A Breakdown of the Airstream Ocean Breeze

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An Airstream Ocean Breeze RN at the beach

RVs are notorious for their dark, gloomy interiors. Airstreams have never fallen into this category. You won’t feel gloomy when you walk into an Airstream Ocean Breeze. The shiny exterior with the modern interior breathes life into you as soon as you walk in.

In 2008, Airstream released its Ocean Breeze package. This decor transported owners to the sandy shoreline where blue waters meet wicker patio furniture.

If you love the beach, it might be time you look at buying a used Airstream Ocean Breeze. Let’s dive in!

What Is Airstream?

Airstream is one of the most iconic RV brands in the country. In 1931, Wally Byam opened the first Airstream factory in Culver City, Calif. Through the Great Depression and World War II, the company persisted, producing top-quality travel trailers. 

By 1952, the company had outgrown its facility and purchased a factory in Jackson Center, Ohio. This location remains the headquarters of Airstream.

Airstream is as American as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. Just like you easily recognize those golden arches, you immediately know an Airstream when you see the gleaming silver bullet speeding down the highway. 

The trailers last for generations, and you’re just as likely to see a 1980 model as a 2023 one.

An Airstream RV parked outside in the woods

What Makes Airstream a Good Company?

Any brand will try to sell you on the quality of their products. But with Airstream, you truly do get a superior RV.

Many even pass these travel trailers down from generation to generation. They’ll last for decades. Most RV manufacturers can’t say that about their trailers.

According to Airstream, “It takes about 350 hours to build each and every Airstream travel trailer…More than 75% of the Airstreams we’ve created over the course of nearly 100 years are still on the road today. Compare that to the average RV lifespan of 15 years, and it’s easy to see why careful craftsmanship matters.” 

When you purchase an Airstream, you know you’ll get a hand-built piece of craftsmanship that will have low maintenance costs, a higher resale value, and better fuel economy.

What Types of RVs Does Airstream Make?

Airstream is probably most known for its iconic silver bullet travel trailers. But the company also manufactures Class B Touring Coaches. Currently, it has nine travel trailer models and six Class B models. 

The travel trailers range from the largest, the Classic, at 33 feet, to the smallest, the Basecamp, at 16 feet.

Five of the Class Bs have a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and one, the Rangeline, has a RAM ProMaster.

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What Is Unique About the Airstream Ocean Breeze?

The Airstream Ocean Breeze package brings a beach vibe into the lineup. It features windows on all sides.

Plus, there’s a skylight to emit all kinds of natural light. The interior ocean colors make you feel like you’re at the shoreline daily.

But it’s not just charm and aesthetic beauty that makes the Airstream Ocean Breeze desirable. From the sound system to the backlit storage compartments, all the standard amenities and top-quality construction make Airstream one of the best RV brands.

How Big Is the Airstream Ocean Breeze?

You’ll find a few Airstream Ocean Breeze models because the package was carried throughout the lineup. It comes in six lengths, from 16 to 28 feet, with varying floorplans. 

The unit base weights range from 2,825 to 5,813 pounds. The 16 and 19-foot floorplans sleep three to four people, while the larger plans sleep four to six.

The various floorplans include rear, corner, and front bed options. The 16 and 19-foot models only have a dinette area, while the models over 20 feet include a dinette and sofa for additional seating and lounge space. 

They all feature a full kitchen and full bathroom, except for the 16-foot model, which has a wet bath.

Does Airstream Still Make the Ocean Breeze?

The Ocean Breeze package was a special release in 2008. You can still find Airstream travel trailers with the Ocean Breeze package, but you won’t find it in this year’s models.

If you want an Airstream Ocean Breeze, check RV Trader to find a used one. And always carefully inspect any used unit. 

Then ask important questions, such as how it has been stored and how many previous owners it has had. Always check for damage, including water damage, signs of rodents, and exterior corrosion. Just because it’s an Airstream doesn’t mean it will be in perfect condition.

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Inside an Airstream Ocean Breeze RV
Source: Airstream

How Much Is an Airstream Ocean Breeze Worth Today?

If you do a quick search on RVTrader, you’ll find an Airstream Ocean Breeze 27FB in North Carolina listed for $59,570, which features the front bedroom and rear living area. 

JDPower lists the average retail price of the 2008 Airstream Ocean Breeze 16-foot model as $27,200. And if you visit Airstream RV Source, you’ll find the pricing varies from $42,800 to $72,900. 

So the length and floorplan greatly affect how much an Airstream Ocean Breeze is worth today.

Is Buying a Used Airstream a Good Idea?

Airstream is one of the best travel trailer brands that retains its value. As soon as you drive an RV off the dealer lot, it depreciates. This is also true with Airstream, but they don’t lose as much value. 

You can still find a 10-year-old Airstream Flying Cloud for $80,000. So if you want to buy a used Airstream, you’ll still pay a higher price but will get much better quality and lots of years left to explore.

Would you consider buying a 2008 Airstream Ocean Breeze?

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