What People Really Think About Arrowhead RV Campground

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RVs parked at arrowhead campground

Arrowhead RV Campground is a part of the Thousand Trails camping network. Many of the campgrounds in this network attract a massive amount of visitors due to their locations. 

However, if you’ve ever stayed in one of these parks, you know that some are better than others. So what do people really think about Arrowhead RV Campground?

Is it worth making a reservation for your next family vacation? Let’s find out.

Where Is Arrowhead Campground?

Arrowhead RV Campground is in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. You’ll find “The Dells” approximately an hour north of Madison, Wis. 

Travelers flock to the Wisconsin Dells as it is known as the “Waterpark Capital of the World.” However, you’ll find more than just water parks in the Wisconsin Dells. It has many attractions that’ll appeal to tourists and locals.

View of Wisconsin Dells near arrowhead campground

When Is the Best Time to Visit Arrowhead Campground?

The best time to visit Arrowhead Campground is between mid-April and mid-October. The campground closes during the rest of the year. If you haven’t heard, Wisconsin winters can feel brutal, and it’s not exactly the type of place you want to be in an RV.

Arrowhead Campground may be a great place to visit anytime it’s open, but if you’re coming for the waterparks in the area, visit in the summer. June, July, and August will typically deliver the hottest weather. 

However, if you visit during the spring or early fall, you can enjoy some epic indoor water parks.

What People Like About Arrowhead Campground

Campers love several things about Arrowhead Campground. Many enjoy the campground so much that they make it a part of their annual camping adventures. 

Laura Frick says, “Nice family-orientated campground.  Loved the pool; our extended family has been going there every year for the last 20 years.” Let’s see what else there is to love!

Close to the Wisconsin Dells

As it’s only a 10-minute drive to the center of the city, the location of this park is hard to beat. Why stay in a campground “near” the Wisconsin Dells when you can stay in it? 

You don’t want to waste your time driving a considerable distance to the main attractions during your vacation. 

Jamie Gaa says, “They keep it interesting with fun activities for kids and adults, and the location is a bit out of the chaos but close enough if you want to do the strip.” You can visit the tourist chaos during the day and relax away from the hustle and bustle at night.

Plenty of Nearby Hiking Trails

While many come to the Wisconsin Dells for the waterparks, you can only fly down a waterslide so often before it’s old hat. When you get bored with the water slides and lazy rivers, check out some of the incredible hiking trails available in the area. 

Devil’s Lake State Park has 14 trails with various difficulties. Whether you want to enjoy a stroll through the woods or a heart-pumping and sweat-inducing challenge, you’ll have plenty of choices. 

If you can’t find it there, head to Mirror Lake State Park and check out the nine additional trails waiting for you to quench any adventure cravings you might have.

View of Devil's Lake State Park near arrowhead campground

Movies and Live Music

Skyler Rettenmeier shares another thing families love about the park, “They do movies for the kids and sometimes live music.” 

There’s no better way to end a day of adventuring and spending time out and about in The Dells than relaxing by watching a classic movie or listening to some quality music.

Luckily, Arrowhead RV Campground provides the opportunity to do both. If the weather doesn’t cooperate and you can’t enjoy an outdoor movie, the campground has a selection of movie rentals available. 

Hundreds of Campsites

You don’t have to worry about battling for campsites at Arrowhead RV Campground because it has 356 sites.

Luima Romati says that Arrowhead Campground has friendly and helpful staff, nice facilities, lots of sites, and golf carts. 

Anytime a campground is so big you feel like you need a golf cart to get around, you know you’ll likely have generous space. 

While you won’t want to delay making your reservations for holiday weekends and during the peak camping season, you shouldn’t have too hard of a time making a reservation at other times of the year.

A group of people watching movies at arrowhead campground

What People Dislike About Arrowhead Campground

We’d be doing a disservice if we pretended that everything was puppy dogs and rainbows at Arrowhead RV Campground. No campground is perfect, and people do mention things they don’t like about this campground.

