 2)Hammock with...
  • 【Portable Hammock】This tree hammock not only can be used as camping tent hammock, sleeping bed, but also used as...

2-Person Option: Double Hammock with Net

Rating: 4.7/5 stars

Length: 106 inches

Weight Limit: 500 pounds 

This double hammock comes with two net ropes, two 12KN ultralight and heavy-duty carabiners, and two hammock straps with 32 adjustment loops.

Made of 210T parachute nylon material, it’s lightweight, durable, and comfortable. It also has a mosquito net, but it isn’t removable. Sunyear offers a 100% lifetime guarantee.

Sunyear Camping Hammock, Portable Double Hammock with Net, 2 Person Hammock Tent with 2 * 10ft Straps, Best for Outdoor Hiking Survival Travel
  • A TRUE HAMMOCK FOR CAMPING: This is one of those camping hammocks you can actually sleep in outside. The compact &...
  • All THE INSTALLATION TOOLS INCLUDED: Our portable Hammock comes with 2 easy-setup hammock straps(32 adjustment loops +...

Is It Healthier to Sleep in a Hammock?

There are some serious health benefits to sleeping in a hammock. This type of sleeping position increases blood flow and circulation and takes the pressure off joints, thus leading to a more restful sleep. You don’t wake up with a sore back or stiffness. 

A hammock’s gentle rocking and swaying also engages your vestibular system and leads to a deeper, longer sleep.

Is There a Correct Way to Sleep in a Hammock?

A hammock naturally helps you sleep in the ideal position. It also keeps you there during the night.

You can’t roll over onto your side or stomach, which could hurt your back. When you sleep in a hammock, your head is slightly elevated, which is ideal. 

So as long as you’re sleeping in a hammock the way it’s intended, there’s no correct way. You’re already going to be in the correct position, naturally.

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Try Hammock Camping on Your Next Adventure 

The next time you’re heading out on a weekend adventure, consider keeping the tent at home and packing a camping hammock instead. Or perhaps pack them both so you have the tent to fall back on should you decide hammock camping isn’t for you. 

But with the restful night’s sleep that hammock camping can bring and the connection with nature you’re sure to experience, you might leave the tent behind forever.

Will you try hammock camping this camping season?

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