A Breakdown of the Winnebago Ekko

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A winnebago ekko parked outside

Winnebago Industries is one of the top brands in the RV industry.

This company has produced trailers and motorhomes to suit all types of RVers since 1958. One of these motorhomes is the Winnebago Ekko. 

This Class C is prepped for any weather with its all-season insulation. So no matter if you camp in Michigan or Florida, this small Class C can take you anywhere you want to go. Let’s see if the Winnebago Ekko might fit you well. 

What Is the Winnebago Ekko?

Winnebago has seven Class C motorhomes in its lineup. One of those options is the Winnebago Ekko. This drivable RV differs slightly from the rest because its appearance and efficiency resemble a Class B camper van. 

But it has a spacious interior with two twin beds, an optional pop-up for another sleeping area, and storage above the cab.

It’s built on a Ford All-Wheel-Drive Transit chassis for off-road capabilities and is powered by a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 gas engine. 

It also has a Cummins Onan QG 2800i gas generator, one 320-amp-hour lithium-ion battery, and two 170-Watt solar panels. And it features one 115-Watt solar panel/battery charger and a 2,000-Watt pure sine wave inverter for off-grid capabilities.

Inside a Winnebago Ekko

What Other Types of RVs Does Winnebago Make?

Besides the Ekko, Winnebago makes six other Class C motorhomes that range from the Vita and Porto at 24 feet 5 inches to options in the Minnie Winnie and Spirit lineups that measure over 32 feet long. 

It also has nine camper vans that include both gas and diesel-powered options. The Winnebago Solis NPF was recently named Best New Model by RVPro.

The last motorized options by Winnebago are the seven Class A coaches. They range from 28-feet-5-inches to 41-feet-4-inches long, can sleep up to eight people, and include both gas and diesel-powered options. RV News named the Winnebago Sunstar NPF the “2022 Type A Gas Motorhome of the Year.”

Winnebago also makes towable RVs. These five travel trailers range from 15 feet 11 inches to 38 feet 11 inches long, with the Hike 100 only weighing 4,200 pounds. 

Whether you have an SUV or heavy-duty pickup truck, Winnebago has a range of options in its towable RV lineup. But let’s explore the Winnebago Ekko Class C RV and if it will work for your camping lifestyle.

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How Many Winnebago Ekko Floorplans Are There?

There’s only one floorplan available in the Winnebago Ekko, the 22A. It has two rear twin beds and a large garage space below for transporting outdoor gear. 

The dry/wet bath features a pivoting lavatory wall, swiveling cassette toilet, Oxygenics shower head, medicine cabinet, and molded round sink.

The kitchen has everything you need for an enjoyable camping trip. You have a microwave, two-burner cooktop, stainless steel sink, 5.3 cubic-foot, 12V single-door compressor-driven refrigerator, and pantry. 

You also get an adjustable and removable counter extension to use as a workstation or extra meal prep space.

The front of the cab has a fold-down table with dinette seating behind the driver’s seat. These two chairs also have seatbelts for safe traveling if you camp with more than two people.

Inside a Winnebago Ekko

How Big Is the Winnebago Ekko?

The Winnebago Ekko is the smallest of the Class C motorhomes at 23 feet long. It sleeps up to four people. 

It has a GVWR of 11,000 pounds, and the motorhome comes with a 5,000-pound trailer hitch. If you decide to tow a small vehicle or trailer with a golf cart or motorcycle, this RV comes with a GCWR of 15,000 pounds.

The Winnebago Ekko comes outfitted for off-grid and off-road camping. It features a 50-gallon freshwater tank and a 51-gallon gray tank. You’ll also get a 40-pound propane tank onboard and a 31-gallon fuel capacity.

How Much Is the Winnebago Ekko?

Starting at $207,707, the Winnebago Ekko is the most expensive Class C option.

The enhanced capability of AWD, the solar panels, and the lithium-ion battery all contribute to the higher cost. It’s road-ready to take you anywhere for however long you want to camp.

Who Is the Winnebago Ekko Good For?

Outdoor enthusiasts who want a lot of storage space for gear will love the Winnebago Ekko. The pass-through gear garage is heated and is large enough to transport bikes and inflatable paddleboards or kayaks.

Boondockers and those who enjoy venturing to off-road locations will also enjoy the Winnebago Ekko. The three solar panels provide 455 Watts of energy, and the lithium-ion battery ensures you can enjoy off-grid camping for longer.

Small families will also appreciate the optional pop-top and front cab mattress. The Ekko provides adequate sleeping space for everyone in a small motorized RV, especially for families that don’t want to worry about hitching and unhitching repeatedly.

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Solar panels on a Winnebago Ekko

Is the Winnebago Ekko a Good Camper?

Winnebago is a brand name that has topped the RV industry for decades. It’s well-respected and has earned a reputation for serving its owners well and creating innovative RVs.

The innovative accessibility-enhanced options of the Roam and Inspire are two perfect examples of how Winnebago seeks to provide a way for anyone to travel.

The Ekko is another example of Winnebago’s innovation. With its all-wheel-drive enhancements, you can go anywhere. Escape to the deep forests of Oregon or camp on the beach in south Texas. Wherever your heart wants to go, the Winnebago Ekko can take you there.

Does the Ekko fit your travel lifestyle?

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