Campfire Roasting Sticks Every Camper Should Own

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An extendable campfire roasting stick held over a fire with a marshmallow on the end.

Sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows and enjoying s’mores is a great way to end a day of camping. However, some people find themselves in a bind when they don’t have campfire roasting sticks. Sure, you could find a downed limb and make your own, but who knows where that stick has been. 

The best answer is to order your roasting sticks in advance to have them for your future camping adventures. So if you need a quality set of campfire roasting sticks, we’ve got several suggestions to consider.

What Is a Campfire Roasting Stick?

A campfire roasting stick is a solid stick, usually made of metal, for roasting food over an open fire. Because it can get hot standing close to a fire for a significant amount of time, roasting sticks are usually a few feet long. This allows you to safely hold your food over the fire and avoid any discomfort.

Many campfire roasting sticks also have a handle at the end. This makes it easier to hold on to as your food heats up over the fire and maximizes your ability to get your marshmallow just how you like it.

Three woman camping on the beach cook hotdogs over the fire with campfire roasting sticks

What to Look for in the Perfect Campfire Roasting Stick

You might think all campfire roasting sticks are created equal, but they’re not. Let’s take a look at a few things you want to consider while shopping for your perfect one.


The handle is one of the most important qualities to consider. Depending on how you cook, you’ll likely hold onto it for several minutes. You don’t want a stick with an awkward or uncomfortable grip.

You also want one that is heat resistant. It can be uncomfortable and result in severe burns. Most manufacturers use handles made from heat-resistant wood, but you may also see plastic or rubber grips.

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Strength of Metal

Your campfire roasting sticks need to withstand all that camping throws at them. You’ll likely store them with your other camping gear, and they may get beat up the more you use them. Typically, when manufacturers use thicker metal, both strength and cost increase.

Some of the more budget-friendly options use very lightweight and thin metal. While saving a buck is always great, flimsy rods will likely not be a bad idea if you plan to use your sticks regularly. You don’t want them to break and need to buy new ones.


It’s always important to consider safety when buying camping gear and supplies. Holding a piece of metal over a fire can become incredibly dangerous. The metal sticks can reach dangerous temperatures and cause severe burns if not handled properly. Some rods make it challenging to avoid getting burned while removing your food.

Additionally, consider the length of the roasting stick. A short rod may cause burns to children or adults. Ensure it’s at least 3 or 4 ft long to prevent potential accidents.

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A metal campfire roasting stick cooks a marshmallow over a fire and graham crackers and chocolate are ready to be made into a smore.

7 Campfire Roasting Sticks that Stick It to the Competition 

If you want to up your campfire roasting stick game, we’ve got several options to consider. You can leave the tree limbs and branches alone if you select any of these great roasting sticks. Let’s take a look.

#1. Jolly Green Extendable Rotating Sticks

Jolly Green Products Rotating Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, Set of 5 Extra Long Telescoping Marshmallow Sticks for Fire Pit, Campfire & Bonfire, Camping Accessories
  • FAST AND EVEN ROASTING! You'll love this compact camping cookware! Our portable telescoping roasting forks includes a...
  • HEAVY-DUTY! Our stainless-steel skewers are built to last. Made with durable metal and wooden handles. No more dirty...

This set of five telescoping campfire roasting sticks can help every member of your family to evenly and thoroughly cook their food. They have a nice turquoise handle and only cost $25 per set. The stainless steel forks make cleaning up at the end of your campfire a breeze too.

One of the best features is the thumbwheel on the handle that allows effortless rotation of the forks. This can help you cook all sides of your marshmallow, hotdog, or other campfire treats. 

You can easily store these sticks as they measure about 34” fully extended and 10” when retracted. When packing up your camping gear, you’ll wish everything was this compact. They even come with a carrying case to keep them organized.

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#2. Rolla Roaster Roasting Fork

Self-branded as the “original telescoping hot dog fork,” Rolla Roaster makes a set of stainless steel camping sticks. They retract from 42” to 12” for compact storage. It has a heat-resistant wooden handle. It typically comes in a two-pack that costs $17 to $20.

