Truck Camper Accessories People Actually Swear By

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We quickly discovered items we needed to buy when we transitioned to a truck camper.

While we could use some of the equipment we had from our fifth-wheel adventures, we frequently added truck camper accessories to our shopping cart.

However, we learned something during our travels and didn’t want to waste our money buying things twice.

Today, we’re sharing some truck camper accessories people swear by. Let’s look at the gear you might want to add to your shopping cart!

What Should I Carry In My Truck Camper?

The gear you should carry depends on how you’re using your truck camper. The equipment you need for full-timing is vastly different from what you’ll pack for weekend adventures. However, you should always carry a stocked first-aid kit no matter how you use your truck camper.

If you use your truck camper for sporadic adventures, we recommend storing essential items and gear in your trailer whenever possible. This helps ensure you don’t leave something behind at home. You want to make the most of your day, and running to the store or house will waste precious time enjoying the outdoors.

The items you never want to leave home without include: your campers power cable, potable water hose, and sewer hose. You’ll especially need them if you have to dump your tanks during your trip.

Truck Camper Accessories People Actually Swear By

We wasted a lot of money when we first started traveling by buying gear and accessories that didn’t do the job. We decided to do more research before purchasing equipment.

Here are some truck camper accessories we’ve found that people swear by. Let’s get started!

1. Tie Downs 

Tie downs are essential accessories that secure the truck camper to your vehicle. They reduce the sway and movement you feel while the vehicle is in motion.

Because they’re so crucial, you don’t want to skimp on them. Tie downs are typically specific to the make and model of your vehicle, so confirm that your purchase is compatible with your vehicle. 

Torklift F2021 F3008 Pairs of Front and Rear Camper Tie Downs for Ford F-250 F-350 F-450
  • Fits: 2017 Ford F-250 F-350 F-450 Regular/Super/Super Crew Cab w/ 8ft Bed
  • Dramatic improvement with vehicle handling and stability and is the safest way to haul a truck camper (Prevents vehicle...

2. Turn Buckles

Turn buckles are another essential piece of equipment worth a few extra bucks.

They bridge the camper and the tie downs and make it convenient to increase the tension between them. You want 300 pounds of tension between the trailer and the tie downs, and the turn buckles make it possible. You can quickly secure your truck camper to your vehicle and have peace of mind knowing it’ll stay in place.

3. Truck Camper Bed Mat

A quality truck bed mat can protect your truck bed and prevent it from moving. This truck bed mat is 0.375 inches durable rubber resistant to tears and abrasions.

It can help protect your truck bed, whether loading and unloading your truck camper or grabbing materials for a weekend project. The mat measures 8 feet long by 4 feet wide, so check the dimensions of your truck bed.

Pro Tip: Looking to replace your RV mattress? This is the Only Guide You Need to see!

Dee Zee DZ85005 Universal Heavyweight Utility Bed Mat - 4' x 8'
  • Universal Design Protects Truck Beds, Shop Floors, or Flat Bed Trailers
  • Extra Thick 0.375" Rubber Construction

4. Truck Bed Bumpers

After using a truck camper for years, it can bang up your truck bed. However, adding truck bed bumpers to your trailer can help soften the blow.

Impacts on the bumpers will be much softer against the bed of your truck. In addition, it helps protect the corners and surfaces of your truck bed camper. 

5. Leveling Blocks

When parking your truck camper, you want to be as level as possible. However, not every campsite is going to be perfectly level.

This is where plastic leveling block accessories for your truck camper, like this 10-pack from Camco, come in handy.

Stack these blocks in a pyramid and place them under the tires on the lower side of the campsite. This can help you level your truck camper during quick overnight stops. These leveling blocks can also help reduce the distance you need to retract your jacks.

Camco Brown X-Large 44527 Gray Fasten XL Leveling Block with T-Handle, 2x2 (Pack of 10), 10 Pack
  • Larger 10.5 x 10.5 inches design withstands more weight and creates more surface area for leveling
  • 10 inter locking blocks stack to the desired height for customizable leveling

6. RV SnapPads

We’ve been big fans of RV SnapPads for some time. They do an incredible job protecting our landing gear while we travel.

It helps reduce the wear of carrying the weight of our truck camper when we use it. Once you install them, you can forget them as they stay permanently attached to your landing gear.

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RV SnapPad

RV SnapPads are permanent jack pads, meaning there is no more placing, retrieving, or storing plastic or wood blocks to level. They are a "snap" to install and stay on forever! We wouldn't have another RV without them.

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7. Portable Air Compressor

Our VIAIR 450P has been one of the best truck camper accessories we’ve ever purchased for our travels. It enabled us to quickly and easily fill up our tires when they were low.

Because we constantly keep it with us, we’ve even helped others with a low tire. With a max PSI of 150 PSI, it can handle almost any size of tire.

VIAIR 450P-RV - 45053 Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor with RV Inflation Gun, 90 Degree Chuck | 12V Tire Pump Air Compressor Portable Heavy Duty 150 PSI, Any Tire Size, Alligator Clips
  • PORTABLE *AUTOMATIC* COMPRESSOR for RVs & TRAILERS (Model: 40047, 150 PSI, Any Tire Size) - Hit the open road with an...
  • POWER YOUR JOURNEY: Versatile Air Compressor for RVs & More. The 450P-RV Portable RV Air Compressor is your go-to...

8. RV Water Tank Filler with Shutoff Valve

We were tired of getting ourselves and the ground wet when filling up the freshwater tank on our truck camper. When we saw that the Camco RV Water Tank Filler had a shutoff valve, we knew we needed to try it.

