These Are The Best RV Steps for Your Camper

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A white rv parked near water has the door open and some steps that can be upgraded to one of these listed best RV steps!

It only takes one accident on cheap RV folding steps before you’ll be looking for an upgrade. Hopefully, you can recognize that your steps are doomed to cause a fall and upgrade sooner! Flimsy and unstable steps are simply a recipe for disaster. 

Today, we’ll help you avoid a potential disaster by showing you a few folding steps and solid steps. After reading, hopefully, you can choose the right ones for you! 

Why Do You Need RV Steps?

The height and structures of RVs make it virtually impossible to enter at ground level. A sprite teenager might be able to jump into the RV without steps, but most RVers need a sturdy set of stairs!  

RV steps let you safely enter your vehicle, and having high-quality footing is essential for that! Don’t forget about the safety of others entering your RV, either. While avoiding injury is your first concern, you might also think about personal injury lawsuits. A guest who has an accident on your stairs because they weren’t a good fit could sue–nobody wants that stress! 

It’s not worth the risk–a safe, fitted set of RV steps will make your RV use more comfortable and give you peace of mind!  

A large RV is parked with the steps lowered. With one of these upgraded RV steps they wont have to worry about remembering to put the steps back up before hitting the highway.

How to Choose the Right RV Steps for Your Camper

There are several factors to think about when researching camper steps. The first should revolve around safety. Look at how the steps attach to your rig entryway (or not) and their durability. You don’t want the steps falling off or having someone’s leg fall through because they were flimsy! 

Pro Tip: If safety is your goal, you’re going to want to check out our Practical RV Safety Products.

Consider where you like to camp and how the elements might affect your steps. For example, if you’re often in humid weather and park in the grass, you might be concerned about moisture corroding and rusting metal stairs. 

Check the weight limit as well. Most RV steps hold about 300 pounds, but limits often differ. Think about how much you and anyone else traveling in your RV weigh and whether two people will be able to take the stairs simultaneously. 

Don’t forget to factor in guests! If you have plenty of friends that might be visiting or a large family, you might want to consider RV folding steps, as they are more robust.

Ideally, you’ll find steps designed for your specific rig model. That way, you know they’ll fit correctly. This isn’t a requirement, but it can help! 

Types of RV Steps

As with all things RV, there’s no shortage of options when considering buying RV steps. The perfect product depends on your needs and the needs of those who will be entering your RV. Let’s take a look to find the proper steps for you. 

Permanent RV Steps

Permanent RV steps attach to and stay on your rig. You can stow them when not in use, usually by either folding up or swinging inside the entryway. These steps remain attached to the coach as you travel, and you’d only remove them if you’re upgrading.

Folding RV Steps

Folding RV steps (sometimes called platform steps) are exactly what you expect them to be. They’re small folding steps that you place in front of your RV door, allowing you to safely step inside. 

Some models might have a flimsy attachment to increase their stability, but it’s not as secure as permanent steps. Unfortunately, accidents can occur if steps get unknowingly bumped or moved.

RV steps are lowered for ease of access into the RV while stationed at the campsite.

Best RV Steps for Your Camper

The best style for you will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Many campers prefer a portable-style step, so they have multiple purposes around the RV. You can move these steps around to perform other tasks around your campsite or even in your RV. 

These steps might feel less stable to some. Additionally, you must store and secure portable steps during traveling. 

Because of these potential downsides, other campers might prefer permanent steps. Since they’re often sturdier and conveniently stow away without much thought or effort, it’s an obvious choice for some. 

That being said, a permanent step means it serves just that purpose. If you need a step ladder for your RV’s interior, you’ll need to pack it. Additionally, the steel construction of many permanent RV steps is heavier than some campers might prefer.

Best Portable RV Step

If you choose the multi-purpose route and buy portable RV steps, buying a set that will adequately support your weight and safely do its job is paramount! So, we wanted you to know our top choice: 

Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Step

Camco Adjustable Height RV Step Stool (43676)
  • Provides Additional Height: Offers up to 9-inches of additional height and supports up to 1,000 lb.
  • Adjustable Height: Height adjusts from 7 ½-inches to 9-inches for leveling on uneven surfaces

The Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Step is a heavy-duty option with an impressive 1000lb weight limit. You won’t have to worry if these steps will hold you or others safely. 

The Camco Aluminum step folds into a neat, 3”-tall package for quick and easy storage. This platform step measures 19”x 14.5” and weighs under 9lbs. 

With this design, you can move it around to fit your ever-changing needs from one campsite to another. When every inch of space matters in an RV, you’ll love this multipurpose step option!

Best Permanent RV Steps

If you currently don’t have a permanent RV step, it’s pretty easy to install one. If you already have one but want to upgrade, you can do that too! Permanence is essential to many RVers lifestyles, and if you think it’s time to invest in a solid permanent step, here are our recommendations: 

MORryde RV Steps

Many RVers choose the MORryde RV steps, with four steps, each with an 8” rise. The MORryde steps are installed at the door’s base and fold up into your rig to remain inside during travel. 

These steps fit 30” doors, and the feet are adjustable to suit the ground of your campsite better. The unit itself weighs 35 pounds, but it has a 500-pound weight capacity, making it a sturdy option for all campers! 

These steps are for campers who want a four-step option with added stability while entering and exiting their rig. You’ll appreciate the attention to quality that MOR/ryde has put into these steps’ steel construction.

Lippert Components RV Steps

Lippert Components - 791572 Solid Step Triple Step for RV and Travel Trailer Entry Doorway Black 26-inch
  • ADDED STABILITY — This RV step assembly boasts an extra-wide top step and aluminum treads, ensuring a steady platform....
  • EASY STORAGE — When you’re ready to hit the road, all you have to do is fold your Solid Step up right into your...

The Lippert Components RV Steps are a three-step, permanent entryway solution. A professional will install them in the RV doorway, and they come with a kick plate to protect your RV siding. 

These steps fit most standard-sized RV doors and fold into the interior of the RV during travel. The stairs lock into place to eliminate movement or bouncing during travel. You can also easily adjust the “feet” to fit your campsite terrain.

They’re on the heavy side at 55 pounds, thanks to the added kick plates, but you’ll rarely find a more sturdy option. These stairs can support up to 400 pounds, and there’s a hand-rail for added stability. 

These steps are well suited for campers who want a highly durable, three-step permanent option that provides stability. 

Kwikee Electric Steps

Kwikee (903209025 2-Step
  • Kwikee Automatic Electric Double Step
  • Kwikee 12-volt automatic steps are designed to take the work out of entering or exiting from recreational vehicles

The Kwikee Electric Steps are the epitome of ease and luxury–they automatically extend when the door opens and retract when it closes. The weatherproofed wiring keeps your steps functioning as designed, even in rainy conditions. Plus, the automatic shutdown detects and prevents the stairs from striking or damaging an object. 

These electric steps also fold under the door of the coach and remain outside during travel. Because they don’t touch the ground, you won’t need to adjust them based on your site. 

This options has three steps, weigh about 60 pounds, and support up to 300 pounds. They’re ideal for campers who want simplicity and convenience. When you are busy enjoying your travels, any product that makes your life easier is a win!

RV steps get used multiple times a day, often by many different people. They might not seem like a fascinating part of your adventure, but they’re critical to comfort and function.

What style of RV steps do you currently have? Are you happy with them or looking to make a change?

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