10 Best Places for Free Dispersed Camping in Moab

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Looking through a rock overhang over the desert landscape of Moab as the sun rises.

Moab, Utah, is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. And there’s plenty of free camping in Moab, too. We prefer free camping for many reasons, but the scenery, seclusion, and sunsets here are the best part. In this article, we’re highlighting 10 of the best spots for free camping in Moab.

Pro Tip: Free camping is a great way to save money on the road, here are more tips on how to find it.

10 Best Places for Free Camping in Moab

Always scout out a location before attempting to drive a big rig to any of these free camping spots in Moab. Access is never guaranteed, so play it safe. Here are the best free camping spots outside of Moab, Utah.

1. Willow Springs Trail Dispersed Campsites

Willow Springs Trail Dispersed camping is a beautiful free camping area managed by Utah BLM. RVs of any size can easily find a great spot here. Although there’s plenty of open space, it’s easy to find seclusion and privacy, as well. 

Campers have found adequate cell signals among all major carriers, too. What more could you want in a dispersed campsite? The GPS coordinates for Willow Springs Trail are 38.6968, -109.6981.

2. Klondike Bluff Road Dispersed Camping

Klondike Bluff Road dispersed camping is a free camping area outside Moab on State Trust Land. This camping area has wide-open spaces that can accommodate any size RV. Campers report decent cell signals on all major carriers, so you’ll have no problem getting work done while boondocking out here. 

This camping spot is only 15 to 20 minutes from Arches National Park, too. If you’re looking for wide-open spaces and breathtaking sunsets, check out Klondike Bluff Road. The GPS coordinates are 38.7536, -109.7296.

Chimney rock in Moab with orange sky and sidelight.

3. Yellow Circle Road Dispersed

Yellow Circle Road outside Moab is a dispersed camping area managed by the BLM. Campers have enjoyed decent cell service out here, and this campsite can accommodate any size RV. Reviewers have reported that some roads in the area will require high clearance and 4WD to explore, but you can find plenty of spacious campsites toward the beginning of the area. 

You’ll know you’ve found the designated campsites when you see the fire rings scattered around. There’s also a big open gravel lot. Beautiful scenery surrounds this area, and the sky puts on a show at sunset and sunrise. The GPS coordinates for this spot are 38.429, -109.4215.

4. Dalton Wells Road

Dalton Wells Road dispersed camping outside of Moab is on Utah State Trust land. This campsite doesn’t disappoint. It’s set against picturesque bluffs with views for miles. If you’re lucky, you might even see a hot air balloon in the wee morning hours.

This free campsite outside Moab can accommodate any size RV. Cell signal is low with most carriers but still usable. There’s no camping allowed along the first half-mile of the road, but as you drive farther in, you’ll start to see campsites. It’s a large open lot, but there’s still plenty of room to spread out. The GPS coordinates for this campsite are 38.7112, -109.7033.

A colorful rainbow hot hair balloon low in the sky, reflecting in a lake in Moab Utah.

5. Lone Mesa Campground

Lone Mesa campground is a BLM-managed site outside of Moab that can accommodate any size RV. Cell signal is decent with all major carriers here, too. There’s plenty of space to spread out, and the views are amazing. 

The roads to get to this free camping in Moab are a bit rough, but if you take it slow, you should have no problems at all. The views of the sky and bluffs here are great. The GPS coordinates for this spot are 38.6442, -109.8196.

6. Gemini Bridges Designated Campsites

Gemini Bridges Designated Campsites is a BLM campground. It might just be one of the prettiest boondocking spots outside of Moab. This campsite is in a quiet box canyon, so although it’s nice and peaceful, you won’t find much cell signal. This is definitely a place you should scout with your tow vehicle first. If you feel you can make it in, it’ll be worth your efforts. 

Reviewers report that having a 4×4 to access this campsite is best. The longest RV reported here was 35 feet. Like we said, just scout it out first before determining if you want to camp here. Per reviews, one of the roads in is rough with a sheer cliff on one side (from 191), but accessing this area from 313 is a bit easier. The GPS coordinates for this spot are 38.6118, -109.667.

Tent camping in Moab Utah in the rocky desert landscape

7. Strike Ravine Dispersed Camping

Strike Ravine dispersed camping is on BLM land and has wide open spaces with gorgeous mountain views. This camping area can get quite muddy after rain, so it’s worth scouting it out ahead of time. The longest RV reported here on Campendium was 28 feet. 

Campers reported low cell signals in this area. The GPS coordinates for this spot are 38.4198, -109.4322.

8. Bartlett Wash BLM

The Bartlett Wash BLM site is right along Bartlett Washington Road. This campsite is near trails, so it might be a bit noisy, but it’s pretty secluded overall. Cell signal is spotty. There’s more than one way into this campsite, and per a reviewer, the area can easily accommodate large rigs if you come in from the right road. 

As with all free camping in Moab, try to scout it out with your tow vehicle ahead of time. One reviewer says if you have a trailer, you should only enter from the north off 189 via Blue Hills Road to Mill Canyon Road then to Bartlett Washington Road. The GPS coordinates for this spot are 38.7176, -109.7855.

Two Jeeps climbing a rock in Moab, Utah.

9. Long Canyon Road Dispersed Camping

Long Canyon Road dispersed camping is managed by the BLM and has wide open spaces and beautiful views. Cell signal is spotty but usable on most major carriers. The longest RV campers reported at this spot was a 29-foot travel trailer.

Reviewers report that the road in is pretty rough, so it’s a good idea to drop off your camper and scout this one out with your tow vehicle. If you can get to it, the views are breathtaking. The GPS coordinates for this spot are 38.5416, -109.7078.

10. Behind the Rocks Campsites

Behind the Rocks is a BLM camping site outside of Moab off of US 191. This campsite has decent cell signal for most major carriers. This spot is great if the boondocking sites closer to Moab are full. It’s usually got plenty of spaces available and can accommodate any size RV. The road is a bit rocky, but take it slow, and you should be fine.

This camping area is right next to the Behind the Rocks trail. The GPS coordinates for this spot are 38.4161, -109.4637.

The moon in the early morning sky over the red rocky landscape of Moab.

Know Before You Go 

Access to boondocking sites and free camping in Moab is never guaranteed. Most roads in are either national forest roads or BLM roads, and these roads aren’t always well maintained (if at all). In addition to encountering rough roads with potholes and washboards, in the Moab area, you might encounter roads with sheer dropoffs on one side or lots of mud. 

It’s always best practice to drop off your RV and scout the road out with a tow vehicle or toad if you can. This will help ensure that there’s an open spot and that the road is safe for you to travel with a big rig. You never want to take a big rig down a road and find out while driving that it’s unsafe and there’s nowhere to turn around. Read reviews and scout first.

Free Camping in Moab Awaits

If you plan to camp in Moab, we can’t recommend boondocking in this area enough. The wide-open spaces, beautiful views, and epic sunsets are better than any amenity that any RV park or campground could ever offer. Remember to read reviews, scout it out, and come prepared. Where’s your favorite free camping in Moab?

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  1. We just spent 7 days camping on Dalton Wells Road in our 35 foot fifth wheel and my son in his 22 foot travel trailer. There is plenty of room to spread out, and our Verizon signal was good. However, the road in is quite rough in some places, and you have to cross a sandy wash to reach the camping area far enough away from the highway. My son actually got his truck stuck in the mud when we were leaving, so beware of the muddy stretches!

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