Camco versus Renator M-11 Water Pressure Regulator

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Camco vs Renator Water Pressure Regulator against a dark blue background.

As soon as you own an RV, you’ll discover a whole world of accessories and gadgets that you never knew existed. Every RVer should consider a water pressure regulator. Today we’ll compare two great regulators in our Camco vs Renator water pressure regulator battle.

Camco versus Renator at a Glance

Camco has long established itself in the RVing community with its extensive line of RV and camping accessories. Renator’s founder, who simply goes by David, realized the lack of reliable, affordable water regulators while traveling. 

In today’s Camco vs Renator water pressure regulator battle, we’ll see if David’s Renator brand can compete with well-established Camco.


To judge this Camco vs Renator water pressure regulator battle, we need to look at a few key features of both regulators. Let’s see how they measure up.

Ease of Installation

In terms of installation, both regulators offer easy, quick installation. Both attach to the male end of a three-fourth-inch threaded connection. In our Camco vs Renator water pressure regulator battle, the first fight ends in a tie. Because they share identical processes for installation, there’s no clear winner. 


The Renator uses a speedometer-style gauge with incremental markings to give a more precise PSI reading. In contrast, Camco uses a color system that broadly indicates low, high, or “green” water pressure.

We like that the Renator provides an accurate and easy-to-read gauge of the water pressure. That puts it ahead in this category.

Type of Regulator

There are two styles of regulators, adjustable and fixed. The Renator M-11 is an adjustable regulator, but the Camco regulator is fixed. Being able to adjust the water pressure on the Renator regulator allows for a broader range of uses. Therefore, the Renator M-11’s multi-functioning potential gives it the edge, but if you’re solely looking for a water pressure regulator for your RV, the Camco regulator will do the job.


The Camco regulator costs half the price of the Renator M-11. The Camco regulator costs $18 on Amazon, while the Renator M-11 costs $38.50. While we like the many features that the Renator M-11 offers, Camco offers the better value and wins this category.

Camco vs Renator: The Winner

Now that we’ve looked at a few key comparisons, we can crown a winner in our Camco vs Renator water pressure regulator battle. Find out which regulator ekes out the victory.

Best Overall: Renator M-11

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It should come as no surprise that we think the Renator M-11 is the best overall water pressure regulator. The ability to adjust the water pressure and the precise pressure gauge push it ahead. We also like that the unique shape of the regulator helps it stand out from the water spigot. We’ve heard of many RVers forgetting to detach their regulator from the spigot and therefore losing it. 

Best Budget Pick: Camco 

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While the Renator M-11 comes out ahead overall, the Camco regulator offers a solid budget option. This bare-bones tool will still protect your RV. If you’re just starting RVing and don’t care about knowing your exact water pressure, check it out.

Protecting your RV from expensive repairs doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These two water regulators both come relatively cheap but protect your RV. We think you’ll be happy with either choice. Which one do you think is right for you?

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  1. I run the Renator, am happy with it. I messed up and allowed it to freeze this past winter, which destroyed the gauge. However, the gauge is an easily replaced item. I got one at Tractor Supply for about $10. Also, you never stated if the Camco actually REDUCED water pressures to a specific pressure, or if it just told you the pressure was too high.

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