Surge Guard 50 Amp Portable Wireless Surge Guard Review

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Surge Guard 50 Amp set against a dark blue background.

When it comes to protecting your RV and its electronics, few products are more important than a high-quality surge protector. Monitoring the power coming into your RV and blocking damaging electrical issues is essential. So today, we wanted to look at the Southwire Surge Guard 50 amp surge protector to see if it’s the right fit for you. 

Why Every RVer Should Use a Surge Protector

In the absence of a surge protector, your RV and its contents are at risk of damage. When unstable voltage occurs, it can damage appliances in your RV. Sensitive electronics require a certain amount of power to operate correctly. Motors and wiring often permanently fail when subjected to low and high voltages. Subjecting wiring to voltage spikes can cause a fire, which is never something you want to risk when it comes to your RV.

Surge Guard 50 Amp Overview

Southwire Surge Guard 50A RV Surge Protector with LCD Display - Model 34951
  • The 50 amp Southwire Surge Guard 34951 is a full protection portable surge protector specifically designed for use with...
  • The Surge Guard continuously monitors and displays voltage and amp draw (RMS), as well as low and high frequency...

The Southwire 50 amp Surge Guard analyzes the power pedestal to ensure proper electrical conditions are present before allowing power to the RV. The Surge Guard provides protection against open ground, open neutral, and reverse polarity. It also works to keep your RV safe from a miswired pedestal as well as low or high-voltage fluctuations.  

Our Favorite Features of the Southwire 50 Amp Surge Guard 

There are many products out there that monitor incoming power. Here are a few reasons why we think the Southwire 50 amp Surge Guard is a top pick. 

Easy-to-Read Display

The easy-to-read digital display doesn’t leave you guessing. There’s an LED screen with backlighting so you can access the information you need in any light. The display tells you the amps and voltage draws but will display error alerts when present. Additionally, users can choose to see voltage and frequency readouts.

Lifetime Warranty

Should your Surge Guard 50 amp fail with proper usage, the company will either repair or replace your unit. Surge protectors often come at a high price as they’re a complex device that does an important job, so a lifetime warranty on the surge protector gives you confidence in your purchase. 

Low and High Voltage Protection

Both low and high voltage can be equally damaging to your RV. Some surge protectors only guard against high voltage, but that’s only half the equation, but the Surge Guard 50 amp surge protector will defend you against both. This unit constantly monitors voltage and frequency, indicating potential improper polarity and ground wiring. 

A couple enjoy a fire pit under some lights in the campground with the RV lit up behind them. All of those electronics are protected with a Surge Guard 50 amp surge protector.


While this Surge Guard 50 amp surge protector has a lot going for it, there are, of course, cons with any product. So let’s look at what might become a source of frustration for you should you choose to make this your purchase. 

Pull Handle Can Be Difficult to Use

When leaving the campsite, the last thing you want to do is deal with a demanding teardown process. The pull handle on this surge protector can be difficult to remove from the pedestal. Those who have limited strength in their hands may need assistance with unplugging the unit. 

Alternatives to Southwire Surge Guard 50 Amp

If the Southwire Surge Guard 50 Amp surge protector is not the right choice for you, there are other options. Here are a few options that might better suit your needs.  

Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X

Progressive Industries Portable RV Surge Protector, 50 Amp EMS with Integrated Display, Fault Detection, and All Weather Shield Assembly - EMS-PT50X
  • Maintain electronic safety - This 50 Amp RV Surge Protector by Progressive Industries is a real guard for your RV...
  • Prevents costly damage - With a 50A/120-240V/12,000W rating, EMS-PT50X can absorb surges of up to 3,580 joules. This...

Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X is an all-in-one electrical management system that checks the power quality and has an auto-shutoff if poor power conditions present themselves. It shuts off the power to your RV but continues to monitor it until favorable operating conditions return.  

It has a rugged pull handle, giving you confidence that it won’t break with repeated use. In addition, the surge protector is weather-resistant and has a locking bracket to keep it safe. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and is a well-known and loved option among RVers. 

Camco 50 Amp Power Defender

Camco Power Grip Camper/RV 50-Amp Voltage Protector | Features Integrated Surge Protection of Up to 4,200 Joules & Diagnostic LEDs Indicate Wiring Faults (55306)
  • RV ELECTRICAL PROTECTION: Protects your camper from dangerous high (>132 VAC) and low (
  • AUTO CONNECT/DISCONNECT & DIAGNOSTIC LEDS: Automatically disconnects from dangerous conditions & reconnects after normal...

The Camco Power Defender 50 Amp uses a series of LEDs to indicate the power connection quality. The Power Defender protects your RV from faults, drops in voltage, and power surges. This unit is weather-resistant, giving you peace of mind in all conditions. RVers have come to respect the Camco name, as they make a wide range of quality camping accessories.


While surge protectors, such as the Southwire Surge Guard 50 amp, come with a cost, you shouldn’t skip this must-have RVing accessory. You want one that will do the job well, even if it’s somewhat costly—research brands and types of surge guards before choosing the right one for you. 

If you’re using a surge protector, have you ever had it save the day?

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