It does an incredible job and allows us to maximize the water that gets into our freshwater tank and avoid soaking ourselves and the ground at the end of each fill-up. It works with any 5/8-inch potable drinking water hose. 

Camco RV Water Tank Filler with Shutoff Valve | Quickly and Efficiently Helps Fill Your Water Tank and Eliminate Line Backflow | Features a 5/8" Tube (40003)
  • Fill the water tank in a fraction of the usual time.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Quarter-turn pressure-sealed valve helps to selectively control the water flow

9. RV Step Stabilizer

One of the biggest complaints about RV steps is their instability, especially the ones that do not contact the ground.

Fortunately, Lippert created the Solid Stance RV Step that stabilizes your stairs. These attach to the bottom of the stairs and provide additional support.

Keep in Mind: Do you know How Tall your Truck Camper is Off Your Truck? If not, you need to!

Lippert Solid Stance RV Step Stabilizer Kit for 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers and Motorhomes
  • MORE STABILITY — This stabilizer gives you the ground support you need to eliminate unwanted bounce and instability...
  • PROTECTION — The Solid Stance even helps protect your bottom entry step from wear and sagging

10. RV Vent Insulator and Skylight Cover

Roof vents in your truck camper can be fantastic accessories for increased air circulation. However, they can make it challenging to control the climate in your rig. This is where the Camco RV Vent Insulator can come in handy.

It fits standard-size vents and can fill the gap to prevent cold air from getting into your rig in the winter and heat from getting in during the summer. In addition, it can also block the light if you’re parking near a street or security light.

Camco Camper / RV Vent Insulator and Skylight Cover - Features 3 Layers to Reduce Heat Transfer & Increase A/C Efficiency - Fits Standard 14” Travel Trailer / RV Roof Vents (45192)
  • RV VENT REFLECTIVE INSULATION: Camco’s vent insulator blocks the sun's damaging rays. It helps keep your RV cooler in...
  • SAVES ENERGY: This product reduces heat transfer and increases A/C efficiency.

11. Truck Camper Cover

If you want your truck camper to look as good as new for as long as possible, a truck camper cover is essential.

The best thing about this particular cover is that the rear rolls up to allow access to the camper. This can be an excellent way to protect your truck camper during the summer or a long cold winter.

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO 3 Camper Cover, Fits 10' - 12' Campers
  • Camper Cover: Fits campers 8' - 10' long
  • Cover purchase includes 3-year warranty

12. 15 amp Electrical Adapter

One of the truck camper accessories you can never have enough of is electrical adapters.

Because they are relatively inexpensive, having several types provides the most flexibility when plugging in your truck camper. A 15-amp electrical adapter allows you to plug your rig into a standard residential outlet.

However, you need to manage your power usage when using these adapters. Just because you’re powering your truck camper doesn’t mean you can use as much electricity as you want. Too much power can trip the breaker, blow a fuse, or cause a hazardous situation if safety mechanisms fail.

Camco Camper / RV Dogbone Electrical Adapter - Features 15-Amp Male (NEMA 5-15P) & 30-Amp Female (NEMA TT-30R) - Rated for 125 Volts/1875 Watts & Crafted w/Copper 10/3-Gauge Wires (55165)
  • CONVERTS ELECTRICAL CONNECTION TYPE: Easily hookup your 30-amp RV to a campground's power pedestal or an at-home 15-amp...
  • HIGH CONDUCTIVITY: Rated for 125 volts/1875 watts, the RV power adapter features 100% copper 10/3-gauge wires for...

13. Roadside Emergency Kit

No matter what RV you have, the road can be incredibly unpredictable. You never know what you’ll encounter or when things can go wrong.

A roadside emergency kit can be beneficial in various situations. This is one item that is better to have and never need than to need it and not have one available. 

Vetoos Car Roadside Emergency Kit with Jumper Cables, Auto Vehicle Safety Road Side Assistance Kits, Winter Car Kit Essentials for Women and Men, with Car Repair Tool Set, Folding Survival Shovel
  • ESSENTIAL RESOURCES: Packed with practical supplies from jumper cables, reflective triangle and vest to tow rope, and...
  • RELIABLE JUMPER CABLES: Say goodbye to hazardous partially or uncoated jumper cable clamps! Our clamps are fully covered...

Be Prepared With These Truck Camper Accessories

Adventuring in a truck camper can teach you many things, including the importance of being prepared. Don’t be off guard during your adventures by not having the proper truck camper accessories.

The right gear and equipment make it easier to enjoy your outings. So prepare before your next trip by adding some truck camper accessories to your shopping cart!

Which of these accessories do you already own?

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  1. Water filler: I bought this years ago. For my current RV I have found it to be useless. Let me explain. This is a typical gravity fill with a separate tank vent/overflow channel. When I try to fill using this device, I soon get a lot of backflow around the device spout. if I then turn off the water, the backflow continues for a while. It becomes very hard, and requires multiple attempts to get the tank full. It appears that the water jet from the device brings air with it into the tank. Maybe it could be described as Venturi effect pumping. The air in the tank escapes through the fill hole, as there is plenty of space around the device spout. There is no visible air flow through the separate vent. Apparently some water in it blocks the air. The solution is to remove the fill device and place the brass fitting of the water hose directly into the fill opening. It is a close to snug fit. The space inside the opening fills entirely with water, which is pushed into the tank without air. Water contained in the vent line is blown out and then air flows out of the vent until the tank is full. Then water overflows from the vent as well as from around the fill hose end fitting. No doubt the problem is related not only to the design of the device but also to the geometry of the fill opening and what is inside. In my case, there is an elbow inside, causing the narrow jet from the device to splash, and the resulting droplets may act powerfully to pump air into the tank.

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