Camco 30 Amp RV Power Defender Review

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A camco 30 Amp Power Defender Surge Protector guard set against a dark blue background.

You’ve likely heard horror stories of it happening to others, but you never imagined it could happen to you–until it does. Surge protectors protect expensive electronics, and RVs are no exception. An RV surge protector is one accessory every RVer should own. If you’re looking for a decent model, you might be considering the Camco Power Defender 30 amp RV surge protector and monitor. It’s a popular model, and we wanted to give our take on it. Let’s get started!

About the Camco Power Defender 30 Amp

Camco Power Grip Camper/RV 30-Amp Voltage Protector | Features Integrated Surge Protection of Up to 2,800 Joules & Diagnostic LEDs Indicate Wiring Faults (55301)
  • RV ELECTRICAL PROTECTION: Protects your camper from dangerous high (>132 VAC) and low (
  • AUTO CONNECT/DISCONNECT & DIAGNOSTIC LEDS: Automatically disconnects from dangerous conditions & reconnects after normal...

If you want a surge protector for your 30amp RV, this is a great choice.

Camco’s 30 amp RV Power Defender has a beefy handle, so it’s almost effortless to carry and connect to your campsite’s power pedestal. This surge protector prevents dangerous voltage levels and power surges from damaging your RV. 

The diagnostic LEDs show RVers the health status of their power connection and provide a diagram for RVers to confirm the connection’s safety. It can still be safe to connect with minor errors, but the surge protector won’t allow the electrical current passage into your RV if significant issues show up. 

Why You Always Want an RV Surge Protector

Power surges and voltage drops can happen randomly. You’ll never know when to expect them, nor are you guaranteed to be present when they occur. Using an RV surge protector keeps your RV and its electrical components safe.

Damages caused by surges and voltage drops can be costly. Replacing refrigerators, air conditioners, and the many other electronics with sensitive motors can cost thousands of dollars in parts alone.

Connecting a surge protector to the power pedestal should be one of the first things every RVer does when arriving at a campsite. You don’t want to waste your time setting up camp when the electricity doesn’t function correctly. 

If you don’t currently have an RV surge protector or want to upgrade, let’s take a closer look at why we think the Camco Power Defender is a great choice!

A power pedestal in a campground could be an unsafe set up for electronics like when they simply drill a plug against a tree.

What We Like About the Camco Power Defender 30amp

Keeping your RV safe is just the tip of the iceberg for the Power Defender, and there’s a lot to love about it; let’s examine a few of our favorite features. 

Intelligently Connects and Disconnects 

Electrical issues don’t always occur when it’s convenient. Whether you’re sleeping, away from your RV, or relaxing by the campfire, the Power Defender will monitor your electrical connection. This monitoring means automatically disconnecting should the link become unstable and reconnecting when it regains stability.

You’ll spend less time stressing over your electrical connection and more time doing what you came to do: adventuring in your RV. We love that the unit turns on and off based on the electrical conditions.

Recognize Power Issues with LEDs

Camco made the wise choice to use LEDs to alert users of potential power connection issues. There’s a color-coded chart on the back of the surge protector to help users identify the varying safety alerts.

It’s important to know that not all safety alerts mean the electrical connection is unsafe to use. There are situations where the electrical link may not be ideal but poses no threat to damaging the RV or its components.

It’s Weather-Resistant

Durable weather-resistant construction helps ensure your RV surge protector is safe from weather conditions. You don’t want to worry if you’re wasting your hard-earned money when the first rainstorm hits. The weather-resistant construction will keep your surge protector and RV safe no matter the weather.

Cons of the Power Defender

While we think the Camco 30 amp RV Power Defender is a great choice, it’s not perfect. Let’s look at where we’d like to see some improvements made for this Power Defender.

Lacks Full Weatherproofing

While the Power Defender is weather-resistant, it’s not weatherproof. You never know what the weather will be like when you’re using your RV. The Power Defender is also only weather-resistant when mounted in an upright position. Many campsites have shorter power pedestals. This height often forces the RVer to rest the surge protector on the ground, leading to damage from rain or flooding.

Lengthy Delay After Plugging In

This surge protector boots up, much like a computer, and it takes time. Some users report experiencing boot times of 2-3 minutes, which can seem like an eternity when you want to power up and unpack right after pulling into a site. It’s not a deal-breaker to wait that long, but it is annoying! 

Alternatives to Camco Power Defender 30 Amp

The Camco 30 amp RV Power Defender is a high-quality surge protector, but it’s always great to have options. Let’s check out a couple of alternatives to the Power Defender!

Progressive Industries EMS-PT30X

RV Surge Protector, 30 Amp EMS with Integrated Display, Fault Detection, and All Weather Shield Assembly - EMS-PT30X
  • ELECTRONIC SAFETY MAINTAINED: Ensure the safety of your Progressive Industries surge protector electronics with the 30...
  • COST-EFFECTIVE RV SURGE PROTECTOR: Rated at 30A/120V/3,600W, the EMS-PT30X can absorb surges up to 1,790 joules,...

If you want an all-in-one surge protector, Progressive Industries makes the EMS-PT30X. It plugs into the power pedestal and quickly checks the power quality that will soon enter your RV.

Once connected to the RV, it will continually protect the RV’s computer and any sensitive electronics connected. The rugged housing is weather-resistant, and the surge protector comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s an excellent option for anyone shopping for a 30 amp RV surge protector.

Power Watchdog 30 Amp

Power Watchdog PWD30EPO, Bluetooth Surge Protector with Auto Shutoff, 30 Amp, Portable
  • 2,400 Joules of Advanced Surge Protection, World’s first advanced Smart Surge Protector with EPO.
  • Smart Circuit Analyzer will shut down power to RV if a dangerous event occurs. An alert will be sent to your smartphone....

The power Watchdog 30 amp RV surge protector is another popular choice among RVers. It provides all the same functions and features as other surge protectors provide.

However, it separates itself from the competition by sending text alerts when the electrical current is unsafe. Protecting your RV from potential damages is a must, and the Power Watchdog is one of the best options available.


You never know when damage can happen to your RV due to surges or drops in voltage. We advise RVers to only connect their RV to a power connection while using a surge protector. You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your RV and sensitive electronics! Do your due diligence and keep your RV safe with an RV surge protector. 

Have you ever had a surge protector save you from connecting to a faulty power pedestal?

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