CampersCard: A New Way to Save at Campgrounds

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A CampersCard RV campground

Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome have changed how and where many RVers travel in their rigs. If you love these services, you’ll want to hear about CampersCard. This work in progress could possibly be the campground membership you’ve been waiting for. 

So what is this new way to save at campgrounds, and is it for you? Let’s find out!

What Is CampersCard?

CampersCard is a campground discount membership that benefits both campers and campgrounds.

Unfortunately, the membership is currently in the building stages. The company hopes to gather at least 1,000 campgrounds before the 2023 camping season is in full swing. 

Campgrounds can register for the program, or individuals can submit contact information to recommend one. If you know of a campground you want included in the program, reach out to CampersCard.

Camping tents set up at a campground using CampersCard

Who Owns CampersCard?

The same people who brought the RV community Harvest Hosts and who own Boondockers Welcome are working hard to create this new program. If the previous successes indicate what we can expect from CampersCard, it’ll be good.

Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts, recognizes the need for such a program. In a recent press release, he said, “Like our members, I spend most nights on the road in traditional campgrounds and wanted to build a product focused specifically on supporting those locations! The Harvest Hosts team is excited to launch this and amplify campground exposure.”

We’ll wait patiently for Holland and his team to onboard campgrounds and fine-tune the program. However, seeing another addition to the Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome family will be nice.

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What Are the Benefits for CampersCard Members?

We have yet to see an official list of member benefits released. However, the program’s website indicates that future members can expect discounted rates, early check-in, and late check-out. Additionally, the website mentions the possibility of discounted amenities.

While there has yet to be a mention of an app, Harvest Host and Boondockers Welcome have easy-to-use apps for iOS and Android devices. It would make sense for CampersCard to incorporate the technology for its members. Who wouldn’t want an easy way to find discounted campgrounds near them?

Since the membership program is primarily targeting campgrounds at this time, they’re not saying much about the benefits for campers. However, we’ll keep you posted as Holland and his team put meat on the bones of this program.

A sign at a CampersCard RV campground

What Are the Benefits for CampersCard Campgrounds?

Campgrounds are currently the primary target for CampersCard. While campgrounds may have experienced a tremendous boom in the past few years, it likely won’t continue forever. 

CampersCard provides a few benefits that can help campgrounds prepare for any future instability in occupancy. Let’s take a look!

Free Exposure to 800k+ Campers

What business would jump at the opportunity to get free exposure to more than 800,000 customers — a business that wants to stay in business! 

Campgrounds that join the program will instantly get exposure to the many campers that trust the Harvest Hosts brand.

The program promises to list approved campgrounds in various locations. While they’re not revealing their hand, this will likely be on a website, mobile app, and possibly social media.

Customizable Campground Discounts and Perks

The CampersCard program allows campgrounds full control of any discounts or perks they offer. 

This allows campgrounds to be more generous during the off-season or during the week to lure in potential business. 

They can even adjust their discounts based on local events or festivals specific to their area.

No Fees

Plenty of services out there make big promises and come with big price tags. However, that’s not the case with CampersCard. It is 100% free for all campgrounds that sign up for the program. 

However, members looking for places to camp will pay an annual fee.

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A CampersCard RV campground

No Contracts

There’s nothing worse than getting locked into a lengthy and costly contract. Luckily, with CampersCard, that’s another thing that campgrounds don’t have to worry about. 

If campgrounds find that the service isn’t worth their time or effort, they can easily remove themselves from the program.

Easy Account Set-Up

Any campground that wants to join the program can do so rather easily. Submit your information on the CampersCard website to start the process. Once they process your info, they’ll reach out to finish the setup process and get you up and running.

If you have any questions, you’ll have a dedicated support agent to help with any issues. Because their agents want to help you and your business succeed, they’ll strive to answer any questions or address any concerns.

Will You Become a CampersCard Member?

If we know anything about Joel Holland, we know he doesn’t settle for mediocrity. The programs he’s started are high quality and run on efficiency. 

We feel excited about the potential for this new membership program and what it will offer the RV community. We can’t wait to check it out and see the many locations where we can save money during our future adventures.

We’ll keep you posted as this program goes live and how it benefits the RV community. Are you considering a CampersCard membership? 

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