Camco Curved Leveler vs Andersen Camper Leveler

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An RV is parked facing a sunset over hills and it is level thanks to RV levelers under the wheels. Did they pick between the camco camper leveler vs andersen?

As you begin your RV research, you’ll soon understand the necessity of leveling your RV. When looking for tools to level your rig, you’ll start to see brand names like Camco and Andersen. Today, we’re going to look at the Camco Curved Leveler vs Andersen Camper Leveler to see which is best for you. 

Camco Curved Leveler vs Andersen Camper Leveler: Which Is Better? 

When looking at the Camco Curved Leveler vs Andersen Camper Leveler, these two leveling systems seem almost identical in nature. They use the same method to level your RV with only slight variances. 

However, those tiny differences can make or break a product for a user. Let’s see which system will give you peace of mind when it comes to a more level RV. 

Why Do You Need RV Levelers in the First Place?

If you’ve ever stepped into an unlevel RV, you know why you need RV levelers. You can just feel it! 

When it comes to RV leveling it’s a bit like “The Princess and the Pea.” You might notice even a few degrees of tilt, and it will feel off-putting. In addition to the discomfort, using your RV while unlevel can be bad for your rig. 

An unlevel rig can damage slides and even the frame itself. It can also interfere with the proper function of your propane-powered appliances. 

Many RVs come with auto-leveling systems that take care of the problem. But even with an auto-level system, it’s crucial to get your RV as level as possible before initiating the auto level feature, and leveling blocks can help immensely! 

Camco Curved Leveler vs Andersen Levelers

Now that we know what levelers do and why we need them, let’s look at the Camco Curved Leveler vs Andersen levelers. We’ll discuss how they’re the same, how they differ, and what we prefer.

Andersen Levelers

ANDERSEN HITCHES | 3604 2-Pack Camper Leveler Blocks w/Rubber mats and Sturdy Bag w/Double Handles | Camper Leveling System | Outdoor Camping Levels
  • 🛻[MUST HAVE FOR CAMPERS OR FIFTH WHEEL]: Works great on trailers up to 30,000 lbs and with tires up to 32" diameter....
  • 🛻[RUBBER GRIP MATS INCLUDED]: Rubber grip mats help the levelers chock system to grip the ground to prevent the...

About: An Andersen Camper Leveler is made of smooth, hard plastic. It’s a ramp-style level and wedge that goes under your tire. It can support a 30,000-pound RV with tires up to 32” in diameter. You only need one leveler per axle rather than one per tire. A set weighs about 13.7 pounds and each leveler is about 15.5” by 7”. 

How They Work: Upon determining which RV side needs additional height, place the levelers on the low side. You can adjust the lift from 0.5” to 4” based on how high you drive onto the levelers. These levels also act as blocks to prevent potential tire movement. When you reach the desired height, secondary wedges secure and support the blocks.

What Customers Are Saying: The Anderson Camper Levelers average 4.5 stars on Amazon. Customers say that leveling is now substantially easier and exponentially faster. They like that they can go forward or backward to achieve the right height compared to the trial and error method of other levelers. 

Camco Curved Levelers

Camco Rv Curved Leveler With Chock - 2 Pack - Easy Drive-On Leveler Adds Up To 4" In Height (44425)
  • Easy drive-on leveler adds up to 4” in height
  • Honeycomb design makes leveler lightweight but durable

About: A Camco Curved Leveler has a honeycomb design. It’s a curved plastic wedge that you drive onto.  It has rubber grippers on the bottom to secure its place, and it can support up to 30,000 pounds. It weighs about 6 pounds and is about 19” by 6”. 

How They Work: When you’ve decided which side of the RV needs raised, place the honeycomb levelers on the low side and drive onto it until you’re level. The Camco Curved Leveler can add up to 4” in height to an unlevel side. The included wedge gives extra support to the curved leveler. 

What Customers Are Saying: Reviews of this Camco product average 4.5 stars. Users state that setting up their RV is faster and less stressful now that they use these levelers. Users who have smaller tires and axles closer together prefer the smaller size. 

Our Pick: Andersen Levelers

The two leveling systems are very similar and work in the same way. However, the size and versatility make the Andersen Levelers the clear winner for us. 

The Andersen Camper Levelers are longer and more robust. Fewer reviews identify cracking problems on the Anderson Levelers vs the Camco Levelers. 

Plus, the Andersen Levelers’ longer length means more stability with the ramp being a long slope vs the steep slope of Camco’s product. 

The Camco Leveling system also has reports of the levelers slipping, whereas very few reviewers reported this with the Andersen Levelers. 

When it comes to the ease and safety of securing your RV, you want to feel confident in your products. Always weigh the pros and cons of products as you research. Correctly understand how to use it so you don’t harm your RV or yourself. 

Have you tried the Andersen Camper Levelers? What leveling system do you find works best for your situation?

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  1. I still use 2×6 boards. Price is right. If I lose one I don’t care much and they double as supports for the jacks if over soft ground. I have gotten pretty good at looking at the bubble Level and guessing how many blocks I need.

  2. Charlie Land: Wood is heavier, takes up more storage space, and isn’t weaterproof (unless you’re varnishing it). As a fellow camper told me, “When you buy quality, you only cry once”.

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