Buc-ee’s Sued for This Weird Reason

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A rainbow outside of Buc-ee's
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Buc-ee’s has caused quite a stir in some areas. However, it’s typically because of their delicious food and clean bathrooms, not for causing trouble.

But in 2019, the beaver-loving franchise was in the middle of a weird lawsuit. What illegal actions could they have committed?

Today, we’re looking at why Buc-ee’s was accused of breaking the law. Let’s dive in.

What Is Buc-ee’s?

Buc-ee’s is a Texas-based convenience store franchise. The empire started in Lake Jackson, Texas, in 1982 and has expanded to more than 40 locations throughout the southeast. You can find locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

They’ve grown a relatively loyal fanbase through the use of their adorable mascot and exceptional customer service. Whether traveling in a massive RV or a compact car, stopping at Buc-ee’s during a road trip is worth your time.

There’s no shortage of gas pumps, bathroom stalls, or snack options. Their locations all have the same look and feel, combining a massive gift shop with a truck stop.

With so much to see and consider, you won’t want to be in a hurry during your visit. Plan on spending more time and money than you might expect.

Inside Buc-ee's
Source: Buc-ee’s

Why Did Buc-ee’s Get Sued?

Buc-ee’s opened its first Alabama location in early 2019 and almost immediately faced legal troubles. A lawsuit filed by Oasis Travel Center LLC accused Buc-ee’s of violating the Alabama Motor Fuel Marketing Act, passed in 1984. 

The act requires oil companies to sell gasoline to the public for at least the cost of buying and transporting it to the retailer. Oasis Travel Center LLC claims that Buc-ee’s unfairly sold gasoline for below cost when they opened the location.

On Jan. 21, 2019, Buc-ee’s sold gasoline for $1.80 per gallon, while the average price in the area was closer to $2.00. Area retailers were upset that Buc-ee’s was stealing their business and negatively impacting their bottom line.

Why Would Buc-ee’s Willingly Lose Money on Gas

Many gasoline retailers are willing to lose money on gasoline sales to attract customers. The margins on fuel are so thin that most gas stations make very little money on these transactions.

However, sales of food, beverages, and other merchandise inside the store are much more profitable.

Most customers aren’t loyal to a particular gas station chain and usually, look for the lowest price when filling up their tanks. Buc-ee’s knows that customers are more likely to venture into their stores to use the restroom or grab a bite to eat if they can get them to stop for fuel.

The more people they can get to their stores, the more money they make. It’s a brilliant business strategy that they can use to attract customers. However, many of their competitors don’t have the same luxury.

Have Other Gas Stations Faced Similar Lawsuits?

The allegations against Buc-ee’s aren’t anything new. Costco and Walmart are other popular fuel retailers facing similar lawsuits. Only a handful of states in the country have these fuel price restrictions, including Alabama.

Buc-ee’s attorney Jeff Nadalo told CSNEWS that “Buc-ee’s has always provided our customers with the best experience on the highway, from the world’s cleanest bathrooms to great food.” 

He also said, “Part of this experience includes high-quality fuels, priced fairly and competitively, and we will always strive to be our customers’ choice in the markets where we operate.”

Why Do People Love Buc-ee’s So Much?

The cheap fuel prices are just one of the many reasons people love Buc-ee’s so much. Let’s look at a handful of other reasons why people go out of their way to stop at this gas station.

Tons of Fuel Pumps

Some gas stations only have a handful of fuel pumps, and the lines can get insane occasionally.

However, many Buc-ee’s locations have upwards of 100+ fuel pumps. Whether you need unleaded, premium, or diesel, you typically won’t have to wait in a long line for a pump.

Many people love the simplicity of pulling in and out of the station as quickly as possible while traveling. However, as you’ll soon see, most people who stop at Buc-ee’s spend more time than they planned.

Close up of gas pumps at Buc-ee's

Snack Lovers Paradise

After you fill up your tank, head inside to grab some snacks. The store has earned a reputation for having one of the largest varieties of snacks of any convenience store.