Typical Thousand Trails Campground

If you’ve ever stayed at any Thousand Trails campgrounds, you know that they can be hit or miss. Some Thousand Trails campgrounds have a large population of full-time residents and are not typically as nice in person as they appear in brochures or websites. 

Dustin says, “In general, the campground seems to cater to the permanent residents and not short-term.“

On the other hand, there are also complaints from those permanent residents regarding the management. 

Kailee Brichta says that she owned a seasonal trailer at Arrowhead for over 20 years. She and other campground residents share how the management often lacked communication and professionalism.

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Power and Water Connections Are Far from Site

Sometimes it seems like campgrounds don’t think through where they place power and water connections at their site. One camper shared that a “50-foot hose didn’t reach the water, and a 50-foot power cord didn’t reach the box.” 

If RVers can’t change campsites, they must run off to the nearest RV-supply store and purchase a very expensive extension cord and drinking water hose. That’s not how you want to start your vacation.

Electrical Upgrades Needed

As we said earlier, some campgrounds have taken the necessary steps to upgrade their campground over the years. However, not all take steps nearly as quickly as others or they don’t prioritize their upgrades. 

This park commonly has flickering lights and power outages, especially during the busiest season. And voltage drops in an electrical system can cause some serious damage to the appliances in your RV.

Stephen Harger had a nightmare of an experience when the power went out, and he was told he and his family could run their generator. 

He says, “That evening, campground “security” knocked on our doors and told us that if we did not turn off our generators (due to the noise), they would call local law enforcement and evict us.” 

No one wants to get evicted from a campground in the middle of their trip. Stephen’s best advice is, “Spend the extra $5 a night and go somewhere with better amenities. We will not be back.”

Alternatives to Arrowhead Campground

We’ve rounded up a few other excellent options if you want to RV in the Wisconsin Dells but don’t want to gamble by staying at Arrowhead Campground. Let’s look at some alternatives for your trip.

Wisconsin Dells KOA Holiday

The Wisconsin Dells KOA Holiday is closer to the center of the action and has better reviews than Arrowhead Campground. 

The KOA can accommodate rigs of all sizes but has a maximum pull-thru distance of 79 feet. Additionally, the pool is open from the end of May until the beginning of September. 

Like many quality RV parks, the campground offers Wi-Fi for you to stay connected and a dog park for your four-legged friends to get some exercise. If you have kids that aren’t tired of water parks, they can splash around at the park’s Splash Pad.

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Rocky Arbor State Park

Rocky Arbor State Park lets you stay in your RV in nature. The Rocky Arbor State Park campground opens on Memorial Day weekend and closes at the end of Labor Day weekend. 

It has 89 campsites tucked away in the woods, and you’ll find showers and flush toilet facilities. Most of these campsites are primitive, but some sites have electrical connections. 

This is a rather rustic and no-frills campground. If you’re simply looking for a place to retreat after exploring The Dells, Rocky Arbor State park is a great place to do just that! 

Bass Lake Campground

Bass Lake Campground is just slightly further than Arrowhead RV Campground from The Dells, but it’s worth the extra minute or two drive. 

It offers 70 camping sites and options for every camping situation. You can camp in a tent, RV, motorhome, or rent an RV or cabin. 

Additionally, guests love the playground, entertainment center, and nearby hiking trails.

View of Bass Lake Campground near arrowhead campground

Is It Worth Staying at Arrowhead Campground?

Staying at Arrowhead RV Campground can be worth it, but only if you have the right expectations. Some campgrounds tend to experience highs and lows as the management and ownership change hands.

Unfortunately, many long-term guests feel the best days for this park are in the rearview mirror.

While some may have a decent experience, some of the negative experiences are quite shocking and would drive us to pay a few extra bucks to avoid the potential of any issues.

So, will you stay at Arrowhead RV Campground on your trip to the water park capital of the world?

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