5 Best Lunch Ideas for Your Blackstone Griddle

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A blackstone griddle is surrounded by spices and veggies and ready to cook some delicious lunch recipes.

Everyone that enjoys RVing knows that every good lunch menu needs to include some Blackstone lunch ideas. 

The Blackstone Griddle is famous for its portability, variety in size, and cooking efficiency. There’s no question that this griddle’s rugged dependability and ease of cleaning make it a must-have for the RV lifestyle.

All this discussion about cooking is making us hungry; how about you? Let’s jump right into the five best lunch ideas for your Blackstone Griddle.

Why RVers LOVE the Blackstone Griddle

Since a considerable part of the RV lifestyle promotes being outdoors, you can bet having the ability to cook outside makes it much, much sweeter

Many RVs feature self-contained outdoor kitchens, often equipped with a sink and small counter space. Nothing compares to having the luxury of cooking lunch on your Blackstone while watching the waves along the ocean. Top off that deliciously hearty lunch with a stroll along the shoreline, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous day.

After reading this article, you can add to your Rolodex of recipes some Blackstone lunch ideas that will provide an assortment of selections to your options for family and friends alike.

Tips for Cooking on the Blackstone Griddle

Oil up, and depending on what you’re cooking, watch your flame.

Some foods and recipes require quick, high heat, while others taste best when cooked low and slow. One of the benefits of owning a Blackstone griddle is the heat level indicator on the burner controls. It has three options, making it easy to identify the setting specific to what you’re cooking.

Treat your griddle like you would a cast-iron skillet. As a general rule for both of these camping essentials, the more seasoning and less washing, the better. Caring for your grill in this way lets the griddle harbor a mix of flavors, which will taste better each time you cook with it. As time progresses, your tastebuds will be craving more of its customized and indescribable flavor. 

1. Spicy Cajun Griddle Chicken Tacos

Click here for the recipe!

Tacos are one of those dishes that you can personalize to your liking in many ways. These spicy cajun griddle chicken tacos are perfectly satisfying after a day of hiking and exploring with the kids.

They’re simple to prep and cook in less than 30 minutes. With a 15-minute prep time and 10-minute cook time, prepare for some mouth-watering deliciousness by the time you hear the timer ‘ding.’ 

One of the best parts about making tacos is you can mix up the ingredients every time you serve them. You can use soft shells or hard shells, chicken or beef, salsa or avocado, sour cream or ranch dressing, shredded cheese or queso–the choice is entirely up to you!

We recommend adding this recipe to your list of Blackstone lunch ideas because who doesn’t love a quick, customizable dish after a bustling day?

A delish lunch idea on your blackstone griddle is chicken cajun tacos with some lime and corn on the side!

2. Blackstone Stromboli and Calzone

Click here for the recipe!

Have you ever met a stromboli or calzone that didn’t fill you to the brim? This one certainly will! Doughy and delectable, this recipe takes nine smooth steps. You’ll have these ingredients sizzling on your stove faster than you can say, “dinner is ready!”

The key here is beforehand preparation. Shop for groceries long before you start rolling that dough on the counter, and prepare more than enough dough to feed your family. No one will complain if there are extras! 

Much like the taco recipe we shared, you can choose the filling. Get creative and try pepperoni, ham, or even pineapple for a sweet note. 

You’ll have this relatively effortless and undoubtedly satisfying meal from the skillet to the table in under 30 minutes–just in time to nourish everyone before your next activity.

Who would've thought that you could could cook a stromboni or a calzone on a blackstone griddle?

3. Blackstone Monte Cristo

Click here for the recipe!

What if you incorporated a touch of all three meals into one dish? It’s hard to say no to that, and we’re confident you’ll be adding this recipe to your ever-growing list of Blackstone lunch ideas. 

In under half an hour, you can prep and cook this tasty dish with a side of chips or salad. It has nine ingredients, many of which you likely have on hand. In ten smooth steps, you’ll be ready to serve. 

We’ll let you decide what your favorite part of the sandwich is. Is it the fried egg coating or the ever-so-delicate touch of powdered sugar? Either way, these subtle add-ons will leave your mouths watering for more.

The perfect lunch idea for cooking on a blackstone griddle is a monte cristo sandwich!

4. Hibachi Style Chicken & Veggies

Click here for the recipe!

In five simple steps, you can enjoy this delightfully healthy, savory meal after a morning of workamping or playing. You’ll grill the ingredients right on your griddle and serve with your favorite sauce.

This meal heavy in protein and other nutrients is perfect for restoring energy and health. It’s also low in sodium and sugar, perfect to help replenish your energy stores for the afternoon activities.

A great blackstone griddle lunch idea is this Hibachi style chicken and veggies dish!

5. Vegetable Yakisoba

Click here for the recipe!

Vegans and carnivores alike will love using the Blackstone griddle for this vegetable yakisoba recipe. (Although it’s great with just veggies, you could add chicken, shrimp, beef, or pork too.)

You can mix ‘n match the vegetables with an incredible spice mixture. To prepare and cook the specialized sauce and stir-fry, set aside approximately 25 minutes.

We like that this recipe is flexible regarding protein and spices. Regardless of how you decide to make your vegetable yakisoba, chances are this recipe will be on your list of favorites.

A veggie yakisoba dish fills a plate and is ready to be eaten with chopsticks!

What Are Your Favorite Blackstone Lunch Ideas? 

A fair amount of this unconventional lifestyle includes smart budgeting and healthy choices. Here’s one aspect of RV life that’s no different than home life: It’s more cost-effective and healthier to grocery shop and cook at home. 

Many RVers have a well-loved Blackstone griddle among their cargo, and most will tell you it’s a worthy investment. We hope these Blackstone lunch ideas help maximize your griddle’s use. Although it’s an initial investment, we believe it’ll serve you both outstanding dishes and long-term cost savings.

Have you tried any Blackstone recipes you love? Share them below!

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