You Need This Blackstone Breakfast Kit for Your Griddle

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The sizzle of breakfast cooking at a campsite is always fantastic. There’s nothing like the smell and sound of breakfast first thing in the morning at your campground. The Blackstone Breakfast Kit enhances your breakfast experience and makes you the campground grillin’ master.

Let’s see how!

Eggs and bacon cooking hot a hot grill

Blackstone Breakfast Kit Overview

The Blackstone Breakfast Kit features a pancake dispenser, bacon press, and two egg or pancake rings. If you want to step up your breakfast game while camping, you’ll love this addition to your outdoor kitchen. Paired with the Blackstone griddle, you’ll start your mornings off right.

The pancake batter dispenser holds up to four cups of batter and helps you make perfect pancakes every time. The pre-seasoned bacon press provides even heating and reduces cooking time. You get two cooking rings with this kit for perfectly shaped eggs and pancakes. The rings have easy-to-use handles to protect you from burns.

Blackstone 1543 4-Piece Griddle Breakfast Kit with Batter Dispenser, Bacon Press, and Two Egg Rings
  • Included Accessories: This kit includes a batter dispenser, bacon press, and two egg rings.
  • Batter Dispenser: Hold up to 4 cups of batter in the batter dispenser and easily add the correct amount of batter to...

Why Would You Need a Breakfast Kit for Your Griddle?

The breakfast kit saves time while cooking breakfast for a crowd. The multi-use tools reduce dishes and also make cleaning up a breeze. Plus, the Blackstone Breakfast Kit is so easy even the kids can join in on the cooking.

What Makes It So Great

Whether you’re in an RV or a tent, space is often limited when you’re enjoying nature. Thankfully, this Blackstone Breakfast Kit is small and incredibly lightweight. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using this kit.

Easy Pancake Dispenser

Everyone loves a great pancake breakfast. The Blackstone Breakfast Kit pancake dispenser makes cooking pancakes on your griddle fast and straightforward. Additionally, it lets you mix and dispense the batter all in one device, which means only one thing to clean.

Pancake batter being poured on a hot pan using the Blackstone breakfast kit

Cast Iron Press Is Multi-Use

The cast-iron press is useful for far more than just bacon. It can help you make paninis or breakfast sandwiches. You can even use it to grill a steak.

Professional Looking Eggs

Sure, you can crack eggs right on the griddle without the egg rings, but why do that when you can have perfectly shaped eggs instead? Stacking those perfect eggs on your sandwich will make you feel like a pro. The egg ring can also help you create uniform pancakes. 


When you have limited space, it might be hard to justify packing the Blackstone Breakfast Kit. This four-piece kit might take up precious space that you just aren’t willing to give up.

While the pancake dispenser does save on extra dishes, the egg rings may be more trouble than they’re worth if perfectly shaped eggs aren’t crucial to you.

Reviews say the quality could be better, specifically on the pancake dispenser. If you choose to purchase the Blackstone Breakfast Kit, be sure to handle the items gently to ensure longevity. 

Messy eggs on a griddle that clearly weren't made using the Blackstone breakfast kit

Can You Use This Kit with a Non-Blackstone Griddle?

The Blackstone Breakfast Kit isn’t limited to use only on a Blackstone griddle (but they are one of the best portable grills for camping). All components of the kit are compatible with the griddle you already have. You might feel like more of a professional using only Blackstone products, but it isn’t a deal-breaker. 

A Fun and Functional Accessory

Sometimes the supplies we bring along on our adventures are both fun and functional. This Blackstone Breakfast Kit checks both of those boxes. What other breakfast supply must-haves would you suggest to fellow campers?

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