You’ll find products like Beaver Nuggets, a Buc-ee’s specialty, trail mix, and an assortment of fresh fudge.

This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on snacks for you and your passengers to enjoy during your trip. However, the stores offer much more than just snacks. Its hot food items, like sandwiches and french fries, are some of the best in the industry.

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Beef Jerky Wall

Many consider beef jerky one of the best road trip snacks, and Buc-ee’s has an entire wall dedicated to it. You’ll find dozens of jerky types, including original, teriyaki, and peppered flavors. 

However, they take beef jerky to the next level by offering maple bacon, ghost pepper, and jalapeno jerky.

Customers love it because Buc-ee’s uses some of the highest-quality beef. Some stores have entire stations dedicated to jerky, allowing customers to sample the different flavors before purchasing. 

Clean Bathrooms

Not many gas stations can brag about having award-winning bathrooms, but Buc-ee’s can.

Year after year, they receive awards for having some of the cleanest and most maintained restrooms. Attendants check the facilities every 15 to 30 minutes to ensure guests have everything to answer nature’s call.

In addition to cleanliness, like at their fuel pumps, it has plenty of stalls for men and women. While lines can still form during the busiest times, it goes quickly thanks to big clean restrooms.

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A clean bathroom inside Buc-ee's

Souvenirs for Days

If you want to pick up something special as a gift or to remember your trip, Buc-ee’s is the place to shop. Its stores have just about every type of souvenir you could imagine.

You can find beaver-inspired pajamas, magnets, and coolers. If you can imagine it, Buc-ee’s likely has it branded with its logo.

You’ll also find various decorative items and non-Buc-ee’s branded merchandise. These give the retail side of the store a very Cracker Barrel gift shop-type feel. However, you can find some high-quality items to help decorate just about any living space. 

Lawsuit or Not, Travelers Love Them Some Buc-ee’s

While the lawsuit results are hard to come by, it doesn’t change how customers feel about Buc-ee’s.

It’s done an incredible job marketing and growing its locations, especially now that they’re expanding outside of Texas. People will travel out of their way to stop at one of their locations.

If you want to experience Buc-ee’s, just watch for its signs along the interstates in the southeast. You’ll start to see them around 100 miles away from their locations. They’ll help you count down the miles and build excitement in your vehicle.

What do you love about Buc-ee’s?

  1. I was told by a staff member that Buc-ee’s was NOT a truck stop and that semis were not allowed. I love going to Buc-ee’s! It’s really fun and I love the food.

  2. The atmosphere, the people, the crowd, gas prices,food choices and its always clean. Heck what’s not like about Buc-fee’s ? Great idea someone said, to me it’s service done right.

  3. EVERYTHING…except the EV charging stations, I have no use for those myself. Neatest place ever, better than Disney World lol

  4. Worn out driven as far as I could. I stopped at the Buc-ees in Baytown just outside of Houston, one I had shopped at many times usually spending much more than I had expected or would have at other fast food locations. Since it was not a special event weekend or a even a partially crowded late nite parking lot I expected my polite request to remotely park my RV for a couple hours of rest, I expected an approval with may be some direction and maybe limits, location, time I could stay or when I must leave. Instead I was informed that it WAS COMPANY POLICY THAT NO RV COULD BE ALLOWED TO STOP FOR REST. THIS IS THE LAST TIME i HAVE OR WILL EVER PURCHASE FROM BUC-EES. A few miles off of the interstate I found the reliable Walmart. Further exhausted asking the Walmart employee the same request of a long time customer I was quickly directed to the far end of the lot where I could park and get some rest with out interference to their business or to my recovery. NO ONE IN THE RV COMMUNITY SHOULD PATRONIZE BUC-EES. Maybe their signs disallowing a semi’s cab from the property tells the true story of this company’s motives. I bought Wal-Mart stock and patronize them.

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