Practical Ways To Save Money On Activities

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When you’re on the road, there will be tons of things you’ll want to do. But the cost of activities, RV site rent, gas, etc. can add up quickly. To plan the perfect family vacation without sacrificing any fun, check out these ways to save money on activities. 

Check Out Free Events In Town

Many towns on your destination list may host free events. You can find anything from concerts to drive-in movies to art/ craft fairs that you can attend for free in many towns across the US. 

Facebook Local

Facebook Local is an app designed by Facebook that provides you with information about local events from multiple sources. With everything in one convenient place, you can spend less time searching for affordable events and more time having fun. 

Local Newspaper

If you aren’t techy or don’t want to miss out on the smaller events, you can also save money on activities by checking out the local newspaper. You can access the print or online versions to find events happening near you for some good home town fun. 

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Look for Free Activities

Another awesome way to save money on activities is by finding things to do near your RV park that are free. Here is a list of free activities to keep your eye out for on your next family vacation. 


Although some state and national parks require an entrance fee, you can find free hiking almost anywhere in the US. 


Biking is a great money saving activity you can do for free if you have your own bike. You can also rent a bike for cheap in some locations. Another awesome thing about biking is that it allows you to see so much more of the town. You may miss things in a car that you can see on your bike. We absolutely love our Rad Power Bikes!


Many community parks have free tennis courts that you can use as long as they are available. 

Museum Visit On A No-Admission Fee Day

Not everyone knows this money-saving secret. Most museums have at least 1 day a month or even 1 day a week when there is no admission fee. You get to see all the same things, but for free! You can search for museums in the area to see when their free days are. Or if you have your eye on a particular museum, see if you can plan your trip around the free admission day. 

City Concerts

It seems like city concerts happen all summer. Check the local Facebook page, newspaper, or do a Google search to find out when and where you can listen to free concerts. 

Purchase Discount Tickets

Another simple way to save money on activities is by purchasing tickets or services at a discount. You can find lots of great deals on Groupon. 


Groupon allows you to search for deals in a particular area. Businesses can increase their customer base by advertising deals through Groupon. And you can benefit from between 50-90% off regularly priced activities. To find deals in your area type the city and state into the Location box at the top of Groupon. You can then narrow your search by category. A great way to save money on activities!

Have better Timing

Another simple way to save money on your activities budget is to do things during off-peak times. 


For outdoor activities in particular, midweek prices offer you a much better value. Plus, you will also avoid a lot of the weekend crowds. 


If you’re planning on going to a movie or a show, going to the earlier showing will also save you money on this activity. You’re on vacation, so take advantage of these earlier time slots to get a cheaper ticket while the locals finish working. 

Happy Hour

Not only can happy hour save you money on drinks, but often you can also get cheaper appetizers and even meals. So, plan to start your evening activities during happy hour to save even more.

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Pack food 

When you’re on a road trip or vacation, your food expenses can add up extremely quickly if you aren’t careful. Even cheap fast food will probably cost you close to $10 per person or even more. An easy fix is to pack your own food.

You can bring a sack lunch with you while you are out and about during the day. Then, for breakfast and dinner, take advantage of your RV’s kitchen capabilities by cooking your own meals. This will definitely save you a lot of money and leave you more for activities!

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  2. Thanks for the new suggestions! I normally check Trip Advisor when we get somewhere new (and Atlas Obscura for off the wall ideas!) but had completely forgotten about Groupon and never knew about the Facebook Local option! I was able to book is a scavenger style tour for half price that we didn’t even realize was out there! (The tour never showed up in my searching 😔)
    Thanks for MORE good info and suggestions!

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