5 Reasons We Regret Renovating Our RV

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We bought our truck camper because we dreamed of renovating an RV. The goal was to create a functional space that felt like home. While we love the results, the process wasn’t all puppy dogs and rainbows.

There were several times throughout the project when we questioned our sanity for taking on such a large project. If you’re considering renovating an RV, you’ll want to keep reading.

Today, we’re sharing five reasons we regret renovating our RV. Learn from our experience so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Let’s dive in!

Can an RV be Remodeled?

Just like homes, remodeling an RV can be an adventure. If you’re lucky, you may find a used model in good condition and structurally sound.

However, it’s also possible that you invest in a money pit. You can remodel most campers, but you’ll need enough skills, patience, and, most importantly, money.

Remodeling an RV can be a fantastic way to create a personalized and comfortable living space. Whether it’s the paint or the fabrics, you can put your personal touches on the environment. In addition, you can eliminate unnecessary furniture or change the layout to make the space work just for you.

When it comes to remodeling, it can be as big or little as you’d like. It might surprise you how replacing some fixtures and cabinet knobs and applying a fresh coat of paint can transform a space. However, some take it down to the frame and start from scratch. 

Is Renovating an RV Hard?

The difficulty of renovating an RV depends on the conditions of the RV and what you plan to do with it. Some people are better at these kinds of projects than others. They have the skills and creativity to turn the vision in their head into reality. If you’re this type of DIYer, everything seems possible. 

On the other hand, other individuals are less blessed with DIY skills. If that’s you, hire a professional or stick with projects you know you can handle. Just about anyone can paint surfaces and even replace light fixtures. In addition, it will surprise you how much you can learn from YouTube.

However, be careful not to bite off more than you can chew and take the proper safety precautions. If not, you could be in for a shocking surprise.

5 Reasons We Regret Renovating Our RV

Again, we love the finished product and are very proud of it. However, we have a few regrets about taking on such a large project. Let’s dive into our five regrets from renovating our RV.

1. It Was Expensive

While we saved a bundle by purchasing a used RV, we quickly ate away at those savings throughout the renovation. We had to buy several tools throughout the project and made specific upgrades to fit our needs. We love the look and feel of our rig, but we spent way more than we anticipated.

If you take on this type of project, ensure you know the total costs. Set your budget and stick to it, especially while selecting decorations and other non-essentials. You’ll find it easy to get carried away with these items.

2. It Was Hard Work

We quickly learned that it would take a lot longer than we anticipated. In addition, we were doing renovations to our property in Florida.

Despite cooler temperatures in the winter, it still was challenging. We had to pack up projects multiple times to avoid the afternoon showers we experienced in the Sunshine State.

While we knew it wouldn’t be easy, it was tremendous work. Some projects that seemed simple or easy to overlook took much longer than anticipated.

However, just because something is a lot of work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. We love our truck camper but have no desire to start another renovation project soon.

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3. No One to Blame for Mistakes But Ourselves

Many RV owners often talk about lackluster work from the factory. However, no one is to blame when you do most of the work yourself. We renovated almost everything on this rig and were the only ones to blame if something went wrong.

We’ve found several areas where we could have done better. If anything, it’s taught us to cut those factory workers some slack. They work much faster than we did while working on our rig.

Mistakes can happen, especially as you haul your RV up and down the bumps and dips in the highway. Unfortunately for us, we can only point the finger at ourselves.

Additionally, if your rig has any warranty, you can kiss it goodbye. Most manufacturers void warranties when you start doing major renovations to the structure of the various systems.

Since the warranty on our truck camper was long gone, this wasn’t a concern. However, if you’re purchasing a brand-new RV, think twice.

4. Had to Make Due With RV Specific Designs

We were stuck with RV-specific designs because we were renovating an older truck camper.

We didn’t have many other choices regarding major items like our fridge, stove, and other appliances. Unfortunately, many of these items are outdated and not the same quality as residential models.

While there are more residential options available, they’re not cheap. We were already investing a considerable amount of money, and the budget had no room for these upgrades. However, since we’ve been used to living in an RV for the past several years, it wasn’t the end of the world.

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5. It’s Never Ending Work

We did several test runs in our rig before traveling for several months. One of the things we’ve noticed is that there’s never-ending work that we need to do.

You’ll constantly need to touch up or fix something. It’s a good idea to make sure you hold on to spare parts, pieces, and paint. There’s a good chance you’ll need it at some point.

However, this is a regret, but it’s not specific to these renovation projects. We traveled in our fifth wheel for several years, and it was the same experience. We’re not upset about this since it’s a normal part of living and traveling in an RV.

Was Renovating Our RV Worth It?

We’re thrilled with our renovation and love having a space made to our tastes. We created a space that fits our needs and allows us to feel at home on the road.

While we’re not hurrying to do it again, it was worth the blood, sweat, and tears to get to the finished product. With some planning, you can create your own space too!

Have you renovated your RV? Do you have any regrets?

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