Best RV Bike Racks for Your Motorhome or Trailer

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Bringing a bike on your travels is a great way to stay active and see the local sites and save money exploring. Finding a place to store your bike during travel can prove to be a bit tricky, however. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up several RV bike rack suggestions to ensure your bikes arrive safely at your destination.

What Is an RV Bike Rack? 

An RV bike rack is a bike carrier that mounts exclusively on RVs. These bike racks are the right size and shape for your larger rig’s rear, and they have the added stability and shock absorption to steady your bikes. 

Because your bike will bounce more on the back of your vehicle, it’s vital to choose an RV-rated bike rack. 

Types of RV Bike Racks

No matter your RV setup, there’s an option for you. Let’s look at a few different options when it comes to RV bike racks.

Ladder Mount

Many people choose to use the ladder on the back of their RV to attach their bikes. Ladder mount bike racks attach directly to the ladder on the back of your RV. You’ll want to ensure your RV ladder is approved to carry the weight of your bikes before you hook up your bikes and start bouncing down the road.


One of the most popular options for hauling bikes is via your RV hitch. Hitch-mount RV bike racks use the hitch receiver. It attaches very similarly to the way this style would connect to a standard vehicle. 

But remember, the two hitches are not interchangeable! The hitch-mount bike rack you choose must be explicitly rated for RV use.

Bumper Mount

Exactly as it sounds, bumper-mount bike racks make use of your RV bumper. Bumper mounts secure to the bumper itself.

When buying this type of mount, note your bumper’s weight rating and double-check that your bumper is reinforced to the RV frame. No one wants to have their bumper fall off and take their bikes with it! 

Front Mount

Front-mounting RV bike racks are standard amongst users who would rather not place their bikes at the RVs’ rear. Because the front mount is not subjected to as much bounce as racks at the back, they’re usually more secure. You can also see your bikes at all times, giving you peace of mind that all is well.

How to Choose the Right RV Bike Rack for You

It’s a matter of safety to choose the correct mount for your circumstance. Using a bike mount against manufacturer recommendations can cause damage to the bike, your RV, or even a fellow motorist. 

First, research the safest place to mount a bike rack on your specific RV. Then, find RV bike racks that are rated specifically for RV use.

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Best RV Bike Racks

As we said, be sure the bike rack you purchase is rated for RV use. Even after you’ve narrowed your needs, there are still many options. We’ve gathered a few RV-rated bike racks for the most common situations so that you can find the perfect one for you.

Stromberg-Carlson Ladder Mount Bike Rack

Stromberg Carlson LA-102 1-Inch Bike Rack for Universal Ladder, black
  • Length from bend to tip of extended bike arms is 13″
  • Max distance between bike cradles is 9″

The Stromberg-Carlson Ladder Mount Bike Rack is perfect for lightweight bikes. It can hold up to two bikes totaling no more than 50lbs. The max distance between the bike cradles is 9”. 

The bike rack itself is lightweight at only 5lbs, so it doesn’t add much to your overall weight. You can easily remove it with pins to use the ladder at any time. 

Stromberg Carlson Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Stromberg Carlson BC-202BA 2-Bike Rack for Vehicle - Bike Rack Hitch Mount, Rigid Car Bike Rack, Bike Accessories for RV, Bike Rack for SUV, Bike Rack for Truck, Trailer Hitch Bike Rack
  • BIKE RACK FOR AUTOS & RVS: Our BC-202BA bike hitch rack easily accommodates 2 bikes, providing a great solution for...
  • MADE OF DURABLE ALLOY STEEL: With our bike carrier, people will be ready for any adventure with their family and...

This hitch mount bike rack can hold two bikes totaling no more than 80lbs combined. The Stromberg Carlson Hitch Mount Bike Rack uses 2” square receivers. You can add an adapter to fit 4” and 4.5” RV bumpers. The wheel mounts are adjustable, ensuring that your bike will fit. If you find yourself needing access to the rear of your RV, the bike rack tilts down for easy access. 

Quick Products Bumper Mount Bike Rack

Quick Products QPRBM2R RV Bumper-Mounted 2-Bike Rack with Adjustable Width and Stabilizer Post
  • Conveniently carry up to two bikes from your 4" to 4.5" square bumper
  • Adjustable mounting allows a fit for nearly any length bicycle

For those without access to a hitch receiver, a bumper mount might be the way to go. Quick Products Bumper Mount Bike Rack fits square bumpers 4” to 4.5”. It can hold two bikes, each one weighing up to 30lbs (60lbs total weight capacity). 

The rack is made with powder-coated steel to prevent rust. The slotted tire wheels are adjustable in width, giving you confidence that your bike will easily fit. 

Futura Travel Trailer Tongue Mount Bike Rack

Futura GP RV Bike Rack for Travel Trailer Tongue A-Frame Bike Rack Bike Hitch Mount Rack (2-Inch Reicever)
  • The kit has been manufactured and designed for the world of trailers and cars
  • The limited lifetime warranty of a quality product / 60 days satisfaction guarantee

If you tow a travel trailer, the Furtura Travel Trailer Tongue Mount Bike Rack is worth a look! This bike rack easily installs right on the A-frame of your travel trailer. This means the bikes can mount between the travel trailer and your tow vehicle. 

Users appreciate being able to see their bikes at all times while knowing they’re still secure. Having your bikes mounted in this location also subjects the bikes and bike rack to less jostling. 

It can hold two bikes totaling no more than 80lbs. The wheels should be between 20” and 30” for a secure fit.

Keeping safety in mind, you must select the correct rack for your situation. A bumper mount might be safe for one RV but not for another based on the RV’s ratings. Do some research on your specific setup, and from there, you’ll know the best way to safely and securely travel with your bikes. 

If you already travel with bikes, what system do you currently use?  

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