Thor Buys RVillage, Then Shuts It Down

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Online social networking platforms have changed the way we interact with one another. Connecting with loved ones and meeting people with similar interests has never been easier. Love them or hate them, they’re not going away anytime soon. Or are they?

Recently, RVillage, a major social networking platform for RVers, announced that it was closing. We’ve seen a mixed reaction amongst the RV community regarding the announcement.

So why is it the end of the road for this well-known online platform? Let’s find out.  

What Is RVillage?

RVillage was a social networking platform designed for RVers and those interested in the RV lifestyle. Curtis and Carolyn Ray launched the service in 2014 and grew it to more than 200,000 members before selling the company to Togo Group in 2020. 

Users could connect with others, share their adventures, and stay in the know about events and news about the RV industry. The platform had various forums, groups, and event listings for users to peruse. However, one of the most notable features was the ability to connect with users by location. 

Users could update their location and see others who were nearby. This was especially popular with families and travelers looking for opportunities to socialize. It allowed the user to control their privacy and who could see their location.

About Thor

Thor Industries, Inc. is a massive manufacturer of RVs, motorhomes, and trailers. The company began in 1980, with its headquarters in the RV capital of the world, Elkhart, Ind.

Over the past 40+ years, they’ve grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of RVs. They have over 200 subsidiaries, 150 manufacturing facilities, and over 25,000 employees worldwide. Some notable brands in their portfolio include Airstream, Dutchmen, Keystone, and Heartland.

However, Thor Industries also maintains a large presence in producing buses and commercial vehicles too. Its extensive portfolio also includes brands like Champion Bus, Goshen Coach, and ElDorado National.

Throughout its history, Thor has made strategic investments to acquire companies. This gives it a better handle on the critical supply chain infrastructure. In addition, it’s helped the company to grow into one of the largest players in the RV industry.

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A Thor RV on the road

Who Is Togo Group?

Togo Group is one of the 200+ subsidiaries of Thor Industries. It offers digital tools and services specific to the outdoor recreation industry, primarily the RV community. It launched in 2018 out of its parent company, Roadpass Digital.

Togo Group aims to allow RV enthusiasts to use technology to make outdoor recreation more enjoyable, accessible, and safe. The company offers some incredible resources that take the stress and worries out of various aspects of RVing.

What Is Roadpass Digital?

Roadpass Digital is a technology platform focused on outdoor tourism and road-based travel. The RV community is their primary audience, as most of their technology revolves around this niche. It’s responsible for some of the most popular apps in the RV industry.

Its suite of apps includes Campendium, Overnight RV Parking, Roadtrippers, RVillage, and Togo RV. However, the company is constantly moving forward, and you never know when it’ll acquire a new company or launch one of its own.

It’s the End of the Road for RVillage

On March 1, 2023, RVillage users received an unexpected email in their inbox. The email stated, “Sadly, the time has come for us to say goodbye to RVillage. The RVillage website, apps, and support will be shut down on March 31, 2023.”

It informed users that the website, mobile apps, and support for the entire platform would cease. They provided users with links to help answer any questions they might have and how to reach out to support with any unanswered questions.

RVillage had its ducks in a row to help navigate this major announcement. While unexpected for some users, it certainly wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. Creating a plan and making the resources available to users would have taken some time.

What’s Next for RVillage Users?

Thankfully, RVillage understands and values the relationships formed on the platform over the last eight years. They encouraged users to join the RVillage Community Facebook Group, where they could continue to stay in touch after the March 31 shutdown.

While it’s unfortunate that RVillage is ending, it’s a natural part of innovation. It’s the reason MySpace and Vine no longer exist. 

Technology innovations push us forward into the future. While many people utilize Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok today, it’s only a matter of time before the next great thing replaces them too.

Other Apps Owned by Thor

Thor Industries owns Roadpass Digital, which includes a suite of incredible apps. We have all of these on our phones and regularly use them during our adventures.

If you haven’t installed these apps, what are you waiting for? Let’s learn more about them and why you need them!


Campendium is a website and mobile phone app that connects users to a massive RV-related database. It contains campgrounds, RV parks, and other valuable resources to make RV life easier. Whether you need a free camping spot, a place to dump your tanks, or a luxury RV park, Campendium can help you find it quickly.

This is a great app because it has a massive library of important information. In addition, user-generated reviews allow you to see recent news and get tips for various locations. The many filters can make it easy to narrow down the results and help you plan your next RVing adventure.

Of all the RV-related apps on our phones, Campendium gets used the most. We love being able to quickly and easily scout out camping spots near us or a future destination. It allows us to work smarter, not harder, while navigating the open roads.

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Roadtrippers is a website and mobile app that assists travelers with planning routes for road trips. Their massive database includes points of interest, attractions, and various types of accommodations. You can find campgrounds, RV parks, or hotels on its map.

Many RVers love this app because it helps relieve the stress and anxiety of planning travel days. The app helps ensure you stick to RV-friendly routes, so you don’t find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Whether your next adventure lasts a weekend or several months, let Roadtrippers guide you. It’ll do just about everything except drive the vehicle for you.

A group of RVers pulled over on the road

Togo RV

Want to stay organized while enjoying RV life? If so, Togo RV is the app for you! This app for your mobile phone can help you keep up with the maintenance, book campsites, and help you connect with a mobile tech when things don’t go as planned.

The built-in GPS navigation provides turn-by-turn directions and stores more than 15,000 known overnight parking locations for RVs. You can create custom checklists for travel days, packing lists, and setting up your campsite. 

Additionally, you won’t have to worry about forgetting or skipping an essential task affecting your travels. RV life can get chaotic at times. However, Togo RV helps you manage the chaos to experience the more enjoyable moments of RVing more often.

Goodbye RVillage, It’s Been Fun

While we’re sad to say goodbye to the RVillage community, it’s been fun.

The app has allowed users to discover new places, make friends, and exchange tips. Many users tried new and exciting things because of the relationships formed on the platform.

We say goodbye to RVillage but know that the memories and the fruits of the platform aren’t going anywhere. Despite losing a virtual meeting place, the community will continue to thrive. Farewell and happy trails, RVillage!

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