Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Portable Waste Holding Tank Review

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A camco rhino heavy duty portable waste holding tank against a dark blue background.

Whether camping off-grid or in a campground without full hook-ups, a Camco Rhino Portable Waste Tank keeps you prepared. Having to pack up to go to a dump station could cost you your spot at a campsite. That’s one reason why this waste tank could be a game-changer for many RVers. Let’s take a look.

Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Holding Tank Overview

Camco Rhino 15-Gallon Camper / RV Portable Waste Tank - Features Large Heavy-Duty No-Flat Wheels & Low Drain Hole - Includes Removable Steel Tow Adapter, 3’ RV Sewer Hose & More RV Accessories (39000)
  • SIMPLIFY RV WASTE DISPOSAL: Make waste disposal hassle-free with Camco's portable waste tank. Easily transport waste...
  • EFFORTLESS TRANSPORT: Haul your waste with ease with no-flat wheels built for any terrain, an oversized handle for easy...

Some stellar campgrounds and RV parks don’t have full hook-ups. Needing to empty your tanks makes an extended stay at a place like that difficult. 

The Camco Rhino Holding Tank offers a portable storage tank for the contents of your RV tanks. Instead of packing up camp, you can empty your tanks into this convenient holding tank and tow it to the nearest dump station. The Rhino Heavy Duty Holding Tank also comes with a hitch attachment, making it easy to tow.

Why Would You Need a Portable Waste Holding Tank?

Portable waste holding tanks allow you to empty your tanks when dump stations are not easily accessible. Towing a portable tank is much easier than packing up your entire RV and campsite.

When you have a portable waste holding tank, you can boondock or camp in more secluded locations as well. Plus, you can stay in those remote areas for longer.

Our Favorite Features

The Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Portable Waste Holding Tank appears pretty straightforward. However, it comes loaded with convenient features.

Integrated Ladder Hook

The Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Portable Waste Holding Tank comes in four sizes: 15-gallon, 21-gallon, 28-gallon, and 36-gallon. The integrated ladder hook lets you hang it on your RV when you’re not using it.

Durable Build

The tank combines durability and easy maneuverability. It relies on blow-molded, UV-stabilized HDPE plastic for its construction and won’t deteriorate or leak in the sun, either.

Durable Wheels 

Camco has created not only a strong and durable holding tank but tough wheels as well. These rugged wheels can handle a wide variety of terrains. Go from the paved surfaces of your local campground to the gravel of your favorite boondocking trail.

You can use two wheels or four for the Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Portable Waste Holding Tank. This allows you to tow the tank just like you would a cart. The front wheels also help keep the tank flat to distribute the weight.

Oversized Handle

The large, durable handle helps carry the weight of the tank. Plus, you can maneuver the tank with ease even when it’s full. 


The Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Portable Waste Holding Tank can hold a considerable amount of waste. However, that makes it heavy when full. RVers with back injuries or difficulty lifting may require the four-wheel option to maneuver the tank.

In addition, the wheels can’t handle much speed at all, making any significant travel to a dump station difficult. Some have reported wheels popping off on prior models, leading to holes in the tank. A hole in a waste tank can ruin a trip quickly.

Alternatives to the Rhino Heavy Duty Holding Tank

RV accessory manufactures have noticed the demand for a product of this sort. Other options are popping up quickly. Here are a few alternatives to consider.

Barker 2 Wheel Tote-along

Barker (31342) Tote Tank - 30 Gallon Capacity
  • Fit type: Universal Fit
  • Package Weight: 16.578 kilograms

The Barker 2 wheel tote-along holding tank, much like the Camco Rhino model, ranges from 10 gallons up to 30 gallons. Some have reported that the plastic of this tank does not hold up quite as well as the Camco Rhino tank. 

Other reviewers warn against faulty wheels and sub-par construction. At a similar price point, this one may not beat the Camco Rhino for your money.

SmartTote2 RV Waste Tank

Thetford SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank - 4 Wheels - 35 Gallon - Thetford 40519 , Silver
  • [VERSATILITY]: Usable with any RV type, right out of the box - Rugged 35-gallon tank, fast emptying and easy to...
  • [FUNCTIONALITY]: Front wheels attached to handle for maximum maneuverability, Maximum speed limit of 5MPH

Overfilling one of these portable tanks can lead to a huge mess. The SmartTote2 RV Waste Tank uses sensors to detect when it reaches capacity. It will then stop the flow at the RV sewer outlet. You’ll pay an extra $100 over the Camco Rhino for this technology, but it may be worth it.

The Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Portable Waste Holding Tank can save RVers of all lifestyles a ton of time and hassle. It offers excellent durability and value given its price point compared to other portable tanks. 

Do you own a Camco Rhino Heavy Duty Portable Waste Holding Tank? Do you find it lets you enjoy RVing more while spending less time on waste?

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