If your perfect marshmallow roasting technique involves rotating your forks to cook them evenly, you’ll love the rotisserie turning knob. This allows the handle to stay in place while the fork shaft rotates.

A young girl enjoys cookies, hot cocoa, and a roasted marshmallow at a picnic table outside an RV.

#3. Coghlan’s Extension Fork

If you don’t use them often, you likely won’t want to spend much on campfire roasting sticks. The Coghlan’s telescoping extension BBQ fork is a lightweight and somewhat compact roasting stick. It extends from 20 to 30”. You can choose from plastic or wooden handles. We think the wooden handle is the most durable and comfortable option.

This budget-friendly option costs $3 to $7, so it may not surprise you that they’re not that strong. The method used to extend these forks seems to lessen the stick’s capabilities and makes it difficult to hold multiple hotdogs or sausages. However, this could be the perfect solution if you plan to use these for marshmallows.

#4. Camp Chef Extendable Safety Roasting Forks

These reversed wire roasting sticks by Camp Chef come in a pack of six for around $30. The unique design prevents hot dogs and marshmallows from sliding off into the fire. They retract to 21” and extend to 30”. You can also have a safer campfire as you minimize the risk of being poked by a hot pointy stick.

While the design does lend itself to safety, know that they can feel a bit top-heavy when cooking heavier sausages or multiple hotdogs. If you lift the rod up, your food may fall off due to the hook-shaped prongs. 

#5. Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Roaster

Even if you didn’t catch your dinner from a lake, you can fish for some hot dogs on the Fire Buggz fishing pole campfire roasting stick. This stick resembles a fishing rod and even includes a small fish on the roasting forks to help complete the look.

The 34.5” campfire roaster works great for marshmallows, hotdogs, and having fun while cooking. You can hold two hotdogs or four marshmallows at the same time. You can pick one of these premium roasters for approximately $25 each or a set of two for $41.

Fire Buggz Fishing Pole Roaster

#6. Genuine Fred Toasty Marshmallow Roasting Skewer 

Genuine Fred TOASTY Marshmallow Roasting Skewers, Set of 4
  • That's s'more like it; set of 4
  • Stainless-steel skewers extend from 12 inches to 32 inches

This set of four retractable roasters extends from 12” to 32” long. Don’t let the handle confuse you; this roaster has a soft-touch plastic handle in the shape of three marshmallows. It has stainless steel rods, and you can throw them in the dishwasher to remove leftover marshmallow goo.

We also love that these roasters come in a four-pack and don’t break the bank. For less than $25, you can have a fun set of roasters for your entire family.

#7. HigherHuman Safety S’Mores

HIGHERHUMAN Safety S’Mores – Safest Smores Roasting Stick – Kid Friendly Campfires Skewers for Roasting Marshmallows and Hotdogs (4)
  • SAFER ROASTING - Unique reversed prongs keep kids safe from accidental stabbing from the camp fire sticks.
  • TELESCOPING STICKS - Keep everybody a safe distance from the fire and collapse for easy storage.

The four-pack of HigherHuman safety s’mores roasting sticks is a great value. The reserved prongs make these roasters kid-friendly and help avoid accidental pokes. You can never take safety too lightly when dealing with kids.

These campfire roasting sticks extend out to 26”, which can help you keep a safe distance from the heat of the fire while cooking your food. However, they also collapse down to just 6.6” and come with a convenient carrying case. We also don’t mind that you can snag this four-pack for less than $20.

Homemade s'mores on a dish next to a hot mug of a coffee.

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Time to Get Your Roasting On

There’s something special about sitting around a campfire with other people. It doesn’t matter whether you just met someone or you’ve been friends for years; campfires have the power to bring people together. 

Bringing out the s’more supplies and any of these roasters can further enhance your campfire and create memories. Which campfire roasting stick will you add to your shopping cart?

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